Griswold Middle/High School

Griswold, IA  51535
Grade 6-12
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Combined Elementary And Secondary

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August 11, 2014

This school lacks in morals and manners. It is VERY clicky considering they are a school of 300 or so students. teachers seem to get anoid at students that ask for help or express that they "don't get it". sports teams are not arranged as to ability but rather who your parents are resulting to not very many wins. Teachers curse at the students and if given a detention your punishment is a peanut butter sandwich an apple andmilk for lunch in a room with a teacher. I believe prisoners eat better.there are a couple teachers who try to teach and guide student however they are middle school teachers only. Students from this school complain of the staff often. Not much praise coming from the students on the school. Just sad.Read Full Review

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May 13, 2014

The Griswold school district focuses on the "easy" students, the ones that get the good grades and do exactly what the teachers ask. When it comes to children with ADHD the teachers have not been taught how to teach them. Those students fall through the cracks if the parents don't speak up, getting anything "officially" done to help can take and has taken years. The teachers stereotype students, which makes it difficult for the students to turn things around. This is especially frustrating because the students have most of the same teachers all 3 years in Jr. High. Not all teachers are this way, there are a few that are really great. Be prepared for the principal to take the side of his teachers before the welfare of the student, regardless of how disrespectful the teacher has been. GCSD does do well when it comes to sports. They give each student the opportunity to play and encourage this. It gives them the chance to try out several sports to find what they enjoy. Read Full Review

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May 17, 2012

This school has a lot to be desired. the great teachers are being run out and mediocre ones are being retained. if your child has a learning disability you should avoid the programs here It is just as easy to get "lost" in this small town school as it is in a large metropolitan school, but the learning oppurtunities are not as available for hte students that wish to apply themselves. Read Full Review

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January 16, 2011

The shift from elementary to middle school is more than difficult for students in the district. In elementary they get plenty of differentiated instruction and project-based learning, and have high achievement. When in middle school, that all changes. In most classes it is worksheets and more worksheets. It is more about a grade than about learning. The high school is better than the middle school, as a whole, though there are pockets of exceptional teachers at both levels, as well as the teachers that think the students need to meet their method of teaching, instead of teachers meeting the learning needs of students. I have higher expectations of teachers for my children.Read Full Review

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June 12, 2008

Griswold is a great school! We keep up with the latest technology! The teachers are great! Everyone gets a chance to know you! Read Full Review

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