Lincoln Elementary School

Dubuque, IA  52001
Grade PK-5
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Elementary

Reviews for Lincoln Elementary School

August 05, 2005

My daughter is involved with the local Area Education Agency, and there seems to be little to no follow through on what she truly needs in the classroom. The meetings we have seem to be simply done for paperworks sake, without my childs best interest at heart. I have voiced my concern about what her needs are in the past, to be met with promises of follow through, only to be told that there wasn't enough time that day to make the necessary phone calls, or that they would be made next week, etc. It seems as if this school spends a lot of trying to do a lot for too many kids, instead of doing good for less. I understand that this is due to overcrowding, and that's part of the problem. Patience seems to be lacking in some areas, and there is just not enough space for all these children.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

June 12, 2005

The quality of education students receive at Lincoln is second rate. There is great attention given to the students considered 'at risk' and the ones who are not are left to fend for themselves. The class sizes are too large with too many special needs children so the teachers are unable to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. The discipline protocol is unevenly applied and at times distorted and far beyond what the conflict calls for. Children are not sure what the exact policy is. Supervision on playground is lacking. In general, this school is at risk in more ways than the children's test scores. We have chosen to leave this school as it was not a good choice for our child's education.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

January 04, 2005

Lincoln School has potenial. The staff and principal need to open their eyes to the changing world and listen to the concerned parents. After all the parents have a meaningful vested interest in their children.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

October 25, 2004

I currently have a child at this school. Many parents feel the same way, but fear retribution from teachers towards their children. This school district is a mess. There are far too many children per classroon, average being 20-25. There are some positive things going on at lincoln, but the negative seems to outweigh them. Big into fundraisers. No returns into lincoln school, that students see. System needs overhauling.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

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