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April 25, 2013

Woodbury Central is a great school. People just don't understand how tight our community is. Since we have consolidated with Kingsley for several classes and sports our community has grown even larger. The issue about the people in sports getting special treatment is completely false. Every teacher gives you the respect and attention you give them. It is just a matter of attitude. Read Full Review

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November 03, 2010

My husband and I moved out of Sergeant Bluff, IA to Moville so our kids could be in a smaller school. Big schools worried me. We are satisfied with the progress our kids have achieved. I have had a few issues and went directly to the principal and staff who worked with me to help resolve the problems quickly. Every small school has the 'in' crowd and 'jocks' but it is part of growing up. Kids will become adults and have these same issues at college and work. We Love WC!Read Full Review

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August 12, 2010

I am a parent and have had 2 children graduate from this school and currently have one attending. I can definitely state that this school is NOT passive in terms of bullying. It takes place and is pretty much ignored. Faculty love to state how they have an excellent anti-bullying policy in place however it is never utilized. A child could walk up to another and call them names, hit them etc and if the child retaliates and is caught, the child who was initially bullied gets into trouble. They never bother to take the time to get to the bottom of a situation and handle it. Personal business is shared with community members by staff without any concern for privacy. There is parental involvement within the school. However, this school is also very "cliquish". As someone stated already, it lets everyone know that jocks and cheerleaders are of first priority.Read Full Review

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January 31, 2010

I just recently graduated from this school. I went here my whole life so I know the ins and outs of it. Its a fairly passive school in terms of bullying. I didn't see any fights during my entire k-12 career. Jocks are favored by some teachers but that is to be expected in many schools. I didn't belong to any social class and I managed just fine. Some people say this school doesn't prepare the students for college, but if you actually try academically you will do just fine. There are many classes offered that are good for college credit. There were no AP classes offered but upper level math classes cover the same material as Calculus II in college. Its not the best school but its also far from the worst. At the end of the day , the teachers really do care about the students.Read Full Review

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January 20, 2009

I am currently a student here, and as far as I can be convinced this is not an amazing school. They, the administrators, continue bringing in old alumae, so it continues to be a small town, with small ideas. The curriculum is not hard enough, however there are many classes offered. Some rules set in the handbook are slightly asinine, but who am I to judge it? I've only been here my whole life. Compared to other schools it may be quite better, however, coming from a current student I would not have Woodbury Central High School as my primero choice!Read Full Review

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December 20, 2008

The climate has changed drastically in last 2 years. Community attendance and support has decreased, students are less involved, and there is a lack of mutual respect between teachers/admin and students. I'm very disappointed in the direction this great school has taken.Read Full Review

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October 03, 2008

As and IT major I was very grateful for all the IT related college credit classes Woodbury Central offered me. I left with 22 college credits right out of high school. I was happy with my education but there is always more that can be done.Read Full Review

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June 25, 2008

horrible. did not prepare me for college. It prepared me for learning that football players and cheerleaders are better than anyone else.Read Full Review

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