Winterset Junior High School

Winterset, IA  50273
Grade 7-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Middle

Reviews for Winterset Junior High School

February 25, 2014

this school holds there stands high especially in math, can be very tricky and not everyone understands it... some of the teachers are very lazy and other are so strict you cant talk to anyone during anytime without getting in trouble, 1 teacher even called a class liers because off an anonomous beeping.. this school needs to work on being equal in sports and the band teacher is not great he yells at the students alot and is very unkind in band lessons.. some of the teachers need to learn to slow down the pace and go over things other than expect them to have everything done when there gone because not everyone has the time after school to come in and get caught up the counciler is very straight up and not very kind.. the choir teacher is not very helpful we do the same thing over again and the class is very boring Read Full Review

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September 29, 2009

I agree with the previous statements. The teachers are in general a good bunch of people that seem willing to work with parents openly with regaurds to the students. The principal is not good with children. She criticizes way too often and is often so overly critical that any child with self esteem issues to begin with tends to be terrified of her. I understand that she is in a position with alot of stress. However; not every child or parent that disagrees with her can be wrong. Which is how it comes across. Read Full Review

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May 22, 2006

My opinion is that the teachers are very good at this school. They do what they can to help. The music (chorus) program is getting better. The band teacher is very committed and keeps the students excited. I agree that the principal focuses on the wrong behavior. It doesn't seem like she really is committed to the students or her teachers. She isn't inspiring and the students generally don't care for her.Read Full Review

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February 07, 2006

Winterset Junior High School is a good school for good students. The principle catches the wrong problems though. They should allow more advanced classes and more ways to explain difficult concepts. The sports are great but need more traveling volleyball. Music is not so great though.Read Full Review

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