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Type private
SubType Home School Program, Core Knowledge, Coed, Religious, Nonprofit, Combined Elementary And Secondary

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February 19, 2014

ACA is a blessing. My daughter was bullied so badly in the public school that we had to pull her out. ACA welcomed her and made her feel safe and special. I believe that my children get a solid education in a loving, Christian environment. Read Full Review

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August 29, 2013

This is NOT a non-denominational school. Not only is this school anti-Catholic (claiming the Pope is the antichrist in their 11th grade World History textbook) but it teaches against many religions. For example, their textbooks state that the Seventh Day Adventist religion is a cult. Many parents have complained about this over the years, but the administrator and their board of education refuses to replace the textbooks. This blatantly teaches children to pass judgment on others that they don t think are true Christians. Unfortunately, they also have low ACT and ITED scores. Ask what their average test scores have been over the last four years. There are other Christian schools in the area that teach their students to follow Christ in a loving nonjudgmental way and provide a good education. Keep looking.Read Full Review

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August 10, 2012

Do not enroll your children in Ankeny Christian Academy if you are Catholic. Even though they advertise they are non-denominational.The textbooks they teach from are anti-catholic. Check them out. Read Full Review

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March 13, 2012

My son will be graduating this year, and although he hasn't been the easiest student to work with, the secondary principal Mr.Olson never stopped believing in him! I have observed close and from afar, and I do believe they have great teachers and staff! I could always feel the Christ-like atmosphere in each and every teacher, keeping in mind that they are all very human as well! Very academic and professional as a Christian school!! Truly preparing them for the "real world', going forward as christian men & women!!!Read Full Review

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January 13, 2012

I have my children at ACA. The faculty and staff are absolutely wonderful. I appreciate the fact that they teach children through a biblical world view. As far as academics my children are great readers and that is in thanks to ACA. The Administrator truly cares for the children and loves to see the students grew in their academic knowledge as well as their biblical knowledge. I also appreciate that the Board of Education is open for feedback and is very approachable. Read Full Review

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December 20, 2011

Ankeny Christian has lost alot of good teachers and personally the curriculum is watered down just to please certain people and keep appearances of good grades! Preferential treatment to certain families and students to who they feel are up to their Christian standards. When the going gets tough, they drop the ball for certain people and over extend for others. Funny they say they are non denominational but there is definitely preferential treatment for people of the chosen faith by some of the staff! We have since left ACA and have been 120% happier in our public school with all the extra programs they have for Talented and Gifted that ACA does not offer and also the understanding of great teachers that don't judge and punish for not being one of those generic in the box type of students but are bright and smart and learn in ways they are not capable of understanding from the high shelf they sit on! Sincerely, A NOW satisfied parent!Read Full Review

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December 15, 2010

Ankeny Christian Academy has excellent teachers that truly love the Lord and love to teach. The leadership is praying and seeking God's will for the Christian school ministry. It is a college-prep and challenging academic program. Read Full Review

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April 16, 2009

I am so grateful for this fantastic Christian school! My children are excelling both academically and spiritually, thanks largely to the very caring teachers and their high level performance in the classroom. The school is a true community where our children made great friends and we become connected to other families as well. I highly recommend families seriously consider sending their children to this amazing school. The education and quality of life is invaluable.Read Full Review

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February 24, 2008

We are very impressed with ACA. We just finished our second teachers conference. I have to say our kindergartener is coming along wonderfully. Now he reads to us before bed and we just have to keep up with picking books out from the library. The teachers are all state certified this year and curriculum is second to none. This is a growing school with many capital improvments and sports program additions over the past few years. They remain true to small class size and Christ-centered teachings. I like the way the curriculum integrates the bible into reading and memory verses. This helps develop core skills of memorization and reenforces our beliefs. Socially he gets along great and enjoys going to as many school events as we can where he can see his friends. He even looks forward to wearing his 'collar' shirt for Chapel.Read Full Review

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January 20, 2006

Ankeny Christian Academy is a PK-12th grade school with over 250 students. It has been an wonderful school for both our son and daughter. Our son has already graduated from ACA and our daughter who has been at ACA since she was in Kindergarten will graduate soon. The Christian curriculum is excellent. In elementary she was taught to read with intensive phonics and she has always been an excellent speller. She was also taught the truth in history and science. At the secondary level the teachers did a great job of preparing her for college as she has strong skills in English, computer, math and science. The small class sizes also helped to give her the extra time with the teachers when she needed it. The teachers were excellent Godly examples and also instilled in her the Biblical principals to be successful in life. www.ankenychristianacademy.orgRead Full Review

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September 09, 2003

I have two children at A.C.A. and have been very happy with the results after their first year, and moderately happy with their second year. I have a sixth and third grader this year. The best measuring stick for us is the I.T.B.S. (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) In fourth grade my child's score went from a composite of 21% in public school the previous year, to a 61% his first year at A.C.A. Many other good things to say, but will just leave it with a comment on the parents of A.C.A. Very giving and kind, and committed to the excellence of our school.Read Full Review

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