Lincoln Elementary School

Iowa City, IA  52246
Grade PK-6
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Elementary

Reviews for Lincoln Elementary School

September 04, 2014

Lincoln Elementary has many good qualities. But the school has a rigid atmosphere that makes the learning environment more stressful than it needs to be. Lincoln families are polite but pointedly competitive, while the administration of the school is often reactive. The combination of the two makes for a culture that is sorely lacking in imagination, synergy, and compassion. If you are new to Iowa City and interested in these qualities for your child, Lincoln may not be the best place for your family. If you like a neighborhood school that fosters competition and conformity- then you will feel very comfortable sending your child to Lincoln.Read Full Review

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November 26, 2012

Terrific school. Couldn't be happier with the teachers, the curriculum, the facility. After-school program is particularly good.Read Full Review

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July 10, 2012

This USED to be a wonderful school. The loss of leadership in the Principal position has affected the school in a negative manner. The part-time principal is a very poor choice for leading this school into the new era of attendance areas. Staff morale has lowered and good faculty is leaving. This is not the Lincoln of old....Read Full Review

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April 24, 2011

Lincoln as of today is still a good school. However, as many have mentioned, Lincoln's high achievement came from parental efforts. With Iowa City, and its school district unfairly treating Lincoln's attending population, paired with a loss of leadership (part time principal in 2011). Many Lincoln families are moving out of the area. Lincoln will face a different population, and it's success will for sure be a thing of the past. Read Full Review

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June 20, 2010

The overall school atmosphere at Lincoln elementary is outstanding! In addition to its wonderful and committed staff, the school s supportive and knowledgeable parents help offer its students a well rounded educational experience. What a student learns at Lincoln is way above and beyond any elementary school standard requirement. Class sizes are perfect. Students are placed in different classes to help them learn the best, yet there are enough combined activities to ensure all students are well adjusted socially. This website is absolutely right to rate Lincoln a 10 ! Read Full Review

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May 12, 2009

What a wonderful school! The principal and teachers deserve a lot of credit, but so do the parents. I find that the parents of the students work very hard with their children to help them achieve success to another level. It is the school staff, atmosphere, children, and parents all working together that make this a gem! We love Lincoln for our children. Read Full Review

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February 23, 2009

This is an excellent school that provides a wide range of learning opportunities. My oldest was a little slow at starting to read and was recommended for reading recovery in first grade. She loved working one-on-one with the reading teacher and never felt embarassed or out of place. She is now several grades past that and reading quite well. May or may not ever be her strong point, but it is no longer a limitation. Her teachers have all done an excellent job working with her on her weakest points, but also pointing out her strong points. My youngest is a more 'natural student' and is also doing great at Lincoln. This small school is a gem, catering to students of all abilities from my experience. Read Full Review

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October 01, 2008

I home schooled my two boys of which my oldest struggled from a learning disability to enrolling them at Lincoln. I have never been more pleased with the education they have received! The past 4 years I have seen my boys grow so much from the education they recieve, along with the caring teachers & staff! I am so pleased with Mrs. kolarik {The principal } she is VERY fair & very smart & always helpful.The office has an incredible secretary that is friendly,outgoing,positive, very caring to all the childrens needs. The secretary has a hiden talent that I think any parent would want to know - she is very much hands on with our daughter who is 9 & diabetic, She has trained her self & learnt so much on her own,she is wonderfuI I feel very safe & blessed here. Kristina Barnes Lincoln lion parentRead Full Review

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May 16, 2006

This elementary takes a very liberal approach to learning, allowing each child to learn as an individual. This is fine as long as your child doesn't have a learning disability, because this is ignored, and the buck is just passed along with nobody taking any accountability. I urge you to be proactive with your kids, whether they have learning disabilities or not. Only the parent knows their child best, and therefore is best suited to demand the best education they can receive and also to advocate for that child when it seems that no on else cares. My child would have fallen through the cracks had I not spoken up for him. The principal and teachers were good at offering excuses like 'he's a typical boy', 'check for ADHD', 'late birthday'...even though it was in the spring. Advocate for your child and demand accountability.Read Full Review

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