Benton Community Middle School

Van Horne, IA  52346
Grade 7-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Middle

Reviews for Benton Community Middle School

July 10, 2012

This is a great school if you have a good student who is involved in allot of activities. They have much to offer. If you have a student that is challenged in many ways they will not be supportive to suggestions. They try to work with the parents and student but sometimes have their mind closed. Some of the facility has been there too long and they are unfeeling to a student s home situation and or learning style. Overall they do put in the effort, but you will need to be in constant communication with varies staff to be sure your student is given all they need, if they tend to have behavior issues or learning disabilities.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

June 30, 2006

The teachers are good, but have gotten out of the habit of allowing normal childlike behavior especially from boys. The education is good, but you just have to be very firm with the staff in your child's defense.Read Full Review

-submitted by teacher

March 15, 2004

Hey this school is a really good school. It is always clean and is never unsupervised during school or shool events (sports, drama clud, etc.). Speaking of school activities, the school has a variety of opportunities to join an extracurricular activity. for middle school alone there is basketball, track, volleyball, and they even have a shpw choir for seventh and eighth graders called Illusions. I am in this group and it is really fun. All in all, this is a really good school. Read Full Review

-submitted by student

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