Scattergood Friends School

West Branch, IA  52358
Grade 9-12
T/S Ratio -
Type private
SubType Coed, Religious, Secondary

Reviews for Scattergood Friends School

November 03, 2014

This school changed my daughter's life. She became academically engaged, due to an exciting curriculum and dedicated faculty. From courses on "Ancient Myths Retold" to "The Physics of Flight" the teachers find ways to make learning come alive. Academic help is abundant at this small inclusive learning community. The community that the students, faculty, and staff have forged among themselves is truly extraordinary. I, like many other parents I know, wonder how our lives would have been changed if we could have attended this school. Read Full Review

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September 04, 2011

In this day and age of drugs, bullying & self absorbed people it is a breath of fresh air to find a place like Scattergood. The atmosphere is open minded & the focus is concerned with nurturing the soul as well as the mind. You don't need to be a Quaker to attend this school. There are students and faculty members of all different ethnic and religious backgrounds. I must admit I assumed this Quaker boarding school on a farm setting would attract an odd sort of faculty, but I was wrong. The faculty is a wonderful group of intelligent, caring, fun & interesting people. The head master is an attractive & vibrant woman who is doing a super job leading the school to a brighter future. All of the students receive laptops to assist their educational endeavors & the entire campus is wireless. The teachers are top notch educators. Students are required to put in 30 hours of community service to help instill a good work ethic & sense of giving back to the community. The modified block schedule keeps things fresh & interesting. The school has zero tolerance for drugs, smoking & bullying. If there were more schools like Scattergood our world would be a better place. Read Full Review

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April 05, 2010

I have two sons attending this school. They have different styles and personalities, but both have found their niche at Scattergood. The teachers play multiple roles in students' lives and interact on many levels, academically and socially. It is a wonderful place for young people to explore their interests and develop their skills in a completely supportive community. There is a true sense of appreciation for everyone's unique gifts, and a concerted effort to practice respect and tolerance. The school was welcoming and flexible to the homeschooling background of my sons and has worked with them through periods of personal struggle. Parents are welcome to contribute their skills to the school but I have found my boys have enjoyed the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond what we could offer as their parents.Read Full Review

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August 30, 2005

My son attends this school. We were looking for a school with a low student to teacher ratio. We were pleasantly surprised by everything else we found. The staff have the interest of the students ahead of everything else. The students are from all over the world. The academic programs are some of the top in the state. It is required that all sudents be accepted to a 4 year accredited college or university before they are allowed to graduate. Many students have been accepted to Ivy League schools over the years and most recently a graduate last year was accepted to the University of Chicago. Not bad for classes/grades of 10-15 students. Music, arts and many extracurricular activities are available. Sports are not a priority but are available. Soccer, basketball, softball, field hockey, and others. Arts and music can be one on one. Parental involvement, as much as you wish.Read Full Review

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