Monticello High School

Monticello, IA  52310
Grade 9-12
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May 06, 2014

I see the most recent review is 9 years old. Much has changed in the past decade. MHS still strives to meet the needs of all students. Some of the steps taken are: Partnership with Kirkwood allowing students to earn tuition free college credit while in high school, online courses, improved technology (especially in shop, math and English classes), a transition program for special education students, & a strong effort to improve the climate of the building. Many grads do attend in-state colleges. Yet , MHS has grads attending college in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California & other states. Some go to work or the military. The sports program is strong and improving. State championships in Track and Cross Country. Playoff qualifiers in Girls Basketball, Softball, and Football. MHS sent student athletes to Iowa Conference colleges and the University of Iowa. As for the quality of teachers in math, science and social studies, most of the teachers in these departments in 2004 have left the district and have been replaced by strong teachers, resulting in stronger programs. MHS was given a Bronze award by US News in 2014. Always room to improve, but administration & staff are working on it.Read Full Review

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March 02, 2005

I would have to disagree with the previous assessments. Monticello is a smaller school, but provides many opportunities for AP classes through the AP Online program. At 9th grade orientation, my child received information on what coursework would be needed if he desired to pursue a 4-year degree. Something to consider is that the school is trying to prepare all students for post-high school, not just college bound students. MHS does a good job of being as well-rounded as possible. They offer experience through Kirkwood Community College, which is a great advantage as well. As far as 'lax' academic requirements, they just increased the amount of credits required for incoming freshmen. I have found the teachers to be caring and dedicated. The administration is willing to take a stand, despite some parents' willingness to excuse much of their child's poor behavior.Read Full Review

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January 11, 2005

I generally agree with the previous assessment of MHS. Academically its just not a great high school. The graduate requirements at MHS are pretty lax and there is an absense of emphasis on college preparation. However, it is important to note that the reason that MHS lacks this college-prep orientation is because the students pursuing a university education after graduation are a minority. It simply would not make sense for MHS to offer a huge number of advanced courses that few would take. Also, Monticello's size severely limits its ability to offer more than a couple of AP classes. One thing that MHS does have going for it is extracurricular activities. The sports programs are good (X-Country in particular is a great program), the choir is great, and a huge number of students are involved in school plays. Go Panthers!Read Full Review

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May 02, 2004

Monticello High's building is only 6 years old, and the facility is great. The students are told constantly that 'this is a great school.' The building, not the academic pursuit. The fact is that Monticello is a rural Iowa town, so the institution of choice following high school is Kirkwood. The sad thing is that virtually no one leaves the state to go to school. The administration is overly focused on graduating students, when they should put more time in with the students who are going on to notable colleges. The English department is by far and away the best subject taught at MHS. The math, science, and social studies departments are severly hurt by poor teachers. Another disadvantage is location. Even if a student wanted to attend a private high school, the nearest one is 25 miles away.Read Full Review

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