Gerald W Kirn Middle School

Council Bluffs, IA  51503
Grade 6-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Middle

Reviews for Gerald W Kirn Middle School

October 12, 2013

Many of the teachers here are great. They do a very good job but I really dislike the grading system as do many of the teachers. It lumps in the kids all together so that the kids who are really working hard are still falling into the same grade lumping as the kids who aren't really trying. There is not much incentive for the students who work hard and care about their education to continue trying nor is there incentive for the kids who aren't trying to buckle down and work any harder. My other complaint is parent teacher conferences. They are a nightmare. Conferences are held in the gyms and you have to repeatedly line up and wait to talk to each of the teachers which will usually take a minimum of two hours. The lines are fairly ridiculous, wait times of about 20 minutes or so, per teacher. Sometimes more sometimes less. There really has to be a better way of handling it like maybe holding conferences over several days, spreading out the number of parents and students instead of all cramming in for a few hours in one night. They could also really stand to expand the art and music programs. Those really benefit the kids. Other than that, I would say keep up the good job!Read Full Review

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May 16, 2013

Special needs program needs attention. there are good teachers, but the system could use help with special needs programs.Read Full Review

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May 12, 2009

I don't care for this grading system. My child is failing classes she excelled at before.Read Full Review

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January 31, 2009

It is a great school. My son goes there. Its got a friendly staff and more.Read Full Review

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November 14, 2008

Teachers do not show respect for most students. During math I would go up to the teacher to talk about my grades he would continuously interrupt me...which he wouldn't allow me to voice my opinion. But when I switched classes this teacher seemed to be happier when I left. So I think this was more on the personal side. Really the teachers expect too much out of students. I've heard there has been some racial problems also in school. Which makes me uncomfortable having to go here.Read Full Review

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November 10, 2007

There is a definite lack of communication. For example, my child's teacher did not return corrected math papers for her to correct even after I requested this. I requested this also through her counselor, later the principal. His response was sometime in the future I could review her grades on line. He was absolutely no help in my quest to have my daughter learn from the mistakes made on her math papers. I've had two children in Kirn. I hope the administration changes before my next child attends Kirn. Many upsetting incidents concerning a lack of discipline. Very disappointing. Children are numbers to be passed through in two years no matter the students needs or problems.Read Full Review

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