Waukee Middle School

Waukee, IA  50263
Grade 6-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Middle

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September 04, 2012

I am not impressed with this school. We moved to this area last school year and my son also had a very hard time adjusting to a middle school. We came from a small town where 6th grade was still elementary. And he has always been very smart. There were a few teachers that understood this and took time out of there personal time to assist him. BUt last year he dealt with bullying it was hard to get him to go to school when i mentioned it to the principal she treated me as if i was making excuses for him missing school, wasnt even looked into. If my son is being bullied i expect action! I am a very low income single mother. But my son has always done well in school until last year which i have no idea how he did due to the fact i had no internet and EVERYTHING is on line. Requested a paper report from assistant principle and never did recieve it. Hooked internet up which i cannot afford just so i could keep in touch with my sons education. We were going to homeschool this year due to issues last year however my son chose to give it another shot. Seems to be doing better this year. BUT definitly would not recommend moving to this area for the middle school.Read Full Review

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April 22, 2010

We just moved into the district last fall. We have been welcomed and had great contact with teachers keeping me up to date on what my son is learning and how to partner in his education. We LOVE Waukee Schools!Read Full Review

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January 03, 2009

My children currently attend this schol and it has been a very difficult year for both of them. My son had a very tough time transtioning to middle school and when we met with the teachers, they did not seem to care. One of his teachers was asked to help him solve a problem and actually told him she did not think she could help him. It is true that there is good and bad in every school, but I would not choose this school for my child. In fact we are open enrolling our children to another district next year. Read Full Review

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December 18, 2007

There are those students who are fortunate to attend their school, because it helps them succeed. Then there are those schools that are fortunate to have the students they have because it helps the school succeed. This school is the later. It is in a great community (highly educated, high income, engaged parents) and yet the school is average. Also, the district seems more concerned about protecting its' image and marketing their schools then providing the funds and focus to excel in the classroom. If you put this school in an community that had students with real challenges, I think it would be failing.Read Full Review

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September 04, 2007

I'm disappointed in Waukee schools. My daughter came to Waukee in 3rd grade, we found that Waukee is behind around 2 years from the West Des Moines Schools. We would have kept her in West Des Moines had we known this before hand. Waukee doesn't budget well enough to allow for extra activities, but spends a lot of money in places that don't benefit the kids. Conferences are not parent friendly, they are 'group conferences' and are limited on time. My daughter has been required to use the internet for dozens of assignments during the course of a year, not everyone has the internet! I've asked her teachers to keep in contact with me via email or phone, what's easiest for them, but none of them do. She's had F's in a few subjects and the teachers don't even contact me, the principal agreed that was not right.Read Full Review

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November 19, 2004

I have been so impressed with this school, the teachers, the administration ... Having gone through a very difficult time with my daughter and her illness, they have been supportive in every way possible. Very thorough, very caring. I could not have asked for more thoughtful, concerned people during this ordeal. They truly have the kid's best interests at heart, and that counts for a lot. I've no idea what that other person was referring to on learning - my daughter has been very well taken care of that way. The teachers have been helpful, informative, have provided a good challenge, and seemed genuinely concerned with how and what the kids are learning. I couldn't ask for a better place for my daughter to be. The fact that she looks forward to school, and is excited about learning is something you just can't buy. Thanks, Waukee. --MRRead Full Review

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October 25, 2004

This is the best school I've ever seen! We are going 4a soon so i dont know what contestent number one is talking about. Were getting new text books anyways and by the way im a kid. Old textbooks? who cares we have new computers anyway. Waukee is like the fastest growing place all around these parts. Were gonna be pretty big soon so if your kids dont like it they got problems, dont tell us. Read Full Review

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July 01, 2004

This school system is mediocre at best! They teach by degrading and humiliating. They are about 5 years behind in academics when compared to other states. The text books used in Elementary are 10-12 years old. If you have ever had your children enrolled in a GOOD public school, then you will be miserably disappointed. If you do not have any prior experience with public school, then you may find it to be mediocre.Read Full Review

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March 27, 2004

This school is awesome! My children just love it. They learn so many things and the teachers are great!Read Full Review

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