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Kelso, WA Off-Market & Sold Homes

This is a list of recently off-market Kelso property. Each of these house links will take you to a page showing similar homes that are currently active on the market in the same zip code. Busqueda de propiedades en venta en Kelso, Washington.

Kelso Off-Market Listings

900 Walnut St, Kelso, WA31.75
111 N Vista Way, Kelso, WA51.5
304 Walnut Acres Rd, Kelso, WA43
705 Crawford St, Kelso, WA21
116 Abbey Rd, Kelso, WA31.75
187 Owl Creek Rd, Kelso, WA42.5
2010 Sunrise St, Kelso, WA41.75
126 Red Row Rd, Kelso, WA21.5
110 Roley Ct, Kelso, WA31.75
2906 Harris Street Rd, Kelso, WA31.75
217 Red Row Rd, Kelso, WA31.75
1309 S 9th Ave, Kelso, WA21
508 Hawthorne St, Kelso, WA21.75
206 S 8th Ave, Kelso, WA21
144 Wyatt Dr, Kelso, WA42.25
106 Modesto Dr, Kelso, WA32.25
6409 Rose Valley Rd, Kelso, WA22
202 Cowlitz Dr, Kelso, WA32
68 Nighthatch Dr, Kelso, WA31.75
1520 N 2nd Ave, Kelso, WA31
1007 Mount Pleasant Rd, Kelso, WA32.5
1601 N 2nd Ave, Kelso, WA21
167 Beauvais Rd, Kelso, WA32.75
1604 Lord St, Kelso, WA53
63 Veys Dr, Kelso, WA32
5410 Pleasant Hill Rd, Kelso, WA31.5
512 S 6th Ave, Kelso, WA21
211 Rainbow Way, Kelso, WA31.75
175 N Maple St, Kelso, WA31
2501 Behshel Heights Rd, Kelso, WA32.25
128 Cowlitz Gardens Ln, Kelso, WA31
105 Shadywood Ln, Kelso, WA53
4236 Pleasant Hill Rd, Kelso, WA21.75
1204 Fishpond Rd, Kelso, WA31
122 Leif Dr, Kelso, WA32.5
129 Louise St, Kelso, WA31.75
113 Gatewood Dr, Kelso, WA32
3032 Harris Street Rd, Kelso, WA31.5
301 Elm St, Kelso, WA52
202 Rollingwood Dr, Kelso, WA32.25
103 Saratoga Ln, Kelso, WA32.5
1004 S 4th Ave, Kelso, WA21.75
906 S 11th Ave, Kelso, WA31
1450 Westside Hwy, Kelso, WA31.75
84 Division St, Kelso, WA31
90 Burcham St, Kelso, WA31.75
107 Peninsula Dr, Kelso, WA32.5
705 Lord St, Kelso, WA21.5
1125 N 3rd Ave, Kelso, WA21
704 N 24th Ave, Kelso, WA32.5
208 SW 3rd Ave, Kelso, WA31
1401 Burcham St, Kelso, WA41.5
807 N 18th Ave, Kelso, WA32
306 N 7th Ave, Kelso, WA31
2417 Meadowlark Ln, Kelso, WA21.5
2412 Osprey Ln, Kelso, WA21
50 Lasalle Dr, Kelso, WA42.5
2477 Kingfisher Ln, Kelso, WA22
1108 N 4th Ave, Kelso, WA21
1803 Sunrise St, Kelso, WA42
1003 N 7th Ave, Kelso, WA21.5
2300 Sunrise Ct, Kelso, WA32.75
146 Villa Rd, Kelso, WA31
118 Peninsula Dr, Kelso, WA42.5
903 Lord St, Kelso, WA31.5
1500 N 3rd Ave, Kelso, WA31.5
167 Decatur Dr, Kelso, WA42.5
203 Risley Rd, Kelso, WA31.5
504 Clark St, Kelso, WA31.75
204 SW 4th Ave, Kelso, WA21.75
118 Merced Dr, Kelso, WA32
2404 Bloyd St, Kelso, WA52
232 Shoreview Dr, Kelso, WA42.5
401 Cowlitz Way, Kelso, WA32
129 Lexington Ave, Kelso, WA31
241 Barnes St, Kelso, WA31.75
165 Cowlitz Gardens Ln, Kelso, WA21
104 Sierra Dr, Kelso, WA31.5
1603 Cowlitz Way, Kelso, WA31.75
901 S 4th Ave, Kelso, WA31.5
147 Ruby Pl, Kelso, WA32.5
1114 Pacific Ave S, Kelso, WA21.75
143 Alameda Dr, Kelso, WA32.5
4344 Mt Brynion Rd, Kelso, WA11
711 Willow St, Kelso, WA31
1207 N 2nd Ave, Kelso, WA31
334 Maranatha Rd, Kelso, WA32
2606 Harris Street Rd, Kelso, WA31
305 S 8th Ave, Kelso, WA22
305 8th Ave, Kelso, WA22
425 Mount Pleasant Rd, Kelso, WA52.25
801 Crawford St, Kelso, WA31.5
215 Ostrander Rd, Kelso, WA21
134 Westminster Dr, Kelso, WA32
1425 S 6th Ave, Kelso, WA41.75
1213 N 13th Ave, Kelso, WA31
1209 Sunrise St, Kelso, WA31.75
205 S 9th Ave, Kelso, WA21
89 Hampshire Dr, Kelso, WA32.5
208 Ostrander Ave, Kelso, WA41.75
156 Wyatt Dr, Kelso, WA31.75
1100 Cowlitz Way, Kelso, WA32.25
161 Shoreview Dr, Kelso, WA33
2510 Hillview Dr, Kelso, WA55
323 Cowlitz Dr, Kelso, WA41
1206 Ross Ave, Kelso, WA31
114 Decatur Dr, Kelso, WA42.25
134 S Vista Way, Kelso, WA31.75
1615 Crawford St, Kelso, WA31
126 Villa Rd, Kelso, WA31.75
1107 S 11th Ave, Kelso, WA31
1658 N Pacific Ave, Kelso, WA21
1658 Pacific Ave N, Kelso, WA21
273 Boardwalk Way, Kelso, WA32.25
125 Leif Dr, Kelso, WA32.5
305 Yew St, Kelso, WA31.75
1000 N 7th Ave, Kelso, WA31.5
906 Pacific Ave S, Kelso, WA21.5
153 Ravena Ln, Kelso, WA32
109 Villa Rd, Kelso, WA32.5
136 Argus Ln, Kelso, WA32.5
1002 N 1st Ave, Kelso, WA31
205 Crawford St, Kelso, WA20.75
2431 Kingfisher Ln, Kelso, WA32
106 Radcliffe Rd, Kelso, WA31.75
104 Lowrane Dr, Kelso, WA42
169 Golden Eagle Rd, Kelso, WA33
2112 Westside Hwy, Kelso, WA21.75
1965 Westside Hwy #40, Kelso, WA32
606 N 23rd Ave, Kelso, WA21
2394 Mockingbird Ln, Kelso, WA3N/A
158 Alturas Dr, Kelso, WA31.75
1101 N 24th Ave, Kelso, WA31.5
1944 Alma Dr, Kelso, WA31.75
602 N 5th Ave, Kelso, WA31
706 Burcham St, Kelso, WA41
142 Argus Ln, Kelso, WA33.5
2951 Rose Valley Rd, Kelso, WA21
1004 N 1st Ave, Kelso, WA21
430 Walnut Acres Rd, Kelso, WA32
308 NW 3rd Ave, Kelso, WA21
604 Kool Rd, Kelso, WA52.75
19 Essex Dr, Kelso, WA33.5
1626 Mount Pleasant Rd, Kelso, WA34
431 Topeka Rd, Kelso, WA32
402 Witherbee Rd, Kelso, WA63
3115 Mount Pleasant Rd, Kelso, WA42.5
72 Bluff Rd, Kelso, WA32.5
2717 Tweed Ct, Kelso, WA32.5
129 Cedar Falls Dr, Kelso, WA32.5
1603 Tara Ct, Kelso, WA32.5
2004 Sunrise St, Kelso, WA41.75
2776 Mount Pleasant Rd, Kelso, WA32
304 N 9th Ave, Kelso, WA42
207 Banyon Dr, Kelso, WA32
101 Leif Dr, Kelso, WA42.5
2648 Robert Ct, Kelso, WA32.25
106 Wyatt Dr, Kelso, WA42.5
175 Balboa Loop, Kelso, WA74.75
108 Westminster Dr, Kelso, WA31.75
101 Radcliffe Rd, Kelso, WA42
422 Maranatha Rd, Kelso, WA32
301 Chestnut St, Kelso, WA32
810 Pacific Ave N, Kelso, WA31.75
165 Cowlitz Gdns, Kelso, WA21
305 SW 4th Ave, Kelso, WA31.75
900 S 4th Ave, Kelso, WA41.75
145 Collins Rd, Kelso, WA20.5
848 Fishpond Rd, Kelso, WA31
1003 Pacific Ave N, Kelso, WA31.5
102 N 6th Ave, Kelso, WA21
1003Pacific Ave, Kelso, WA31.5
1511 Ross Ave, Kelso, WA32
1412 S 3rd Ave, Kelso, WA32
301 SW 2nd Ave, Kelso, WA31
3190 Pacific Ave, Kelso, WA32
3190 Pacific Ave N, Kelso, WA32
1110 5th Ave, Kelso, WA21
105 N Maple St, Kelso, WA31
226 Olive St, Kelso, WA31
1515 N 1st Ave, Kelso, WA21
185 Vision Dr, Kelso, WA11
813 N 4th Ave, Kelso, WA31
818 N Kelso Ave, Kelso, WA31
1965 Westside Hwy #41, Kelso, WA22
2428 Nightingale Ln, Kelso, WA21

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