Charles City Middle School

Charles City, IA  50616
Grade 6-8
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Middle

Reviews for Charles City Middle School

February 04, 2009

This school is fantastic, the scholastic program is simply divine. Read Full Review

-submitted by student

October 12, 2004

I strongly disagree with the review by Desiree Diaz! Surely a teacher wouldn't yell without reason and the school will surely excuse an early leave, but the student must have a note - which is only to ensure the safety of the student. I am enrolled at Charles City Middle School and there are caring teachers, who will talk to students one-on-one to help with their problems, not just schoolwork. I have a great time at school with friends and learn a lot every day! Last year, the switch from Elementary to Middle School was not difficult at all because CCMS was very adaptive and easy to get used to. All my teachers are caring, and truly want to help us learn. The food is good too (hehe). There are tons of extra-curriculars, all of which provide a wonderful experiance. All in all, Charles City Middle School is AWESOME!Read Full Review

-submitted by student

August 03, 2004

This school is less than satisfactory, putting it mildly. My son and his classmates were actually screamed at by certain teachers. My son had detention for forgetting to have me sign his test! The first occurrence! Most of the teachers at the sixth grade level do not care about students, and I had the unfortunate experience of speaking with the assistant principal. She refused to excuse an early departure from school. We were going out of town that weekend, and had a prior engagemnt with my parents(whom we were going to visit). Because an early departure wouldn't be excused, we left late, arrived late, and were late for the engagement. My son's a great student, and it should be my decision to have him leave early, excused! Two of the teachers were great with my son, but the overral experience was less than promising, to put it nicely!Read Full Review

-submitted by parent

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