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Seymour, IA  52590
Grade 7-12
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Type public
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March 27, 2013

Seymour is an excellent school with many advantages such as small class size and caring teachers. My wife and I have two students currently enrolled and one recently graduated from this school. We have been very happy with their development in the Seymour Schools.Read Full Review

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March 21, 2013

Seymour Comm has made great strides to become a technology savey district.Promethian boards are in every class room and several high school class are useing I-pads for classroom instruction. Changes in staffing has brought teacher with exciting new idea to the classroom both in the high school and the elementary classes. Problems do exist as in any school but creative solution are being searched for in every case. Low drug and crime problems along with its caring and safe environment makes Seymour Community Schools a excellent choice to educate my children.Read Full Review

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October 17, 2011

The person who runs this school doesn't care what happens with the children as long as he is getting the money from the state for the school and he has a secure job and a monthly paycheck. There is maybe a few that are great teachers in the high school area and only ONE excellent elementary teacher in 2nd grade. The 1st grade teacher wants to degrade your child but her children are in the same grade and they can do no wrong. I find that if your child is not the star athlete in this school then you are considered nothing. The school board is a joke and are out to see their own children succeed and since most of their children are no longer in school they could care less. They have a coach who coaches girls and most of the time he doesn't show up for their home games and he is very degrading towards the girls on his team and he would rather throw tantrums at most of the games and he chooses not to speak parents (especially if you are female) Reconsider taking your child to this school, unfortunately for the good ones that are here they will be over looked by the bad. Normally I would support a small school in a heart beat but this school is at the low end of schoolsRead Full Review

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May 27, 2010

Seymour is unable to provide a good quality education to any of its students. The school board only cares about their few children at the expense of the rest of the school They have cut quality programs in favor of ones with the least number of students enrolled just because their children are in those classes. They do not care what the general public wants. Instead of embracing technology as many schools have, this school has rejected technology for the students. In the age of technology, this decision is setting the students up for failure rather than success.Read Full Review

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