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September 24, 2013

I went to Weeks for all 3 years of middle school. I hated it, and because I wanted to kill myself. I was bullied terribly, and the counselors at the time told me to ignore it. Kids there threw threats at me and nothing was done to them for threatening me. It got to the point I was afraid to go to school, which I was suspended and punished for. I don't recommend this school. Read Full Review

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March 07, 2010

My daughter attended weeks during the 2006-7 school year. She was challenged, and given the opportunity to get into the advanced programming. She is now a junior, and able to graduate early. I find that Weeks is a part of her success of being a good student (along with her awesome parents of course). I now have a son who is in the Weeks district, but being enrolled into McCombs. I am fighting to put my child into Weeks so that he can be given the same opportunities, learn from fantastic teachers, and educated programming. I would recommend weeks to those who are actively involved in their child's education.Read Full Review

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May 19, 2009

my student came here at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year, she use to be a great a-b nd ocasionally a c student throughout the year her grades have dropped mostly because of the princibles, teachers, and sometimes students.. i wouldn't recremend this school right away...Read Full Review

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September 30, 2008

My student transfeed here from another school. This school is run more like a juvenile detention center. They do not listen before they hand down punishments, and ask students to tell on others to have their punishment decreased... you pull up to drop of child off and it is so segregated it is scary.Read Full Review

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May 08, 2008

My son transitioned to Weeks after the Downtown School in Des Moines. We are pleased with the academic level of the teaching and his rapidly improved test scores in the 6th grade. While the neighborhood is clearly lower income, we do live here and like the area and the school. My son knows there are rough kids, but found the risk of bullies is comparable to that in his previous school of 'upper class' kids. I have found the team of principals to be excellent and engaged with our child; I find the building clean and modern; and the advisors support our child's progress.Read Full Review

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February 03, 2008

this school is horrible, theres drugdealing, bullys picking on nerds and people set things on fire i would have to say that you should stay awayfrom here Read Full Review

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April 07, 2007

I think Weeks is an excellent school. When we moved in the district, my child was shy and timid. The teachers helped her in her transition by adapting classroom activities to giver her more opportunities to meet people and make new friends. Since my child began attending Weeks, she has been challenged more academically. She has also enjoyed participating in clubs and athletics as well. One thing that could have made her experience better is if they had a 'mock trial' team to participate in events against other schools. She wants to become a lawyer and mock trial really helps in her motivation. Other than that, I am very pleased with Weeks.Read Full Review

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October 06, 2003

I wish the school had a more optimistic attitude. They seem to have given up on the influence they could have in changing the course in a childs life. Read Full Review

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