Taylor Elementary School

Cedar Rapids, IA  52404
Grade PK-5
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Elementary

Reviews for Taylor Elementary School

March 16, 2010

I have had at least 2 or more of my kids at Taylor for the past 7 years. I have watched teachers/principal/parents come and go. I have seen great improvements in the facility esthetically-it is nice. The current principal is mmore involved than the last and listens to concerns and most of the time acts on those concerns. Parental involvement is disgraceful-there is limited opprutunity and the PTA is dysfunctional and two officers seem to overpower the rest. The teachers- many are remarkable not only as teachers but as human beings-they care. Other teachers are just learning and starting out-hopefully they improve as time goes by. Security is adequate we have cameras in use at the school and the buzzer permiting entry but with so many services provided at this location, It should be a concern. We need more sports or other activities through the school. Taylor is better than many.Read Full Review

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March 29, 2007

My daughter has been at Taylor for the last two years (step up and kindergarten), both years have been very academically and socially successful. There are options for parent involvement from the PTA to volunteering to family events such as the harvest hop and chili night and more. I believe there are 2 parent teacher conferences per school year as well. I have been very impressed with the before and after school program (TANA kids club) as it is fun, educational, and a safe place for kids.Read Full Review

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May 07, 2006

Parent involvement is quite low & something needs to be done to increase it because the kids suffer because a lot of parents just don't seem to care. There are no extracurricular activities available at Taylor & that is unfortunate. I am mostly concerned about the safety of the children & the school. Yes there are notes posted on the doors for visitors to check into the office, but no one really watches the door & I have yet to see anyone stopped that comes into the building that does not check into the office. Therefore, anyone could walk in & go anywhere & that is a huge concern!Read Full Review

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August 26, 2003

Taylor Elementary is a great school. They do need more parent involvement, though. This school does not have before or after school care. Read Full Review

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