If all you do is work, you might need to make a change. Now the question is, to where in Wisconsin would you move if you want to be able to afford to work less? You also might wonder what you would do in your free time if you did not work all the time. In addition, you want to know what companies you could work that support having a life outside of your job. You also might want to know what kinds of activities you could participate in with your children if you have a family after working less hours.

What Wisconsin cities have the highest work life balance?

Wisconsin cities

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Eau Claire is one that reportedly has a high quality of life. The mean working hours in this city is about 33.8 as reported in 2016. The average number of hours for this city is about 31.5 as of January 2016. Furthermore, the average commute time for workers in this location is only about 16.1 – another stress-relieving bonus. The cost of living for this location, which is approximately 91.3 and considerably lower than the natural average, might be the reason people work less hours here.

Madison is another place where having a balance between work and play is encouraged. This is one of the three Wisconsin cities that is on the Smart Asset list of least-stressed cities. The average work week here is only about 35.8 hours, and the average commute time to work is only about 19.1 minutes. This might be one of the reason this area’s divorce rate is so low, too. This city’s cost of living is also about two percent below the national average.


Appleton is another city listed as one of America’s least-stressed cities. The average number of hours worked in this city is about 37.5, and the commute to work is usually only about 18.1 minutes. Furthermore, people in this area can live on about 15-20 percent less money that locations with a nationally-average cost of living of 100.


Green Bay residents work an average of 37.2 hours. This is very close to the same amount of hours per week as people in Appleton. Furthermore, the cost of living here is more than 30% lower than the national average. In addition, people working in this location only have to travel no more than 18.1 minutes to work.


It should also be noted that all of these cities are college towns. This does not mean it is void of family life. After all each one of these locations has about equal percentages of married couples as they do singles. Still, it turns out that cities with universities in them provide both the stability of employment for people of all ages plus exposure to a range of cultures and entertainment.


At what employers to you recommend I work?

Wisconsin cities

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This of course depends on whether or not there are open positions that fit your skills and experience. Still, each city with the best work-life balance is also one that offers employees some flexibility.


In Eau Claire, one of the major employers is Menard’s. This is a home improvement retail store that hires peoples on varying shifts. This helps both single people who study hard in college as well as married people with young children who have to pick them up from school and so on. eBay Enterprise is also another wise choice according to Glassdoor employer reviews.


In Madison, you could try filling out a resume and sending it to places like The Employer Group. This employer is in Verona, which is only about 21 minutes from downtown Madison. This human resource agency will help match you with the right job and may have several openings. Steve Brown Apartments and Kromrey Middle School are a few more you can try. The apartment management employer is right in Shorewood Hills, Madison, and the middle school is 15 minutes away in Middleton.


If you want to live in Appleton, one of the local paper mills in the nearby city of Kaukauna might be a wise choice. Expera is an example of one, and they close in the afternoon. Therefore, you might have the entire evening free. Otherwise, you could try finding a retail job at the Fox River Mall. In any case, the retail and restaurant jobs usually provide more flexible hours than the factory work.


Green Bay has quite a few employers that allow you to work a flexible schedule, especially if you work in retail. These include places like Kohl’s or Wal-Mart. Otherwise, you might be able to choose a full-time shift that fits your schedule best if working at Humana, Schneider National, the Brown County Library, or EGS.

What would I do with all my free time?

Wisconsin cities

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Eau Claire, Madison, Appleton, and Green Bay all provide you with a range of indoor and outdoor activities. For instance, each one of these places has at least one if not several movie theaters.


Furthermore, these cities have plenty of green space and walking trails in spite of being so populated. They also have night clubs, sporting events, and more. Each one of these cities also has coffee shops or meetup opportunities for anyone pursuing a creative passion.


For instance, maybe you want to find a group of people to join for crafts. Otherwise, maybe you want to find a writing workshop or learn a new instrument and be in a band. If you are looking for fun for your family, you could also find a lake for swimming or fishing. Otherwise, maybe you can even spend time camping either with a group of friends if you are single or with your children and spouse.

Whatever you choose to do after you relocate to these areas, you are sure not to miss working long hours. To get you started, the following is a brief list of a variety of attractions and venues found in above-mentioned cities.

  • Eau Claire – Lowes Creek County Park, Micon Cinemas, and Carmike OakWood Mall
  • Madison – Capital City Trails, Camp Randall Stadium, and James Madison Park
  • Appleton – Déjà vu, Rascals Bar & Grille, and Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve
  • Green Gay – The New Zoo, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Arboretum, and Lambeau Field

Of course, you have to explore more of what each of these cities has to offer. This will help you know if it is the right place for you and your family if you have one to spend your free time when not working.