Harmony Jr. Sr. High School

Farmington, IA  52626
Grade 7-12
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType High

Reviews for Harmony Jr. Sr. High School

July 11, 2013

Harmony's campus is one of the nicest campus's around. A lot of teachers quit but they hired more. Honestly..if you move to one of those larger schools, you have many more fights and then you get problems with drugs. Learning wise, it's alright, but 'some' of the teachers need to ask if you're doing alright when grades slip. We have small classes, and being a senior this year, they should be able to notice if something's wrong. On a different foot, we don't really have too many electives to choose from. Choir has suffered diminishing losses, and it's mainly only jr high now, with two or three high schoolers. Ag classes are almost the only other option for new transferring students, which isnt bad but when new students arrive in, they should be able to pick something that might help them with the prefession they might go in or what they'll do in life. Also, this is the last thing ill bring up. Harmony students should be made to do the junior research paper. That's what gets them ready for college research assignments unless they have lost all faith in the students. :/ -J.K.Read Full Review

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September 08, 2012

I attended this school back a decade or so ago. I was a troubled student, with extremely high ITBS test scores, yet problematic grades. The mathematics department was a joke, and after I left the district it was discovered that I had a learning disability that caused me to transpose numbers. This should have been discovered by the teachers at the school, but they were more focused on giving me in school suspension for lack of homework than discovering the root of the problem. I would hesitate to send my own children to this school if I was still in the area for that reason alone. Read Full Review

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July 30, 2012

I will begin this year as the new 7-12 Principal and I am very excited about the opportunities Harmony CSD offers the students. This year we are implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative and we are going to offer an opportunity for students to take classes through a Career Academy. Although the district is small, we offer many chances for students to prepare for life beyond high school. We encourage students to take classes to earn college credit. Our facilities are among the nicest I have seen and we are proud of our staff. If you are not a part of our district I encourage you to stop and we can discuss the opportunities that Harmony can offer to your child(ren). Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you, Mrs. Heather LightfootRead Full Review

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July 17, 2012

In full disclosure I attended this school; I am not a parent of a student there. At the time, the school was decent, with the basic courses available. However, the question is not whether the school is adequate, but whether it prepares students for success in the post-secondary world. In college I quickly found that students from other schools were much better prepared than I was, and I graduated at the top of my high school class. It has become my opinion that small schools with dwindling resources will continue to fight for independence even when the development of consolidated school districts would provide for better opportunities and increased student growth. If the preparation of students for success in the post-secondary academic world is desired, there are benefits to collaboration. It is unfortunate when petty arguments and historical "school pride" stand in the way of the ultimate goal: student learning. Read Full Review

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November 11, 2011

We are a family of this school district. This school is extremely dysfunctional. There are a group of community members who bully the community, including the schools. There are extreme cases of nepotism in which family members working for family members allows these people to make their own rules and dominate those staff and parents who just want what is best for kids rather than selfish infighting which causes our school to lose kids to other districts with open enrollment. We are encouraging parents to come forward with their concerns also.Read Full Review

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August 20, 2011

The intent of this web site is to sell advertisement. The makers of this site could care less about our school. But while on that subject, Harmony is a great school. The teachers and staff are good and really care about your child's education. Kent MuntzRead Full Review

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November 28, 2010

We are parents of this district also. This is a mean group of people. I pray and hope for a merger or a shut down so that our children can go to a better school. These people do not care about our children's needs. Please send out a survey of how we parents feel the school is doing in addressing our children's needs. You will be enlightened to hear what the people really think. Let us assure you, the truth will come out. Read Full Review

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November 11, 2010

I think this is great place to send your child. It is one of the few schools in America that you know everyone in your class. The "good ol boy" network is a complete misunderstanding. There is no discrimination because you don't have a "family name" Further, never take education advice from someone who types "hink twice"Read Full Review

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August 13, 2010

As a person interested in education, I am excited about the positive changes the school will take under the leadership of the new Superintendent, Mr. Dennis Phelps. Read Full Review

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