Freire Cs

Philadelphia, PA  19103
Grade 5-12
T/S Ratio -
Type charter
SubType Secondary

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February 26, 2015

I am a MS parent also & I feel their discipline policy is not fully developed. Disciplinarians should have some level of child development training or at least be certified in Social Svcs. FCS specifically advises applicants that they will be working with urban youth, that being said-they should have systems in place to TREAT urban youth, not politely advise you to withdrawal your child. This is totally contrary to educating them. Their 'no tolerance' policy only removes that child from their school, this only contributes to missed educational lessons. Historically, researchers have found that suspensions DO NOT work. If the student is not a threat to themselves or others, FCS should consider in-house suspensions. I was not aware of the high turnover rate at the MS, however my child's teacher was recently abruptly 'let go'. FCMS, however, does have other systems in place to assist in student development. Unlike other schools, FCMS has an academic advisor for each grade, classroom aides, a family therapist, other non-teaching staff & pleasant staff to make this a full-service educational institution.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

February 25, 2015

My son went to the Middle school. In 3 words HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. I was forced to withdraw my son because he had dispute with his friend off school grounds. There was a misunderstanding were they thought about fighting but did NOT. This was grounds for expulsion or the option they so graciously offered, withdrawal. There policies are completely unrealistic when it comes to teenagers. This misunderstanding happen through a third party trying to make them fight who also video taped the dispute. The boy that provoked/ video tapped is still a student. My son had never been in any trouble or suspended in this school or any other. My best friend daughter was bullied so horribly she had to go into therapy for thoughts of suicide. This school turnover rate as far as teachers/ principles is ridiculous. My sons grades where always up and down during his time here because in August he would have one teacher/principle and in February he would have another. Be warned and be cautious if you select the Friere Middle School for your child. I am a highly involved parent and it still wasn't enough to prevent my child from being railroaded.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

August 29, 2014

This school is great I would definently recommend it . Students are well taught . I would just suggest they pack their own lunch. Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

April 06, 2010

I am a parent of an student @ Freire Charter School. I feel that Freire Charter School is one of the Best schools that really inforce the CODE OF CONDUCT! This school will not put up with violence in or outside of the school & because of this students can focus on education @ all times. My daughter is an honor student & she works hard to maintain her grades. Freire really prep. students for college & your child will work hard . Most of all they will be ready & proud @ the end. I must say that if you are a parent that will make time for your childs education & communicate with the teachers well,...you should not have any problems. Read Full Review

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November 30, 2009

My daughter is in the eleventh grade with a 4.0 gpa avg. This school can be ridiculous with their strict rules and attitude. The teachers are not attentive, they have bad attitudes. The leaders are just as worst as the teachers. Yes the academics are good but are horrible when a student wants to understand the work. Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

November 21, 2009

this school is challenging yet not extremely hard. it has a great teacher to student ratio, and it has good rules.Read Full Review

-submitted by student

July 15, 2009

As has been said, Freire is a good school for students wanting free college preparation. Every student gets a chance to enter the admissions lottery. Once accepted, we assume that college is their goal and our standards reflect that. Many students thrive and are accepted to 4-year colleges with scholarships. Some students struggle to catch up academically to college-prep level work, and they must be motivated to take advantage of the supports in place. I can say that the staff members genuinely care about students and want to help them succeed. Yes, the rules are strict, but they prepare kids for professional opportunities and create a safe learning environment. Read Full Review

-submitted by teacher

January 28, 2009

This is a great school. The rules are a little tight ,but in the end they are worth it. My daughter was from catholic school and knowing that I didn't have to pay for a decent education took alot of stress off of me. If your child is not serious about their education do not send them there,but if your child is serious , this is the place.Read Full Review

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October 02, 2008

This is my sons first year, he is an 11th grader, so far I have been impressed, my son has long term goals set up and one of them is to get into a good college. He has plenty of homework, and he says that he is challenged and that is a plus, the feedback from both the teachers and staff is really on point and you are treated in a respectfully manner, which is always a plus in my eye. I attended the parents night event and was totally blown away because of the high attendance rate of parents and that was truly awesome. Read Full Review

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September 06, 2008

I love Freire. It's great school to me. The only bad thing about it is how ridiculous some of the rules are. The teachers always care about how you're doing and if you need help, they give it. I highly recommend this school.Read Full Review

-submitted by student

August 13, 2008

My daughter attends this school. She was struggling in the 8th Grade. When she attended freire, she been a straight A student. I tell other parents about sending their kids to Freire.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

November 02, 2007

11/2/07 My son attends Freire Charter School, and I must admit that this school, as a college-prep, does prepare him for college. However, while I understand the need for rules and regulations, Freire has gone way over the line! As some others have pointed out, it is 'ridiculous'! Though my son is a senior...soon to graduate, I absolutely cannot wait until he does! Every time I see the Freire's name/number pop up on the caller-id, I get extremely disturbed, thinking my son has been accused of something asinine, which will either get him suspended or expelled. But as already pointed out, he will soon graduate, Lord's Will, and it's already seven months in counting!! Thus, if you are thinking about sending your son/daughter to this school, academically...it is well worth it; however, peace of mind, goes a long way, so really consider the headaches that may accompany your decision.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

October 24, 2007

I think Freire is a excellent school, it prepares your child for college,eventhough my daughter complains about the rules sometimes, I always explain to her, that if parents had there way in the school system, children will definitely complain about that. My motto is : Do want you have to do, and keep it movin.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

September 29, 2006

This is a great school to attend if you want to go to collegeRead Full Review

-submitted by student

January 19, 2004

This school needs to lighten up on the rules. They are trying too hard to be the best. Tucked shirts do not look right when not wearing a uniform and carrying your jacket and not being able to put it on is rediculus. Read Full Review

-submitted by student

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