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Reviews for North Canyon High School

May 17, 2015

We have had a great experience with this school. We have good kids which may have something to do with our experience but overall the teachers have been amazing. The honors and IB programs are unparalleled. The cross country and track teams are also very strong. You get out what you put in.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

March 11, 2015

I am a sub in the district. I refuse to take assignments at this campus because the students are out of control. It is evident that faculty and administration have given up trying to enforce rules. Students freely use cell phones and unabashedly text, stream, and image search through the class periods. Cussing is a norm and dress code is practically non-existent. It is so disappointing; this school could be high-achieving if simple classroom management techniques were implemented!Read Full Review

-submitted by teacher

August 24, 2014

This is one of the worst schools in the district. This is my 2nd year at North Canyon. Staff is awful and so are the students. All the teachers I have had do not know how to teach their classes. They do not care about anything that happens outside of the classrooms. For example bullying. It's happening all around our campus and none of them do anything to stop it. If they see a fight, they will split it because it's something thats forced for staff. If they had the choice, I'm 99.9% positive they would just walk away. Our students are so rude to one another. I'm sure that this happens at all schools, but staff could do a little better at stopping it. Our sports program is alright. If you're a parent that is reading this, I strongly recommend a different school choice. Read Full Review

-submitted by student

August 20, 2014

North Canyon High School is a terrible school and I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. This is my first year here and I already hate it. The staff in the main office is always rude. The staff can never answer any of my questions, plus I have to talk to a million people. And at the end of the day you still have no answers. Read Full Review

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June 20, 2014

I was very pleased with this school, initially. But over the years, I have seen changes in teachers, and course materials, and have not been impressed with those changes. NCHS went from a four or five star to below average. If you live in this area and are academically inclined, I would recommend Basis Phoenix or PV's Crest as much better and even safer choices.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

April 04, 2014

my school is a great school and i dont wanna never wanna gradute my teachers are the best i love beth zollars she is my favorite teacher Read Full Review

-submitted by student

March 08, 2014

As a substitute teacher I was treated very disrespectfully by the students. Several students had to be removed from the classroom due to disruptive behaviors and choosing to waste classroom learning time. The office sent the rowdy students back to my classroom and told Me to deal with it. The hallways were dangerously noisy between classes and I was afraid to leave the room to see what was happening. Read Full Review

-submitted by teacher

February 23, 2014

This is by far the worst school in Arizona.. They show no appreciation in their students they wouldn't even let them bring flowers or balloons on valentines day now ain't that going a bit too far? And the teachers just don't care to respond to parents or post grades until the last hour before report cards so you never know your actual grade in the course.. Should have went to paradise valley high. Read Full Review

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October 10, 2013

I am really impressed with the faculty. They are the best I've seen in a long time. The school spirit is fantastic. I have noticed that they expect the kids to be responsible for their actions, which a high school student should be. I have seen quite a few overly involved parents that are annoying when on campus but I guess you see that everywhere. I guess like anything else in life, you get what you put into it.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

September 08, 2013

North Canyon is certainly not the best school around...but none of them are! I would home school if I were more confident with what kids are learning these days. My daughter is in her third year here and loves some things and doesn't like some others. She started in the IB program and did quite well but her interests were elsewhere when it came to the restrictive classes she would have to take in IB. She quickly found out that she was bored in a regular classroom so has taken several honors classes instead of IB. I think that some teachers need to gain more authority over the students in their classes and others are really great teachers. I think some students (or the quality of some students) are what brings this school down. Some are there to "just hang out" or to cause trouble, not to learn. Those kinds of attitudes can infect an entire community such as a school.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

July 25, 2013

This school lacks the leadership and professionalism to make it an adequate place of learning. Dean of students spreads rumors of how inadequate leadership runs the school. I was not impressed with the academics at this school. Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

June 24, 2013

I'm sorry. But i attended this school all four years of high school and if you are a parent I HIGHLY suggest choosing another school. Almost all of the teachers I had taught us by turning on a video and sitting at their desk the whole day. A lot of us felt like we were screwed out of an education, there was only a couple good teachers are you are lucky if you get them over the four years. Read Full Review

-submitted by student

August 09, 2012

Worst school around this area! Ruined my son! Between allowing students to bully telling victims to "get over it", allowing students to skip classes over dozens of times with no communication to parents and when we tried to get involved we were told when he was only 16 "we expect them to be responsible for themselves and their actions and not to rely on parents" I should have switched schools! My daughter has just begun her freshman year at another school which was rated americas best school...look into that and take your child there! Rude, disorganized, and horrible test scores why would anyone go to North Canyon?! The police and fire department had to go there this morning the 2nd day of school!! Please post this every parent needs to know, we didnt and our son still struggles!Read Full Review

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April 27, 2010

I graduated from NCHS in 2007. I have never loved anything more. Threre are all kinds of activities to do: Student Government, Mentors, IB/AP, Peer Mediators, AVID, Tutor, Play a sport, join orchestra or band and the list goes on. As long as you get involved and do your homework you will do well at this school. As far as the diversity goes... I feel as if exposure to all the different kinds of people made me the person I am today. A better person. A person who' going to College to be a teacher because of this school. Most of the teachers are amazing, some are not, but that is expected with any school. The administration is decent. They get back to you with your concerns within ample time, but they only focus on the bad kids. But overall I loved going here!!!Read Full Review

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February 16, 2010

I am currently attending NCHS in the honors/IB/MYP and have never hated attending school this much. The teachers are poor, as they do not explain assignments and expect you to figure it out for yourself. When I read it was a '7', I laughed. The students and staff have a long was to go before they're even a '5'.Read Full Review

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August 27, 2009

I sincerely hope no other child or parent is treated as poorly as my daughter and I were as she is a victim of a harrassing bully. It seems the VP is more concerned with protecting the school's image rather than my daughter's safety. I give NCHS a big 'F-'.Read Full Review

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October 28, 2008

Our family loves North Canyon. We have had 3 students attend IB/AP and are thrilled with the academics, counseling dept., administration and many fantastic teachers. The sports are competitive and coaches have the athletes best interests at heart. North Canyon has given our kids a head start with their future by pushing them academically and supporting them throughout the process. They helped our oldest through the Merit Scholar process and will hopefully do the same for the other two!Read Full Review

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December 28, 2007

My daughter attended NCHS and graduated in 2007, my husband and I both believe that the experience with this school and the teachers were very fruserating. It seemed to us that they were more interested in passing the students rather than teaching them. Read Full Review

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October 15, 2007

I have had three children go to NCHS. My oldest will be graduating this year. As far as parental involvement , it was very cliquish and I was unable to break in. I was impressed with the passion and level of involvement, but disappointed that none of my offers of help were accepted.Most teachers I dealt with were amazing. A few were awful, which is to be expected in any career fields. Overall, my faculty contacts were amazingly positive. Calls and e-mails were returned promptly. The curriculum and extra-curricular activities has something for everyone. Those activities give a very large school a small school feel by allowing most students an opportunity to fit in somewhere in a small group setting. Yes, there were student issues periodically. It is naive to think this occurs only in public schools. More problem students are now being forced into charter schools.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

February 18, 2007

Great school,excellent teachers, the academics is of the best in the state. I loved my experiences at NC. The football team rocks!Read Full Review

-submitted by former student

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