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Perinton, NY Off-Market & Sold Homes

This is a list of recently off-market Perinton property. Each of these house links will take you to a page showing similar homes that are currently active on the market in the same zip code. Busqueda de propiedades en venta en Perinton, New York.

Perinton Off-Market Listings

15 Cathedral Oaks, Perinton, NY66
5 Windchase Rise, Perinton, NY54.5
r3-c Ryan Rd, Perinton, NY45
21 Harrington Dr, Perinton, NY54
19 Peachtree Ln, Perinton, NY44
255 Fishers Rd, Perinton, NY64.5
2 Brantley Way, Perinton, NY45
r3-b Ryan Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
r3- a Ryan Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
290 Thayer Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
27 Mccoord Woods Dr, Perinton, NY43.5
3 Camellia Rise, Perinton, NY42.5
8 Summerfield Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
3 Valais Ct, Perinton, NY42.5
33 Park Forest Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
3 Risewood Ln, Perinton, NY52.5
45 Mc Coord Woods Dr, Perinton, NY54
175 W Church St, Perinton, NY42.5
187 Wakeman Rd, Perinton, NY43.5
27 Wenham Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
13 Park Forest Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
8 Smethwick Ct, Perinton, NY32.5
16 Great Oak Ln, Perinton, NY44
9 Lanaray Park, Perinton, NY53.5
79 W Ave, Perinton, NY22
20 Fairpoint Dr, Perinton, NY54
6 Ceramar Dr, Perinton, NY53.5
23 Smethwick Ct, Perinton, NY43
49 Vineyard Hl, Perinton, NY42.5
6 Golden Bell Ct, Perinton, NY32.5
26 Foxboro Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
73 Valley Brook Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
31 Chablis Dr, Perinton, NY43.5
7 Brigden Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
15 Misty Meadow Way, Perinton, NY42.5
19 Princeton Ln, Perinton, NY52.5
1 Anglewood Ct, Perinton, NY56
25 Nobleman Ct, Perinton, NY32.5
36 Melbourne Grn, Perinton, NY52.5
31 Green Valley Rd, Perinton, NY32.5
16 Inverness Cir, Perinton, NY52.5
14 Birling Gap, Perinton, NY44
55 Brantley Way, Perinton, NY32
93 Garden Dr, Perinton, NY33.5
30 Spruce Rdg, Perinton, NY33
1 Olde Prestwick Way, Perinton, NY43
5 Red Oak Ln, Perinton, NY44
9 Creekside Rd, Perinton, NY53.5
55 Mc Coord Woods Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
36 Brantley Way, Perinton, NY33
7 Kaitlin Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
20 Brimfield Cir, Perinton, NY53.5
2429 Turk Hill Rd, Perinton, NY53.5
38 Cambric Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
28 Crosswinds Cir, Perinton, NY32.5
19 Rosewalk Ln, Perinton, NY32.5
85 Valewood Run, Perinton, NY42.5
23 Simsbury Ln, Perinton, NY43.5
81 W Church St, Perinton, NY33
21 Stanford Way, Perinton, NY43.5
239 Watson Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
239 Watson Rd-relisting - Do Not Call, Perinton, NY42.5
2 Stanford Way, Perinton, NY42.5
6 Plum Blossom Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
20 Wenham Ln, Perinton, NY32.5
14 Piping Rock Run, Perinton, NY42.5
10 Foxboro Ln, Perinton, NY42
23 Simsbury, Perinton, NY43.5
28 Norbrook Rd, Perinton, NY65
39 Kirkby TRL, Perinton, NY42.5
10 Broken Hill Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
7 Cambric Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
10 Broken Hl, Perinton, NY42.5
64 Princeton Ln, Perinton, NY43.5
12 Mildenhall Rdg, Perinton, NY32
153 Eaglesfield Way, Perinton, NY42.5
15 Tea Olive Ln, Perinton, NY32
36 Granite Dr, Perinton, NY22
3 Wenlock Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
17 Cedarwood Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
4 Ironwood Dr, Perinton, NY44
26 Granite Dr, Perinton, NY22
132 Bent Oak TRL, Perinton, NY42.5
6 Finnian Gln, Perinton, NY42.5
62 Falling Brook Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
4 Chelsea Way, Perinton, NY42.5
2 Fairvale Dr, Perinton, NY22.5
7 Ann Lynn Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
27 Misty Pine Rd, Perinton, NY43.5
95 Broadmoor TRL, Perinton, NY42.5
17 Whittlers Rdg, Perinton, NY42.5
19 Cambric Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
15 Vanderberg Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
66 Chardonnay Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
24 Winding Brook Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
14 Simsbury Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
17 Inverness Cir, Perinton, NY52.5
26 Manor Hill Dr, Perinton, NY52.5
56 Old Post Rd, Perinton, NY33.5
22 Hanford Way, Perinton, NY42.5
326 Garnsey Rd, Perinton, NY43.5
53 Braeloch Xing, Perinton, NY32
30 Nettlecreek Rd, Perinton, NY43
15 Gateway Rd, Perinton, NY43.5
67 Nettlecreek Rd, Perinton, NY52.5
6 Schoolmaster Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
66 Selborne Chase, Perinton, NY42.5
8 Canon Rdg, Perinton, NY52.5
50 Princeton Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
24 Kings Lacey Way, Perinton, NY42.5
55 Country Downs Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
14 Woodbury Way, Perinton, NY22
28 Old Country Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
8 Spyglass Hl, Perinton, NY42.5
7 Lake Crescent Dr, Perinton, NY32
4 Old Winding Ln, Perinton, NY32.5
46 Wincanton Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
64 Misty Pine Rd, Perinton, NY32.5
28 Columbia Ct, Perinton, NY22
18 Dona Lea, Perinton, NY32.5
42 Bittersweet Rd, Perinton, NY53.5
6 Briggsboro Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
10 Woodbury Way, Perinton, NY33.5
44 Red Barn Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
17 County Clare Cres, Perinton, NY42.5
45 Aldwick Rise, Perinton, NY42.5
27 Chipping Rdg, Perinton, NY42.5
13 Olde Orchard Ln, Perinton, NY32
8 Shelter Creek Ln, Perinton, NY32.5
131 Eaglesfield Way, Perinton, NY32.5
2 Harvest Rd, Perinton, NY31.5
1677 Turk Hill Rd, Perinton, NY53
15 Grimsby Gate, Perinton, NY42.5
14 Farmview Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
82 Sunset TRL, Perinton, NY42.5
83 Clarkes Xing, Perinton, NY42.5
8 Broken Hill Rd, Perinton, NY52.5
28 Black Mallard Cir, Perinton, NY32.5
1116 Whitney Rd E, Perinton, NY41.5
39 Brookside Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
3 Colonial Cir, Perinton, NY22.5
92 E Church St, Perinton, NY42.5
11 Crow Hill Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
7 Dell Rd, Perinton, NY32
33 Keswick Way, Perinton, NY42.5
51 Lookout View Rd, Perinton, NY32.5
14 Chipping Rdg, Perinton, NY42.5
30 Larchwood Dr, Perinton, NY32.5
36 Meadow Gln, Perinton, NY42.5
14 Enwright Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
6300 Pittsford Palmyra Rd, Perinton, NY22
34 Sunset TRL, Perinton, NY42.5
27 Bittersweet Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
12 Park Circle Dr, Perinton, NY52.5
2698 Baird Rd, Perinton, NY42
9 Morning View Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
36 Woodcrest Cir, Perinton, NY43.5
18 High Point TRL, Perinton, NY32.5
4 Walnut Run, Perinton, NY42.5
134 Eaglesfield Way, Perinton, NY32.5
26 Westwood Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
3 Dovetail Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
60 Clarkes Xing, Perinton, NY43
7 Watson Hill Ln, Perinton, NY22
20 Sandle Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
64 Williamsburg Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
46 Delemere BLVD, Perinton, NY42.5
16 Red Post Cres, Perinton, NY41.5
23 Golf Stream Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
89 Blackwatch TRL, Perinton, NY42.5
24 Chesham Way, Perinton, NY42.5
8 Whitney Farms Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
1 Galley Hill Ln, Perinton, NY42.5
29 Bittersweet Rd, Perinton, NY42.5
34 Wincanton Dr, Perinton, NY41.5
290 Kreag Rd, Perinton, NY62
316 Jefferson Ave, Perinton, NY33
46 Larchwood Dr, Perinton, NY62.5
154 Bent Oak TRL, Perinton, NY32.5
99 Wheatstone Cir, Perinton, NY31.5
45 Aconbury Dr, Perinton, NY41.5
3 Galley Hill Ln, Perinton, NY33
61 Mill Rd, Perinton, NY31.5
55 Great Wood Cir, Perinton, NY34
30 Dahlia Dr, Perinton, NY41.5
33 Freshfield Rise, Perinton, NY42.5
38 Meadow Gln, Perinton, NY31.5
41 Wheatstone Cir, Perinton, NY42.5
27 Crescent Rd, Perinton, NY31.5
67 Great Wood Cir, Perinton, NY34
20 Highview TRL, Perinton, NY32
24 Dearfield Ct, Perinton, NY22.5
43 Aconbury Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
65 Brentwood Ln, Perinton, NY32
10 Duncott W, Perinton, NY41.5
14 Sandy Hill Dr, Perinton, NY51.5
15 Lockwood Dr, Perinton, NY23.5
72 Hunters Run, Perinton, NY31
112 Brentwood Ln, Perinton, NY31.5
16 Clinton Pl, Perinton, NY52
46 Aconbury Dr, Perinton, NY42.5
35 Filkins St, Perinton, NY31.5
2 Southcross TRL, Perinton, NY42.5
24 Beacon Hl, Perinton, NY32.5
46 Red Post Cres, Perinton, NY32
443 Fellows Rd, Perinton, NY31.5
3 Springwood Ln, Perinton, NY41.5
7 Red Post Cres, Perinton, NY41.5
12 Brooktree Dr, Perinton, NY42
9 Wincanton Dr, Perinton, NY42
449 Moseley Rd, Perinton, NY32.5
27 Southcross TRL, Perinton, NY31.5
108 Summit St, Perinton, NY32.5
14 Lake Crescent Dr, Perinton, NY32
14 High Point TRL, Perinton, NY32
48 Selborne Chase, Perinton, NY31.5
38 Little Brook Dr, Perinton, NY43
1 Dunbridge Hts, Perinton, NY32.5
34 Georgetown Ln, Perinton, NY22
27 Edendery Cir, Perinton, NY22
84 Eaglesfield Way, Perinton, NY21.5
2690 Baird Rd, Perinton, NY52.5
38 Crescent Rd, Perinton, NY32
65 Summit St, Perinton, NY31.5
16 Maridana Dr, Perinton, NY32
27 Aconbury Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
23 Nouveau Pl, Perinton, NY21.5
17 Clinton Pl, Perinton, NY31.5
282 Kreag Rd, Perinton, NY31
10 Galusha St, Perinton, NY31.5
20 Filkins St, Perinton, NY41.5
1161 Turk Hill Rd, Perinton, NY41.5
133 Squirrels Heath Rd, Perinton, NY41.5
21 Hillcrest Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
11 Birch Ln, Perinton, NY32
2 Highview TRL, Perinton, NY31.5
32 Sunset TRL, Perinton, NY31.5
10 Timway Ct, Perinton, NY31.5
42 Raymond Rd, Perinton, NY32.5
401 High Street Ext, Perinton, NY21
6482 Pittsford Palmyra Rd, Perinton, NY42
11 Walpole Ct, Perinton, NY22.5
256 Macedon Center Rd, Perinton, NY21.5
12 Birch Ln, Perinton, NY32
261 Ayrault Rd, Perinton, NY32
265 Mason Rd, Perinton, NY31
31 Homestead Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
110 Summit St, Perinton, NY32.5
29 George St, Perinton, NY31.5
48 Edendery Cir, Perinton, NY21.5
635 Watson Rd, Perinton, NY32
164 Hulburt Rd, Perinton, NY31.5
1111 Moseley, Perinton, NY41.5
5 Valley Brook Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
58 Roselawn Ave, Perinton, NY42.5
20 Peppermill Dr, Perinton, NY31.5
30 Hunters Run, Perinton, NY31
180 Whitney Rd, Perinton, NY52
746 Turk Hill Rd, Perinton, NY32.5
10 Benedict Rd, Perinton, NY31
778 Macedon Center Rd, Perinton, NY42
486 Moseley Rd, Perinton, NY31.5
764 Whitney Rd W, Perinton, NY32
25 Brooktree Dr, Perinton, NY41.5
50 Eaglesfield Way, Perinton, NY22.5
25 S Ave, Perinton, NY31.5
282 Whitney Rd, Perinton, NY32
1328 Marsh Rd, Perinton, NY31.5
6284 Pittsford-palmyra Rd, Perinton, NY41.5
216 Ridgeview Dr, Perinton, NY21
147 Roselawn Cres, Perinton, NY41.5
7795 Pittsford Palmyra Rd, Perinton, NY32
1092 Turk Hill Rd, Perinton, NY31
108 Kreag Rd, Perinton, NY31
105 Harvest Rd, Perinton, NY22.5
27 Treetop Dr, Perinton, NY32.5
304 High Street Ext, Perinton, NY21
132 Benedict Rd, Perinton, NY31
16 Suffolk St, Perinton, NY21.5
713 Moseley Rd, Perinton, NY31
7 Barratt Pl, Perinton, NY21
1847 Turk Hill Rd, Perinton, NY32
12 Chesterton Ct, Perinton, NY31.5
53 Crescent Rd, Perinton, NY42
18 Brimsdown Cir, Perinton, NY32.5
40 Hulburt Ave, Perinton, NY41.5
12 Broxbourne Dr, Perinton, NY22
33 Beaufort Pl, Perinton, NY21
4 Barratt Pl, Perinton, NY32
403 Moseley Rd, Perinton, NY42
6 Hanningfield Cir, Perinton, NY31.5
6 Beardsley St, Perinton, NY31
19 Spring Hl, Perinton, NY21.5
33 Tilegate Gln, Perinton, NY32.5
146 High St, Perinton, NY31
22 Maybrook Ln, Perinton, NY22.5
50 Tilegate Gln, Perinton, NY23
54 Broxbourne Dr, Perinton, NY21.5
44 Broxbourne Dr, Perinton, NY21.5
55 Broxbourne Dr, Perinton, NY21.5
57 Georgetown Ln, Perinton, NY32.5
14 Broxbourne Dr, Perinton, NY21.5
37 Tilegate Gln, Perinton, NY32.5
2 Foxcroft TRL, Perinton, NY21
26 Bucklebury Hl, Perinton, NY31.5
12 Garrison Dr, Perinton, NY23
18-6 Great Wood Ct, Perinton, NY21.5
16-4 High Gate TRL, Perinton, NY21.5
14 Arrowhead Way S, Perinton, NY21
6 Acorn Ln, Perinton, NY21
7 Swan TRL, Perinton, NY21
9 Heron Way S, Perinton, NY21
9-7 High Gate TRL, Perinton, NY22
23 Falcon Ln W, Perinton, NY21
9-1 High Gate TRL #9-1, Perinton, NY21.5
17-8 High Gate TRL, Perinton, NY22
16 Beech Holw, Perinton, NY21
9 Canterbury Ct, Perinton, NY21.5
47 Acorn Ln, Perinton, NY21
32 Foxcroft TRL, Perinton, NY21

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