The Pinnacle Charter School Elementary

Denver, CO  80260
Grade K-5
T/S Ratio -
Type charter
SubType Elementary

Reviews for The Pinnacle Charter School Elementary

October 22, 2013

There has been a total staff change and it has seemed to do the school no better. The before and after known as the CUBS DEN is about the only saving grace this school has, that and it is one of the few in this area and district that offers all day kindergarten. This year it dropped half day and lowered cost of all day to simple student fees. That was a nice change since I have one in kindergarten and one joining next year. I have multiple students in this school and it has been a decent school until this year. There have been many "accidents" this year involving students and they don't get handled the same each time, it seems to be on preference of the household income. Which they require at the beginning of every year. If I could find a better school that had the before and after that is also opened all summer long and all but the major holidays I would consider changing schools, I fear that it is only getting worse and many of the better teachers and staff have left for better schools. I would not recommend this school to anyone and am actively looking for a better school for my children. This school is under staffed and you can tell by the way children behave and hurt others. Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

May 14, 2013

Terrible school now, a pitty it once was a better place for kids to learn. Do not bother complaining, admin will open de door for you and your kid to leave. What a waste of tax payers' money...Pick up/drop off, terrible. Teachers' quality, not too good either.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

April 20, 2013

This school is very poorly run and managed. It has some great teachers. Proceed with caution.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

March 12, 2013

Not happy here at all. The teachers seem more interested in tattling on children, theres rules that are only followed by people that speak english, everyone else can do as the please, the drop off pick up procedure is utter chaos. One of my daughters is falling further and further behind in reading, and the school just says to "read at home more" because the 45 mins a night that we already read together to help her is not enough.... OVERALL - bad pick up and drop off procedures - principal screams at parents during drop off and pick up - Rules that only apply to english speaking parents - Do not offer reading help to kids that need it We have been there for 2 years now and its only gotten worse... I do not recommend this school .Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

August 12, 2012

LOVE this school! I have two children who go to Pinnacle and next year I will have another one. Teachers are great. Nice campus and library. Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

August 12, 2011

I am very happy with this school. My sons first year here was in 1st grade he needs extra help to learn. I am so amazed of all the help that the school started to offer including teacher, other teachers and principal. It is not true that they refuse to help because I didn't even ask for the extra help and they started doing everything they could to help him catch up! My son seemed to be failing. Thanks to their help my son got better grades and he got to go on to be in 2nd grade! Pinnacle really cares about their students. Its a great school!!Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

February 16, 2011

I had to pull my son from this school since they refused to help with his special needs. He was failing yet there was no extra help offered. My daughter graduated from here and it seemed to work great for kids that do not need any extra help with learning. I put my son in public school and he was instantly given a 504 plan and the extra help that he so needed.Read Full Review

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October 06, 2010

I love this school. There learning techniques are great. My daughter is in 2nd grade and was already reading full chapter books in 1st grade. We have never had a teacher that we didnt like and my daughter didnt get along with. I volunteer once a week since she started there i really enjoy spending time and seeing the children grow...Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

June 06, 2010

This school was great as long as my son was "mainstream" but as soon as he needed extra help due to illness that caused excessive absences he was pushed away. I was never given anything extra that my son needed to learn in part because the teachers were too new to anything not usual. I was upset that we had to remove him from his school from K-5th due to this but he is now in an online school that fits his needs. Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

March 17, 2010

My two children attend Pinnacle. They have a team of teachers that are supporting their individual needs. They have made lots of friends and have a sense of care and safety when they are in school. They have homework each evening so I get a chance to see what they are learning each day. The projects they are asked to create are very enriching and helps to build a strong foundation of knowledge. I would recommend parents visit the school to learn more.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

June 02, 2009

My Daughter attends this school and loves it. The teachers care and help more than anywhere I have ever run into. The school is all about the kids and their education.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

November 05, 2008

I like this school. My daughter is in kindergarten and she is already reading small books that they make in class. She is al so learning about the american flag and lots of other things.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

September 30, 2008

This school has seen good turnaround. The teachers are very helpful overall and test scores are improving! I am hopeful of good things to continue in the future!Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

May 15, 2008

This school has a lack of effective leadership. Students are at a disadvantage, it is not a healthy learning environment.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

April 29, 2008

This school lacks patient teachers and the concept of modern teaching guidlines. I am disappointed in the administration for their lack of attention to detail and bypassing some more serious issues for minor issues. I hope next year we see more focus on why our children's test scores are so low instead of focus on fundraisers.Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

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