Titan Hill Intermediate School

Council Bluffs, IA  51503
Grade 2-5
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Elementary

Reviews for Titan Hill Intermediate School

June 02, 2014

Titan Hill Intermediate School. The school academic programs are lacking in areas as it has been for the forth year in a row considered a school at need or Sina. For the average student I believe it is fine. For a child that needs special help and attention it is somewhat of a difficult journey. Since the school does follow the Iowa Core Curriculum, but does not provide text books it is difficult for a parent with a child that struggles with attention to follow the curriculum and lesson plan. I as a parent think providing text books would only enhance the academic goals to reach the Iowa Assessment Standards. Concept based learning is very helpful but text book back up the concepts and can be reinforced when helping your child achieve to their full academic potential. Read Full Review

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March 10, 2014

My daughter is in second grade now and I'm not to impressed with the school. First off they don't check who is picking your child up very well. I have had diffrent family members pick my daughter up from kreft and they were not on her list to pick her up. Also I have been picking a friends daughter up from kreft since the school year started every Wednesday and Thursday. It wasn't until I said something this February of 2014 that I brought to there attention I was not authorized to pick her up. My daughter is at Titan hill and had told her teacher she didn't feel good and instead of sending her to the nurse she gave her a mint. She got off the bus and I could tell she was sick. She was running a 103 degree temp. And had strep throat. Read Full Review

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February 24, 2009

Both my children attend the Lewis Central Schools. I'm a little confused by the last poster who only gave LC Schools a 2 star rating, while at the same time saying how wonderful the teachers have been. We love this school system for our children. Over 75% of the teachers that work for this school have their Masters degrees in teaching. That alone speaks volumes; specifically that this school takes education seriously. The teachers are great with good attitudes, and they must enjoy where they work, as my kids have no complaints! Report cards are thorough, and leave nothing to question. Very good school!Read Full Review

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June 30, 2008

I have two children that have attended this school. The older one is special needs while the younger is neurotypical. My younger child 'fits the mold' if typical students and has excelled both academically and socially (this assessment is based off of one year of full day preschool). My older child, on the other hand, has struggled every year. With the excaption of one year, every individual classroom teacher he has had has been fantastic. They have recognized his needs and have done their best to accomodate as well as assist me in the struggle with the district as a whole for specialized services. Long story short, the teachers (overall) are great. The district is great if you have a child that fits their mold. We are currently looking into moving to another school district.Read Full Review

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January 02, 2005

EA Kreft Elementary has been a real good school for my students attending there. My son who went to a school in NE was unable to read and or write by the end of kindergarten so I had to start him over. At this time he is writting better and learning to read. The year is far from being over. The children really enjoy the school. They always talk about music and the library and PE. This is a great improvement from last year in NE. I have spent some time in the class with them and they seem to like there teachers and students. I think that the school is a good school to attend. The achedimics seem to be plenty for children there age and the teachers and principal all seem to be very personable. I don't like the fact that they mail the report cards.Read Full Review

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