Metro High School

Cedar Rapids, IA  52401
Grade 9-12
T/S Ratio -
Type public
SubType Alternative

Reviews for Metro High School

August 01, 2013

I am a student at metro high school and it is the best school I've ever went to. Everyone knows each other and the teachers actually care about u in school and out in the community. I love going here and they help students find a job and fill out applications for college. They help students with any thing they can. Read Full Review

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January 25, 2010

I went to Metro and my two children currently attend and I love it!Read Full Review

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September 24, 2007

Metro is an outstanding school with the highest quality staff. I am proud to be the parent of a Metro student. Metro offers opportunities for students who are struggling with school, opportunities not offered at other high schools. The teachers are wonderful and so caring. Metro is a safe school, the staff will not allow situations to get out of hand. Read Full Review

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March 17, 2007

Metro offers a unique opportunity for those that for one reason or another do not find the usual high school setting a good fit for them. The level of individualization the staff provides is incredible. The staff spends whatever time is needed and goes to great lenghts to give those students who want to attend school and graduate, every opportunity to do so. They don't give up and make every effort to not allow the student's to give up. The staff are VERY creative, have great knowledge of community resources and have the patience of saints! We have a son graduating from Metro this May and I can not express the gratitude my family has for the entire staff. In regards to the sentiment that Metro is a 'rough' school- My whole family (including a preschooler) have spent countless hours at the school and not once have we felt uncomfortable.Read Full Review

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March 22, 2005

The academic program allows students to get ahead, by educating them about the opertunities of attending college while still in highschool... I didnt recieve this info at an other schools. They provide free onsite childcare, which has helped many who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend school, come each and every day. If you need a ride, they will find some one to come and get you. These teachers really care! Metro students also make a difference in the community, doing lots of volunteer work. Some have negative feelings towards metro, and I think that is only because they are afraid of the school, however once you are educated on how the school works, soon you become a believer in its educational benifits.Read Full Review

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March 15, 2005

Metro has the most outstanding staff and the relationship between students & teachers is amazing. Respect is practiced continuously and is apparent when visiting the school. Students are taught open-mindedness, values, morals and academia in the most accepting way. Diversity is welcomed and no one is ever left to feel different or unaccepted. Discipline is not a problem as the staff is so well trained in working with the students rather than handling with an iron fist. All communities would be fortunate to visit this school and learn from then. There's not enough good to be said for this learning institution. -KathyRead Full Review

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October 27, 2004

I would have to say that Metro is a great school, there is nothing wrong with Metro. in terms of a learning emviornment Metro is the best school the teachers are like friends to the kids, they would never do anything to embarass a child and in the class room if a kid needs help the teacher will come and help and focus on that kids needs. Metro is not a scarry school, there are less fights at Metro then there are at anyother school. in fact i have never seen or herd of a fight at metro. well i cant say much more but I think Metro is a great school and there is nobody that would not like to go to Metro.Read Full Review

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