Johnson Elementary School

Spencer, IA  51301
Grade PK-6
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Elementary

Reviews for Johnson Elementary School

March 10, 2015

All 3 of my children have gone or are still going to Johnson. Our oldest, now 8 and attending Fairview, began attending in kindergarten when they began the grade alike program. The program has been absolutely wonderful. The bullying happens less often. And when it does happen, it is taken care of immediately. The Child's Garden program at Johnson for preschool there is one of the best preschool programs I've seen yet. . The staff is knowledgeable and wonderful. They have made such an impression on my children and they all love going to school just to see their teachers! You couldn't ask for anything better! Read Full Review

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March 08, 2012

My son was special ed, and integrated into the regular classes. I am really impressed with the preschool and his 1st grade teacher. But as a whole, I am not impressed with the school. I've known too many people in the resource room programs passing when they shouldn't be. Girls who find themselves pregnant are pretty much pressured to leave. Sports and theater are the most important things. And last year, TWO KINDERGARTEN students were let off the bus at the wrong stops. One driver stopped at East Leech Park when a 5 year old thought she saw her mom's car. And he let her off. The other was let off randomly, and was found wandering in the cold and snow several hours later. When they promised to look up the tape off the bus to see where she was let off to help the cops search, Julie never even pulled the tape. There are aides on every bus, but there is still a huge issue with bullying. It is even happening in the kindergarten classes. Over all, I am not impressed with the school anymore, and have decided to relocate.Read Full Review

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June 10, 2011

My son has attended Johnson school for k-3, and has had a wonderful experience thusfar. The teachers are knowledgable, caring, and willing to work with any student, no matter the circumstances. They offer a variety of ways for parent to get involved, and have an open line of communication between parents, teachers, and administrators.Read Full Review

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January 28, 2005

My personal experience at Johnson has been excellent. My son is in Kindergarten this year with a teacher that goes above and beyond. At the beginning of the year my son started a little behind in reading. The problem was immediately brought to my attention and along with a group of staff we made a learning plan for him. She is not the only teacher there that is awesome; one of my previous teachers teach there as well. When I attended school she was a very influential part of my life. Also the principal is terrific she knows every parent and student by name..how amazing. My experience here has not been long but it has been more than I could have ever hoped for. I am proud of Johnson School, its staff and students.Read Full Review

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