Tripoli Middle/Sr High School

Tripoli, IA  50676
Grade 6-12
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Type public
SubType Combined Elementary And Secondary

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October 24, 2014

I am a parent of students in this school system. Some of the teachers, especially the elementary teachers, are so helpful and willing to treat you like a partner in your child's educational learning. Others, especially, the principal and high school office staff make you feel like you are an underling. There really needs to be more of a feeling of welcoming and togetherness at this school. All parents are not treated with respect or with a welcoming attitude. If you are from Tripoli and have several family members that have gone through this school system, you will be treated far better than those of us who have moved into the school district.t. Read Full Review

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June 17, 2014

Teachers are very nice and very helpful. They help you because they know you can do better. They do everything that they can do to get you as smart as they know you can be. Tripoli is an awesome school to go to and I would never go to any othersRead Full Review

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March 25, 2009

I think Tripoli is open and friendly to others. The teachers are great and they are more than willing to help you learn and they want the best education possible for you and for others at the school. Other students are friendly and welcome others with open arms and acceptance to differences. No one is the same. There are many sports people play and if your not into sports there are jobs around the town to earn some cash and go shopping.Read Full Review

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October 07, 2008

The schools in tripoli are prety good the every thing rely they give after school help and support kids that arnet wealthy this is great as every 1 is treaded the same the education is hard u start off u might need a teacher to help Read Full Review

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September 19, 2008

As a former staff member and parent of students that have graduated the school, I feel that I have unique view of this school. The leadership at the school has taken a sharp turn downwards in recent years and concerns about budget and administration egos have taken top priority over the wellfare of the students. Many of the people in charge seem to have a holier then thou image of themselves and cannot relate to the everyday citizen of the community.Read Full Review

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November 10, 2007

As a 2004 graduate of THS, I am proud of the quality of education that this school gave to me. I am working on my bachelor's degree and have found that when I began college I was far ahead of my peers in terms of my high school education. Above that, I was extremely pleased with the care that my teachers had for ALL students, which continues after high school. I understand that several of the teachers that I had have retired or left Tripoli in recent years, as has the principal and administrator, but I still am glad that this is where I went to school and wouldn't hesitate to send my children to this school.Read Full Review

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December 20, 2006

I am not a parent, but I am a student at this time. I am currently in tenth grade, and I feel that the basic rights of students have been taken away. I have been lucky enough that my parents help to push to get more opportunities for me. - NealRead Full Review

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April 17, 2006

I graduated in the Spring of '04 and believe that THS has contributed greatly to the success I have enjoyed in college. The quality of education was great, with great student-teacher relationships and good curriculum. This school has a great atmosphere... students know each other, teachers know the students, and vice versa. Also, for its size THS offers an incredible amount of extracurricular activities, even more than some area larger schools do.Read Full Review

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May 31, 2005

'This school has been a big disappointment. It is probably fine for most kids, but our ninth grader needs assistance the school is unable to provide. The availability of extracurricular activities is, at best, mediocre currently. There were projects our son was excited about that were cancelled. It has therefore given none of the advantages of a huge school, with all of the disadvantages. I would not recommend it. However, I think it is the only one in town. I would recommend meeting with teachers as often as possible to keep on top of them. I do feel this helped us at one point during the school year. I was also disappointed with teacher turnover in just the two years our son attended the school.'Read Full Review

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October 26, 2004

I am not a parent at this school, but I did graduate from it in the spring of 2004. THS has had a long tradition of students being active listeners. They type of students you will find here are ones that want to stand up for what they believe in and don't believe that school should be a dictatorship. In recent years, the voices of these students have been stifled and the overall mood of the building has changed. Instead of embracing students in their active listening role, it seems that they have been made to think that passive learning is better. THS is at a point where it can go down two very different, distinct paths. It will take the combined efforts of the students, staff, parents, community members, and administration to put this school back on the right track.Read Full Review

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