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Onondaga, NY Off-Market & Sold Homes

This is a list of recently off-market Onondaga property. Each of these house links will take you to a page showing similar homes that are currently active on the market in the same zip code. Busqueda de propiedades en venta en Onondaga, New York.

Onondaga Off-Market Listings

5027 Brittany Ln, Onondaga, NY54
4605 Bloomsbury Dr, Onondaga, NY55
4595 Bloomsbury Dr, Onondaga, NY43.5
4610 Ashfield TER, Onondaga, NY43.5
4900 Cornish Heights Pkwy, Onondaga, NY53.5
4810 Cornish Heights Pkwy, Onondaga, NY42.5
4907 Cornish Heights Pkwy, Onondaga, NY32.5
4481 Southwood Heights Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
4743 Rushmore Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
4927 Horizon TER, Onondaga, NY32
4732 Starlite Ln, Onondaga, NY53.5
4925 Macgregor Ln, Onondaga, NY42.5
4764 Fawn Hl, Onondaga, NY53.5
4654 Starlite Ln, Onondaga, NY42.5
4787 Gretchen Cir, Onondaga, NY32
3279 W Seneca Tpke, Onondaga, NY42.5
4933 Bulrush Rd, Onondaga, NY42.5
4680 Setting Sun TER, Onondaga, NY44
5020 Phaeton Ln, Onondaga, NY43
5832 Invincible Dr, Onondaga, NY44
4824 Mcdonald Rd, Onondaga, NY32.5
4436 Kasson Rd, Onondaga, NY43
3812 Griffin Rd, Onondaga, NY42
4922 Macgregor Ln, Onondaga, NY42.5
3652 SE Townline Rd, Onondaga, NY33
5172 Velasko Rd, Onondaga, NY52
4589 Odell Pl, Onondaga, NY42.5
4291 Crested Butte Run, Onondaga, NY32.5
4909 Buxton Dr, Onondaga, NY33.5
4930 Breckenridge Run, Onondaga, NY32.5
4911 Fara Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
4946 Manor Hill Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
4434 Tabitha Crk, Onondaga, NY42.5
lot 1 Boca Raton, Onondaga, NY22
5792 Bull Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY32.5
5004 October Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
5312 Bunker Hill Way, Onondaga, NY22.5
3626 Howlett Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
5116 Skyline Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
4389 Cindy Ln, Onondaga, NY41.5
3031 Bellevue Ave, Onondaga, NY32
4864 Copperfield Rd, Onondaga, NY42.5
3838 Bussey Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
5061 Velasko Rd, Onondaga, NY31
5696 Bull Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY31
3616 Kennedy Rd, Onondaga, NY32
2933 Sherman Rd, Onondaga, NY22
5057 Bradbury Dr, Onondaga, NY31.5
4201 Saint John Dr, Onondaga, NY32
4451 Lafayette Rd, Onondaga, NY32.5
5092 S. Onondaga Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
3946 Derby Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
4416 Young Rd, Onondaga, NY32.5
5107 S Onondaga Rd, Onondaga, NY41.5
4190 Old Homestead Rd, Onondaga, NY42.5
4460 Kasson Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
5001 October Dr, Onondaga, NY31.5
5817 Nobleton Cir, Onondaga, NY31.5
4033 Split Rock Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
4246 Onondaga BLVD, Onondaga, NY31.5
3283 Howlett Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY32
4714 S Onondaga Rd, Onondaga, NY42.5
5154 Kasson Rd, Onondaga, NY42
3610 Wildflower Cir, Onondaga, NY32
4377 Young Rd, Onondaga, NY42.5
4992 Long Acre Dr, Onondaga, NY32
4703 Makyes Rd, Onondaga, NY42
4906 Tenterden Dr, Onondaga, NY31
5140 Onondaga Rd, Onondaga, NY32
5133 Kasson Rd, Onondaga, NY42.5
4692 Beef St, Onondaga, NY32
3628 S E Townline Rd, Onondaga, NY22
4215 Cleveland Rd, Onondaga, NY32.5
4825 Limehill Dr, Onondaga, NY42.5
3920 Howlett Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY42
5273 Abbe Dr, Onondaga, NY34
4166 Onondaga BLVD, Onondaga, NY33
5797 E Seneca Tpke, Onondaga, NY31
4560 Wilcox Pl, Onondaga, NY31.5
3366 Howlett Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
3405 Barron Rd, Onondaga, NY31
4747 Cleveland Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
4732 Cleveland Rd, Onondaga, NY31
5114 Onondaga Rd, Onondaga, NY41
5901 Beadle Dr, Onondaga, NY21
3929 Cedarvale Rd, Onondaga, NY32
3578 Howlett Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY31
3878 Hunt Rd, Onondaga, NY21
3971 Howlett Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY32
4662 Cleveland Rd, Onondaga, NY41
1419 Grand Ave, Onondaga, NY31
103 Ormsby Dr, Onondaga, NY31
4290 Graham Rd, Onondaga, NY53
3836 Wright Rd, Onondaga, NY21
4856 Onondaga Rd, Onondaga, NY31
174 Stonefield Rd, Onondaga, NY31.5
4793 Cedarvale Rd, Onondaga, NY21
3451 W Seneca Tpke, Onondaga, NY41
4264 Cleveland Rd, Onondaga, NY31
206 Ruhamah Ave, Onondaga, NY31
4075 Onondaga BLVD, Onondaga, NY41
4753 Boyle Dr, Onondaga, NY21
211 Merrell Rd, Onondaga, NY31
220 Everingham Rd, Onondaga, NY33
5276 Abbe Dr, Onondaga, NY31.5
2979 Buckwheat Rd, Onondaga, NY42
3833 Split Rock Rd, Onondaga, NY31
192 Stonefield Rd, Onondaga, NY31
170 Everingham Rd, Onondaga, NY31
213 Lindbergh Rd, Onondaga, NY31
106 Leonard Ave, Onondaga, NY31
4910 S Ave, Onondaga, NY21
3944 Split Rock Rd, Onondaga, NY41
Onondaga, NY32
118 Worden Ave, Onondaga, NY41.5
4629 Grace Pl, Onondaga, NY21
3974 Griffin Rd, Onondaga, NY42
126 Worden Ave, Onondaga, NY41.5
4265 Howlett Hill Rd, Onondaga, NY21
119 E Conklin Ave, Onondaga, NY31.5
4468 S Onondaga Rd, Onondaga, NY52
4982 Aitchison Rd, Onondaga, NY31
107 Elton Ave, Onondaga, NY21
125 Leonard Ave, Onondaga, NY31.5

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