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Type private
SubType Coed, Religious, Combined Elementary And Secondary

Reviews for Landmark Christian School

August 28, 2013

Having been a parent at bigger, older, perhaps more prestigious prep school before now, I would definitely recommend Landmark to a Christian family with an eye on college for their child. This is the fifth year for our two children and they have been blessed beyond measure academically, spiritually, socially, artistically and leadership-wise. The numbers do not lie. Landmark graduates are more than prepared for success in college and life, and my junior and eighth grader have matured and grown as thinkers. Granted, the school and its leadership is not perfect, but neither was their last school. And while Landmark has clearly been in a leadership transition for the past three years at the top, God is still in control and the missions and vision remain steadfastly the same thanks to the second tier of leaders. We've found that Landmark enjoys caring, knowledgeable principals, great teachers, a sound curriculum, good families, is financially strong, has a safe, well-groomed campus; and the people continue to give all the glory to God.Read Full Review

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July 01, 2013

I can't say that I would recommend Landmark to other parents seeking a positive, Christian education for their kids. The leadership just isn't there. With other private options in the area, I'd suggest shopping around.Read Full Review

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June 13, 2013

Landmark Christian School has struggled as of late. Leadership really has been nonexistent for a while and the school's board needs serious work. Yet, I hope the school will get better under new leadership. I love Landmark and am glad my kids have the opportunity to go to school there. Read Full Review

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June 03, 2013

I just want to say I've had mt children at this school the last 6 years. Please do not take the last 4 previous post as the end all be all. I strongly belivevthey were written by one disgruntled parent and spread out over a couple weeks. Interestingly enough the person never says they've definitively pulled their children out. Have we had a challenging year? Yes. Are there improvements to be made? Yes. Is Landmark Christian a poor investment in time and money. ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you really want to know what Landmarks about, what type of education and Christian mentoring is being provided I strongly urge you to come visit. Any day, any time. Ask for a tour. Please don't let the negative statements of ONE person keep you from experiencing what education combined with love wrapped in Christian values and support looks like. Go War Eagles!!!Read Full Review

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April 28, 2013

Having been a parent with children who have attended Landmark Christian School since kindergarten, it pains me to say that I would not recommend the school to any fellow parent seeking a strong, Christian education for their children. While I used to be extremely satisfied, the past few years have been awful. The upper school lacks competent leadership. Moreover, the school board is completely unaccountable. With children currently enrolled as students in fourth, eighth, and tenth grades, it will certainly be difficult transferring them elsewhere. However, I simply cannot continue to invest tens of thousands of dollars annually into an unsatisfactory education and dangerous environment.Read Full Review

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April 17, 2013

Our wonderful school is go through some huge growing pains. To say leadership in our high school is lacking is a huge understatement. We need transparency and change. I believe God lets us go through tough times so we can grow. We need to grow from this experience. People with concerns need to more than just heard. We have a serious problem when those on a christian school board feel like their leadership should never be questioned and they have no term limits! If someone does leave, it is up to the board and their discretion who replaces that person. Really! This is an unhealthy cycle for any organization. We need to become more transparent and we need truth not lies. If the board and the high school administration are doing as they should, we should be an open book. I am praying for truth and for change. I want to say on a personal note that my children have had some incredible teachers and I am extremely thankful for the ways they have poured into my children both academically and spiritually. Read Full Review

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January 08, 2012

Landmark Christian School grounded my children in a keen understanding of their faith and a Christian world view, while at the same time preparing them to compete in a secular world. Both my children were accepted by top 20 university/schools and faired well when compared to other students. Additionally, Landmark continues to add inspiring faculty who invest in children academically, spiritually and emotionally without creating an "elitist" environment on campus or in the minds of the students. A refreshing environment for our children, delivering on both the academic and spiritual value propositions. They currently have very strong principals over each of three schools and strong administrative team. Read Full Review

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November 10, 2011

Why is it that all the bad post are on the back page? I feel for the graduates entering into college. They will not be prepared. Landmark you really need to update your courses.Read Full Review

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October 29, 2011

We moved from a fancy private school in suburban Philadelphia (tuition was 23K, 600 acres and a 70 million in endowment) to Atlanta just so our kids could attend Landmark. it is one of the best decisions we have made. Landmark lives out its motto, "Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ." The academic program is rigorous but yet supportive. The teachers really care and they are very dedicated. The school encourages parent involvement.We have experienced the Lower School, Middle School and the High School and all three are excellent. Landmark usually has a graduating class of 50-65 students, but these students earn 5-7 milion dollars in scholarships every year. Lydia Glaze does a great job finding money. Landmark really excels at sports for a high school with only 220 students. The drama department and the choral music department have excellent leaders. LCS needs to have the diversity that is in the student body reflected in the teaching staff and the administration; they also need to give out more financial aid. Overall, it is caring, warm and friendly school that is not snobby. Your child will get a great education but they will become a great person!!!Read Full Review

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September 22, 2011

Landmark is an academically challenging school where you can excel if you only put in the work. I graduated from LCS and I feel privileged to call it my Alma mater. Thanks to LCS my college education was paid for by scholarships! Read Full Review

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February 10, 2010

This is the best school that I have ever experienced for myself or for my childRead Full Review

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November 14, 2009

Great School overall. Our oldest graduated last year after twelve years at LCS and she received a Presidential scholarship at a great university. Our youngest is in his 12th year and is a Sophomore (started k-4). I read a comment about turnover in leadership and was somewhat puzzled. Other than a principal leaving to take a job in Alabama, I don't think there has been a turnover in key leadership positions for at least seven years. As far as acedimics, for those that are able, LCS offers remendous opportunities with advanced courses while, at the same time, serving the needs of those students who might be unable to meet the requirements of the more advanced courses. Upon entering college, my daughter was placed in Junior level classes in certain subjects--thanks LCS. Nowhere is perfect, but this is a great school with a great administration.Read Full Review

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May 29, 2008

This school is the best school i have ever gone to, and i hate that i have to leave it next year.Read Full Review

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January 31, 2007

This is my daughter's seventh year at Landmark. I cannot say enough positive things about the staff, athletics, academics and school as a whole. Enroll your child at Landmark and see for yourself. You will only be happy with your decision!Read Full Review

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August 22, 2006

This school is not what i hoped it would be. I am a former student and have been going to Landmark for 9 years. The Principal was very nice to all the students but was not strict enough. Some of the teachers cannot teach their classes very well. The extra curricular activities in Landmark are some of the best in fact they had us running miles in first grade. Fun Fun Fun. Read Full Review

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May 25, 2006

My 3 children have attended Landmark Christian School for the past 10 years. Landmark is better than ever and has amazingly strong athletics and fine arts, in addition to their college prep curriculum. My son is attending college now on a 4-year $100K scholarship, thanks to Landmark. The current administrators are strong Christian leaders with great vision.Read Full Review

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September 07, 2005

I had heard great things about the school for years mainly related to athletics. Once out child was enrolled, I began to see some of the darker issues. They have constant turnover in their administration. I feel that this is unstable for the enritre learning environment. I also have some concerns about the quality of education. I removed my child after two years and placed them in another private school inthe area. We have been much happier there.Read Full Review

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August 21, 2005

I could not want a better place for my child to go to school. She not only has the pleasure of learning about God, but she will be getting the best education there is to get.Read Full Review

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