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Grade 9-12
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Type private
SubType Coed, Religious, Secondary

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April 16, 2015

Honestly these people try but they rarely succeed. Some great kids but teachers need to help their students instead of sitting on their cell phone. Some kids here do really bad things. Which can make a good kid turn bad. I would not send my child. It would take lots of work to make this school decent. I hope one day it could be like it once was. They need a renovation badly. Double check before you send your kid here.Read Full Review

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May 20, 2014

I am a recent Alumni of Columbus High School (Class of '14) and I can honestly say that Columbus Catholic High School has changed my life. Cedar Valley Catholic Schools are based around 4 principles: Faith- through daily theology classes, weekly prayer services in the gym, and various masses throughout the year, faith plays a very important role in day to day actions in CHS. Knowledge- Teachers really know what they're teaching and are excellent at teaching it to students, especially a few teachers that have been at Columbus for 25+ years. Discipline- Students know the rules and they are enforced fairly. Service- Columbus offers opportunities for serving throughout the community, enhancing our impact on the community. Though the facilities may not be in the greatest condition, the teachers make the difference. I invite you to take a tour of Columbus, talk to the teachers, and learn that you can participate in many activities (I participated in 15 in a single year including athletics, arts, and even academic events) while still maintaining good grades! Columbus is truly a school you should consider. Trust me, you won't regret it. Read Full Review

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September 01, 2010

I personally think that Columbus High School is the best. Yes, I know a LOT of good teachers are gone but a LOT are still there. If I ever have kids and CHS is still around, I would be proud and very happy to send my kids there. Read Full Review

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June 24, 2008

I am so glad that the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area has a Catholic High School. Columbus has provided a quality education and a friendly and spiritual environment for both of my children. One has gone on to graduate from a D1 school and obtain a job that will pay for his masters. My other child will be attending a private college. He has been given significant scholarship monies. I attribute that not only to his hard work but to the fact that Columbus provided an environment where he could participate in many extra-curricular activities, leadership programs and spiritual development. There are several teachers that have made a difference in his life. Thank you, Columbus. To address the declining enrollment comments: If one were to research enrollment in the parish-based Catholic Schools throughout the United States, one would see that declining enrollment is the norm due to the change in clergy involvement.Read Full Review

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February 26, 2008

I am a proud former student. While it is true the enrollment has dropped, that may be more a reflection of the smaller size of Catholic families these days instead of a reflection of the school's performance. This school's smaller size allows for personal attention to students of many achievement levels. This school offers many activities for students to participate in (academic competitions, band and chorus, religious clubs, and at least 7 sports for boys and 7 for girls). Values such as service, responsibility, and family are emphasized in a Catholic atmosphere. Caring and qualified staff-members are still present to guide students on a path toward postsecondary education. I think the guidance staff is extremely under-rated. Guidance counselors are compassionate, responsive, and offer as much information and advice toward the student's college preparation and choice as is possible. AP courses are offered in English, math, science, and social studies.Read Full Review

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October 24, 2007

I cannot recommend Columbus High School to any parent. The enrollment has dropped, as a result course offerings have been cut. Many good teachers have left the school and I'm sure more will follow in the near future. Our daughter graduated in 2007 and over her four years quality went down. She had many different teachers and administrators come and go in her short time there. We are glad she has graduated and our other child will attend West High which has seen a resurgence in quality in academics and extracurricular activities. Read Full Review

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November 02, 2005

Waterloo Columbus used to be easily one of the top high schools in not only the state but the Midwest. That has dramatically changed in the last two years. With the loss of nearly half of the teachers (most who were long time vetrans and very high quality) two years ago,the education I am getting has fallen off dramticallly. This school is no longer on the top, not even in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls metro area. It makes me very sad, but Columbus Catholic is not living up to its once proud tradition of excellence.Read Full Review

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March 01, 2005

Columbus High School students are better disciplined and probably perform better than their public school peers. However, that probably has more to do with the positive family environment that most students come from than anything that Columbus gives them. Over the past 10 years, the enrollment has declined by 50%. There are almost no guidance resources for students that want to go to university outside of Iowa or outside of Catholic universities in the upper Midwest. Most of the quality teachers from Columbus have resigned in the past three years. The school seems to like to ride high on its horse of 'Catholic values', but ignores other aspects of a quality education.Read Full Review

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February 23, 2004

The new changes in administration are deffinitely positive!! I've had two previous students, and one currently attending. There is a new joy and harmony that has not been there in some time. An administration that actually likes kids!! There is no direction but upward from here. As a booster, and as parents, we're excited for the future of Columbus Cathilic H.S. Read Full Review

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August 19, 2003

My siblings and I are all graduates and I sent our two sons here. Solid, personal attention. Catholic ideals upheld and principles demonstrated by social concerns classes, etc. Good music program and small enough to get involved in all activities. Read Full Review

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August 10, 2003

I went there, some teachers were okay, others bad, my brothers and sister still go there, it has good classes, some prepare you well, others could be better. If you want your kid to go to catholic schools, Columbus is okay. Read Full Review

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