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Immokalee, FL, 34143

Neighborhood Information

Median Price
1,210 Sq.Ft.
Median House Size
Median $/Sq.Ft.
Homes for Sale:17
Recently Sold Homes:4

About Neighbhorhood Information for 34143

Neighborhood information for the ZIP code 34143 is based on data from the Census and the FBI Crime Database. You can learn about the population characteristics in each ZIP code covered by Movoto. For the 34143 ZIP code, we provide graphs showing information such as the population by race, gender, age, birthplace, and employment industries.

The FBI crime index is displayed as a graph that shows the crime trend over the past several years. You can also find property characteristic data for the 34143 ZIP code including information on the number of rooms per residence, the year built, and owner versus renter occupancy. This data is provided to help you learn about the 34143 ZIP code and to act as a research tool to help you make a home purchase. On the Movoto website, you can view all of the immokalee property, learn about immokalee schools, and meet a Top-Rated Real Estate Agent who can assist you with your home purchase. Movoto is your best source for immokalee Real Estate information.

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Real Estate listings in Immokalee, FL, 34143

6062 State Rd 29, Immokalee
5 Beds
5 Baths
Sq. Ft.
Single Family House