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August 28, 2013

This school is a hard working school. My opinion is that the students don't do the work because they are to lazy or the parents don't care, but all the other students that try all get good grades and usually go to a really good collage. The teachers give the assignments and expect the student to do the work because how are you suppose to get a life if everyone is babying you? What I like about this school is that now there is absolutely no bullying. there are cameras to catch this kind of stuff on the bus and in the school. I also like the teachers that give you the choice of what you want to do on this project (there are still guidelines.) I think how our school could improve is that everyone should have to socialize without being mean to others. If your kid doesn't like this school is probably the rules I cant say I can agree with some but it makes a safer environment. I highly recommend any adult that has a child or children to place them in this school, we welcome everyone!! BE RESPECTFUL ACT RESPONSIBILY AND INFLUENCE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME This is our motto. The principal is the best she is kind to everyone. The counselor is kind and Is a very good listener for any problem.Read Full Review

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March 20, 2013

LM has an excellent elementary school. The JR./Sr. High is quite a different matter. Very high turnover rate on teachers and administration (including Superintendent and Principal positions.) When they do land quality staff they only stay long enough to get enough experience (a few years tops) to take a better job elsewhere. As a result, the kids feel "orphaned". Nothing is being done to retain quality people. Some of the longer term teachers don't seem to care much about the kids. They have the attitude that they are just there to collect a paycheck. One of my kids is now in college and really feels they did a poor job in helping him prepare for college. Communication is difficult, you really have to stay after them to communicate with you about your kid. Facilities are marginal and unclean. During parent teacher conferences in the gym I witnessed several mice running along the bleachers, no doubt feeding on all the trash that had not been cleaned from events that took place several days prior. The roof is leaking all over even after an extensive and expensive "renovation". The kids deserve better than what they are getting.Read Full Review

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February 04, 2013

I use to go the the school, I advise if your looking up on this school just stop. I would have learned more from a brain dead monkey. They quit teaching new stuff (That has to be taken) after sixth grade. I've learned more from the internet and book then they teach. Best to keep your kids away from this school, home school them if you can.Read Full Review

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March 25, 2010

Fully aware, everywhere we go in life we run into ups and downs. Therefore, L-M alone, is no different than any other school; one thiing making each enviroment different is the individuals who characterize it. Which, my school is very significant to me, as are all individuals involved. L-M may not be recognized for its positive impacts, but I feel like the experiences and relations developed in my educational journey at L-M will follow/further me throughout life. I take every chance I get to further myself, and I feel that I get satisfying support plus homelike-well intended-structure. Truthfully, there will never be total agreement anywhere in life; but, acceptance, is simply part of life. I ACCEPT, as well acknowledge, with respect, this reality. Unable to act impulsive or aggressive towards my school, I feel; to my acknowledgement, we deserve respect and support for all our Falcon body.Read Full Review

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January 29, 2009

I am currently a student at L-M and it is too easy. If you want your kid to have a good education it won't happen here. There are also fights alot and bad students. Things are unoragnized and most kids hardly know anything! Read Full Review

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February 23, 2006

I am currently a student at the school, and I really like it. It is a really school, but they could do a little bit more. I wish there could be more teacher teaching more advanced classes. Help us prepare for college. But overall, it is a good school. I prefer to go to L-M instead of any other school.Read Full Review

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May 21, 2004

Louisa-Muscatine has a great student body and its a clean school with a lot to learan and theres great teachers, associates, bus drivers, administrators and most of all students.Read Full Review

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February 09, 2004

From what I have read about this school district, it seems to be topnotch. However, my personal experience with school personnel has not been so favorable. As a grandparent who will be fully paying for her grandchilds education, I am interested in knowing that my grandchild is doing well enough in school to even get into college. I cannot find anybody who will communicate with me as to how this child is doing. Read Full Review

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