Cora B Darling Elementary/Middle School

Postville, IA  52162
Grade PK-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Elementary

Reviews for Cora B Darling Elementary/Middle School

November 20, 2007

Currently, I have child enrolled in this school district and am very thrilled with the academic gains she is and has made throughout her educational career. She has had wonderful teachers to guide her along the way and she has also had the opportunity to learn Spanish, not only speaking it, but writing and reading it as well. As a parent, I am overwhelmed with joy that she will be bilingual before she leaves the elementary/middle school building. The goals that the school district (administrators, school board, and teachers) are incredible and have made and will continue to make Postville a wonderful school district.Read Full Review

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January 27, 2006

My children are currently in this school district, and I can't stand it. Yes they have a good activities program-that is a plus but it seems to me that the sports have priority over the learning. The special ed classes are good, but maintain current level more than tring to exceed. The children bring home exceptional report cards with less than exceptional abilities...which makes me wonder if they are more concerned with looking good than actually striving hard to be good.Read Full Review

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August 09, 2005

My child has attended this school for one year and will return this fall. The school is academically on track and has numerous extracurricular activities available. One concern I would have is the multitude of job responsibilities placed upon the superintendant. He seems to be stretched so far that it is very difficult to reach him when needed. The school is very diverse, and has yet to improve the quality of special services they offer. I would like to see more help in special education. It doesn's seem to be much of a priority to those in charge.Read Full Review

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August 09, 2004

The school is great! It was remoldeled in the summer of 2003, and looks spactacular. The teachers are all very friendly, and they will help you out anytime. The teachers are dedicated to educating the students to their full potental. Everyone is very friendly. The only bad thing about the school is the principal. She is not well like at all. Other than her, the school is perfect. Postville has a great athletic program, and they make sure you are safe while playing sports. The school is a very safe place to be. I would highly recommend Cora B. Darling Elementary and Middle school to everyone.Read Full Review

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