St. Ansgar Middle School

Saint Ansgar, IA  50472
Grade 6-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Middle

Reviews for St. Ansgar Middle School

September 13, 2010

My Grandson began in St Ansgar last year and I was so pleased with the concert they had..I am so happy that he has returned to this school as well as brother and sisters..BOO to the Lyle school and the disapointments with the principal and others. I had a neice attend there for six yrs and when I went to the school to give her a gift, the office stated to her teacher that her mother was in the office..not even close, not to mention we don't look alike..her dad was my relation. I think after six yrs that they would know the parents, of such a small school/town. The mother had been there several times due to the childs health problems..REALLY?? Something wrong with this Lyle school?? I loved watching so many lyle kids get on that bus to go to St. Ansgar schools. Good Work!!Read Full Review

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February 22, 2010

This school has a bad problem with middle school bullying. The school does not seem to want to do anything about the problems other than slap the wrists and say do not behave that way anymore. This school only cares about the sports programs instead of the safety and wellbeing of the students.Read Full Review

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May 17, 2007

I am very proud of St.Ansgar schools, there is a very strong music program with a lot of parental and community support, both the band and chior teachers are awesome, there is a lot of student interaction and participation, the concerts are GREAT. there is also a very strong sports program, we are growing and improving very quickly as well it is fun to be a part of these activities, parents are very supportive, the community is very supportive of the kids, Education is a high priority for st.ansgar and you have to meet a grade criteria to participate. I have a son with Austim and ALL the faculty have been so awesome in working with me as well as my son. I truly feel that all the faculty take an active roll in the students life, they really do try to make a difference. LouRead Full Review

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