Mediapolis Elementary School

Mediapolis, IA  52637
Grade PK-5
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Elementary

Reviews for Mediapolis Elementary School

February 06, 2008

Being personally vested makes my opinion automatically null, but I find the Mediapolis school system to be excelent. My little one transplanted from a burlington Catholic school early on and started advancing her first week in. She honestly loves her teachers and her peers. She has become sucsessfull in her ciricullum and has taken on new challenges also with sucsess. It is easy being proud of a good child and the teachers and enviorment at Mepo are to be commended for so much. The school is military clean everytime we attend an event - and each time we have needed help , we were recieved will a smile and helped promptly. Again, the teachers,God bless them, are doing a great job. Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

January 24, 2005

This school had been terrific in the past and could be terrific again, because there are many good teachers there and many willing parent volunteers. Unfortunately, the administration seems to have their own agenda and doesn't really seem interested in helping teachers and students develop their talents and desire to achieve. As a result of this kind of leadership, morale is low among the staff, and it is really starting to show.Read Full Review

-submitted by staff

January 19, 2005

This could be a fantastic school and once was. There are a lot of good teachers here, but the administration (superintendent/principal/guidance counselor)is horrible. They follow their own agenda and it is very political with the school board mainly being a 'yes' board. The greatest teachers have been run off or forced out, and as a result, the morale among staff is low, and the students are suffering as a result. It is too bad, because this is a small town where they have a lot of parents willing and able to be involved and give.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

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