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June 09, 2009

Northwood-Kensett has never sturred up any problems while i attend school there. Yes, they may have been bullying at times but what school doesn't? The teacher's at NK are very high demanding of what they want out of the student's, but is preparing them well for the future. I have been very successful since my days at NK. NK is become a better school each year. Don't let one thing like bullying talk you out of attending a great school. remember, every school has there bully's. And at NK, they DO handle the problem.Read Full Review

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September 10, 2008

N-K is one of the best schools in the state, in my opinion. No matter what it is academics, athletics, or any other extracurrcular, we have an openess and willingness to learn and teach. As a current student attending N-K i feel as though most of the teachers are our friends just as much as they are our teachers. If we ever need help with school work or even just with lifes problems , they are there to help.Read Full Review

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March 26, 2005

I personally think N-K has some of the best academic and athletic education in the area. They strive for success and no one is left behind. They welcome everyone with open arms. I enjoy going to school everyday. Parents are getting more involved everyday with the new website link. Bulleying is being found and fixed. We have made alot of improvements to our school not only educational/athletic wise but staff and building and property/grounds also. I highly recommend this school if you are coming to the area.Read Full Review

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August 02, 2004

As a relatively new family to the N-K district, we have been very disappointed that our children have had to endure (physical) bullying and harrassment with very little cooperation from school officials to help correct the problem. After speaking with other 'new to Northwood' parents, our children are not alone in this situation. Many others are having to deal with the bullying and harrassment with very little to no help from the school. The perpetrators of these acts typically go unpunished or the crimes against our kids are often overlooked or downplayed in severity. I strongly urge anyone looking to move into the Northwood area to consider open enrolling their children in other districts. I am certainly looking into this option for my own children. This problem (at least at this point) seems to be at the junior high/high school level only. My younger kids have faired ok in the elementary.Read Full Review

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