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February 06, 2013

Central Academy is an amazing environment, that provides gifted and motivated students with a learning space where they are surrounded by only similarly gifted and enthusiastic peers. The teachers as a result are top notch, and have years of experience teaching exclusively to the best students. Central Academy is everything that is right with the education system. Central Campus also provides many amazing opportunities.Read Full Review

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October 03, 2012

Central Academy is hands-down the best academic resource available to Iowa students. Because each students can and desires to achieve at a high level, the school's learning environment is different from any other. Classes are more casual and discussion-based. Teachers have high expectations for their students and students expect nothing but excellence from their peers. Courses are extremely rigorous, yet teachers are always willing to offer further explanation and answer questions. Central Academy prepares students well for college; 4s and 5s are typical AP exam scores and it is not uncommon for students to enter college with 40+ college credits. Nearly all Academy students enroll in a 4-year university and many attend Ivy League schools. Teachers are accessible, friendly, and often form personal relationships with students. The learning environment is supportive, energetic, creative, fun, and conducive to academic success. Students at Central are highly involved in extracurricular activities at their "home schools", yet also show dedication to academics. At Central, it's "cool" to be smart, to study, and to ask questions. I cannot say enough about Central Academy and its students.Read Full Review

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May 05, 2011

I am an 8th grader @ Central Academy. This place is the bomb. Here I am academically challenged and can compete with my peers to learn more. The atmosphere is friendly and you have a lot of freedoms because the teachers have high expectations of their students. Here I learned good study skills and time management.Read Full Review

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March 28, 2010

i am a 7th grade prep student and its the absolute best school i've ever been to except for my home school.Read Full Review

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