Calamus-Wheatland Sec Attendance Center

Wheatland, IA  52777

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July 27, 2006

This school has world class teachers, from their experienced and knowledgable Science Department, Histoy and Government, to their helpful and hands on Math Department. I had the opportunity to really get the best education , I left this highschool with the knowledge that what all the teacher worked so had to do for the students has benifted me and my peers. Thank you. -Leah RogersRead Full Review

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August 13, 2005

I think this school was very well contructed, from the staff to the very building itself. The teachers and other adults are very nice and treat thier students with respect. The students at this school where always very nice to me and I had a great time attending this school. I also enjoyed the teachers (and janitors!) as well. The time I have spent at this school has been very pleasureable and I have enjoyed it greatly.I thank all the students and staff for letting me have such great time and experiance. I appreciate all they have done for me. Read Full Review

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