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Ames, IA  50010
Grade 9-12
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Type public
SubType Coed, High

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July 01, 2014

Didn't realize how great of an education I had received from Ames High until I got to college. AHS really prepared me to succeed at the next level. Also, many great opportunities with academic clubs, sports, arts, music and other misc. clubs. Thrilled with my experience at AHS.Read Full Review

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April 25, 2013

This school can be very comparable to a prison. I attended Ames High School 2008-2012. I LOVED my freshman and sophomore year in high school. Everything was fun the dances, sporting events, school activities, classes, friends, teachers, everything was perfect. Junior and Senior year was just a big disappointment. I really just dragged those years in boredom and confusion in what and why am i at this high school. Somehow the school managed to change the system. it might be because they hired a new principal, new rules, new everything. I don't understand, everything was great about the high school. Why change it? i feel bad for all the students who didn't attend Ames High School before the Fall of 2011. They will never experience fully what high school is all about. It's all about fun, creating new opportunities, an experience in your life, and as well as learning and preparing for your future. My days in high school are long gone now, but i will always remember my experience here. Former Student of Ames High Always a Little CycloneRead Full Review

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July 21, 2012

We have three children who have graduated from AHS and for the most part we have been happy with their education. All three of our children have different interests and all three were able to find something to get involved in at the school. The school does a pretty good job with challenging the brighter students but the regular classes for the average students set the bar too low. There are some really good teachers at the school but there are also teachers who are uninspriring and even lazy. A big complaint for us is that the students did not get to keep their test papers. One reason was that the teachers were afraid future students would have access to these and cheat. A lazy teacher re-uses the same tests year to year. The good teachers know how to tweak a test so that it wouldn't matter. Read Full Review

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February 15, 2012

Yes, this school has students that smoke, students that drink, that do drugs, skip class, and students that just don't care, but every school has these things I guarantee that. The faculty however has been taking steps to change this and to make AHS the best it can be both athletics and in the classroom. Because we live in a college town (ISU) I believe that most of the families see the importance of education and raise their children as such. That's why being an average student here is so difficult what with a 3.2 GPA average, i think that's right. The students at AHS that are great are the students that aspire to succeed. They take it upon themselves to push themselves in the classroom or on the field, creatively and artistically, with the help of dedicated teachers with different styles of teaching all to help with the student's learning process. As a student of AHS I see students that have that drive on top of the class, involved with clubs, sports, friends, keeping their days jammed packed because they love it.Read Full Review

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September 24, 2011

Everyone thinks that this is a great school, but as a student I think that it's not as good as everyone thinks. There are a lot of people skipping class, failing and not caring, smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc. The school doesn't address any of these things. We've never had anti-drug weeks or assemblies or anything. Read Full Review

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October 03, 2009

We've got some of the most creative, talented students in the country. As an alumnus, I want to see this creativity be used for it's greatest potential. Read Full Review

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June 26, 2008

This school has lots of programs for excelling students. It gets to be student driven once shown that they can learn at this level, and I find that very rewarding.Read Full Review

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April 03, 2008

Ames High prepared me for college. It boasts a very intelligent, capable staff, high test scores, lots of extracurricular activities, and challenging classes. I had a good experience going to Ames High School.Read Full Review

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