North Scott Senior High School

Eldridge, IA  52748
Grade 9-12
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June 12, 2013

This high school is exceptional. The district has the best National History Day program in the state; the history day sponsor was PBS teacher of the year two years ago. The music and drama programs are outstanding, with students being recognized at state level every year. The speech team has numerous all-state champions. Sports team compete at the highest level (4A) of Iowa football. The city of Eldridge with 5,000+ residents hosts the high school, junior high, administration building, and the largest of five elementaries in the district. You may see North High in a real estate listing -- this is not that school. The parts of the city of Davenport north of I-80 are in the North Scott district, not Davenport.Read Full Review

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January 29, 2012

Generally speaking it is a fine school but EXTREMELY clique filled and not just the students but the parents (it's easy to see where the students get it). Outsiders are not welcome but people who have been in the community a while often aren't either. The academics are NOT good as honors, AP, and college classes are dropped by the school at an alarming rate. The new teachers coming to the district are unprofessional are frankly have no place in the classroom. If you try and talk with administration about any problems you are ignored and the problem is blamed on "Your" stupidityAs for extracurriculars, unless you or your child is in football they will get no support. The programs are fine but the teachers who are in charge are retiring and essentially not being picked up by any other teachers so the days of any decent programs will soon be gone. Honestly if you are even considering this district you should turn your head around towards Bettendorf (sports), Pleasant Valley (academics), Davenport Central (music), or Assumption (religion).Read Full Review

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August 20, 2010

great teachers, really helpful and supportive. classes are challenging and fun. school leadership is very understanding and strict.Read Full Review

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September 17, 2009

Good academically, athletically, musically - a great well-rounded school.Read Full Review

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August 09, 2006

As a former student, and now a parent of children that are in the system and heading to this very school I can say that my children's experience are much better than my own. Where as in Davenport, N.S.H.S did a service for my son and aided in his excelling beyond what he had been stuck in at the other system. I give great creedance to his growth academically to this school. A teacher that I had during my time there is still there, and is an excellent person/teacher/guide. The extra activities available are not exactly above and beyond, but aid in the area of growth as well. Drama, art, sports, ect. There are several to choose from-if someone gets into that line of interest. No complaints from my children in this school district-at all! However-I am not pleased with the guidance/principle area. Seems to need some work, perhaps?Read Full Review

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July 28, 2006

Someone said in a previous review that 'Teachers seem unwilling to help students who struggle....' As a graduate of North Scott, I do not think that is true at all. In junior high and high school there were times I didn't understand the subject that was studied. I could go to the teacher and tell them what I did and didn't understand and they would take time (before and/or after school and/or during their free period) to explain to me and help me to bettwe understand. The teachers are willing, but it's also up to the student to ask for the help because aside from test scores a teacher can't always tell when the student requires help in the subject. Overall, I think the district is good and effective but it's also up to the child's willingness to learn, participate, and to know when to ask for and receive help.Read Full Review

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May 09, 2005

It is apparent that you are not welcomed at this school. During the two years our daughter has went from the A-B honor roll to the dumpster! Honor program is all politics! Degree of which teacher's getting involved with parents is zero, and if problems do arise it is literally impossible to accomplish progression due to lack of cooperation by counselors, teachers, and principle. They ignore you and your child. If your child has difficulty teaching themselves then this school is not for you. Activities are all about who's child you are and how much money you have.Read Full Review

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January 13, 2005

Availability of extra curricular activities is good. there are many thngs kids can do, they need to just be better publicity. Academic programs are good and I hope we contiue to improve. This school though, has ALOT of bias. Who you are, what grade you are in, who your parents are,personal preferences by teachers,etc, definitely impact your childs success in his chosen area of participation. There is ALOT of politics in this small town high school and it's something that seems to be ongoing over the years, and will take YEARS to change. Parental involvement is high, but exclusive,meaning you may not feel truly welcome in some 'clubs'.Read Full Review

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November 04, 2004

I found this school system very good for my children, however I am hearing that it's tough to break through the click system (Meaning if you didn't go to this school system as a grade schooler or Junior High student) then the acceptence level is very low. Some things never change which is really too bad!Read Full Review

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August 25, 2004

The principal is unwilling to help students that need temporary help. Teacher quality is overall pretty good.Read Full Review

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January 20, 2004

Teachers seem unwilling to help students who struggle. Wonderful environment for top notch students who can learn easily on their own or with little assistance. Very rigid on requirements. Read Full Review

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