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November 04, 2014

The HS music program has been declining over the past 6-8 years. The sound they produce is not music. The teacher is unable to provide individual lessons that encouraged or educated. Outside resources had to found for advancement in music. Advanced education opportunities are not available. Only 1-2 teachers have the education required to teach AP course work. Incentives have been put in place for teachers to reach this level of education, few have attempted. Outside resources are needed to advance your education. Bullying, yes it is alive and doing well. Conversations with teachers, the Principle and the Superintendent left the issues unresolved and increased degrees of hatred shared in the halls of North Polk. The school taught my children to deal with it or leave. I shared my concerns with other parents and they described bullying stories, but then requested that I not mention their names as they fear retaliation. Yes, I congratulate those who made it through without being bullied. I wish more children could be a part of that 1% bully free.Read Full Review

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September 27, 2014

As a (excelling) student, though North Polk is a happy and safe environment, it is more geared for sports than anything else. ELP (extended learning program) is not very good at all, the only teacher only working half days, and our computers years old and barely alive. With the new high school and all, I was really hoping we'd get a better program, but that had not been the case... I do not feel the advanced learners can explore and grow as much as they could. I really hope North Polk steps up their game, and maybe we could actually start to rival other schools... We certainly have the students to do it... Just not the tech and funding.Read Full Review

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August 25, 2014

I have been going to north polk since kindergarten and I think it is a really great school... Teachers use their own time to help you understand the lesson, and it's not just sports that north polk focuses on. We also have some really talented music teachers, and the students really are focused, and educated all because of the amazing staff. Not to mention the fact that for the many years I've attended northpolk I was never picked on in any way shape or form. Northpolk really is an amazing school! Read Full Review

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August 18, 2014

I'd also rate this school as a 0 out of 5 stars if I could. They don't try to do anything that could possibly be user friendly for a parent. There is so much technology and they are SO far behind. Most of the teachers seem to be horribly unorganized. I'm assuming it is because of the poor teacher to student ratio. If your child ever gets picked on, instead of doing what a teacher or adult should do, they tell your child to be a problem solver and deal with it themselves! Can't say enough bad things. Completely agree with the bond money issue and the fact that they only seem to care about sports.Read Full Review

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October 29, 2013

The North Polk School system is more devoted to sports than class sizes. All bond capacity is used up until at least 2018 and the leadership has no plan for the future growth especially at the lower class levels. 26 kids per class in 1st grade in Polk City,a city which is growing rapidly. The board members either have no kids in the district or older kids and do not seem to care about the youngest classes. They spent every dollar of bonding capacity on a new high school with a good chunk going to athletic uses while classroom sizes go up and classroom space is used up. I hope they sleep well at night. Read Full Review

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September 20, 2012

North Polk Community school district has great teachers who dedicate their time to see their students reach their full potential. Being a student of 4-years, I honestly can not say I would have rather attended any other school. The students, sports-oriented or musically-inclined, all intermingle to create a strong student body. I do not recall of any situation where administrators asked a student to leave because they were afraid of the test scores. Everyone is welcome here. It is and will remain an excellent school. Read Full Review

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July 21, 2012

If I could give them 0 stars I would. This school is HIGHLY sports-oriented and seems to forget that students are not all jocks. Children who are not jocks are bullied and nothing is done about it by administrators. If a child is in special education, anything and everything is done to get them out of the district so it doesn't bring down test scores. Read Full Review

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