Gilbert Middle School

Gilbert, IA  50105
Grade 5-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Middle

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May 20, 2013

The academics at this school are probably above average. Most of the teachers are very good at their jobs and also very kind. The problems that arise at this school have more to do with the parents and the students. The students are very 'cliquey'. If you do not dress a certain way and act a certain way, you are treated as less than. Instead of being a kind and caring student body, they look for weaknesses in others and exploit those. It is not too surprising, because many of the parents are the same way. They live thru their children. They are more concerned with what team their child is on and who their friends are than whether or not their children are good people. There are good parents at this school, however most of them are not comfortable speaking up around the others. It is no wonder the students are very cliquey, the parents are worse about this than the students.Read Full Review

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