1. This Isn’t Your Grandma’s D.C.

Visit Washington D.C.
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If you haven’t been to Washington D.C. in the past 10-15 years, the D.C. that you see now will feel like an entirely different place. Sure, Capitol Hill is where it always was, but the neighborhoods and entire vibe of the city have changed—and it’s awesome. Filled with world-class restaurants, great schools, and an atmosphere like no other, if you haven’t given D.C. a chance yet, you’re missing out.

2. D.C. Is Brimming With Amazing Job Opportunities

Jobs in Washington D.C.
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While The District is still fighting to bounce back from the recession, don’t be swayed entirely by the numbers. While the unemployment rate is still a point above the national average, there are some really great opportunities in D.C., most of which have amazing growth potential for men and women alike. The median household income in Washington is around $64,000, which is 21 percent higher than the national average. So, landing a job here usually means good things for your bank account and, in turn, for your family.

3. The District Is Safer Than You Think

Crime Rate in Washington D.C.
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D.C. has long-since had a reputation for high crime rates. But, just like any city, the crime isn’t evenly distributed. Knowing the neighborhoods and areas throughout The District will make all the difference. For example, the crime rate in areas like Georgetown, Friendship Heights, and The Palisades are nearly 60 percent lower than D.C.’s average.

4. An Awesome Education Awaits

Education in Washington D.C.
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Do a little digging into the schools in D.C. and you’ll find that there are a ton of great places to send your kids among the 208 public and 87 private facilities. The teacher-to-student average in D.C. is better than the national average at a 13:1 ratio. And kids who go to school in D.C. on average have higher high school graduation rates, nearly double the rate for completing their bachelor’s degree, and nearly triple the rate for completing their master’s degree.

5. Families Have A Wealth Of Knowledge At Their Fingertips For Free

Museums in Washington D.C.
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You’ve undoubtedly heard about the Smithsonian museums but unless you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting them, you can’t quite appreciate just how much of a gift having them so close to you really is. And the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian American Art Museum, National Air and Space Museum, and the National Museum of American History are just the beginning. There’s also the National Gallery of Art, United States Holocaust Museum, International Spy Museum, Newseum, and much more are all popular, and completely free, destinations.

6. You Can’t Find The D.C. Energy Anywhere Else

People in Washington D.C.
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One of the things you’ll often hear people say about D.C. is that it’s a big city but nothing like NYC or Chicago. That’s because D.C. is a world unto itself. Everything is different here, from the fashion to the way people carry themselves. There is an air about D.C. that reminds you that you really are in the middle of where everything important happens and it’s pretty amazing.

7. Remain Open To The Possibilities Of The DMV Metro

DMV in Washington D.C.
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The DMV isn’t just the place to get your driver’s license in D.C. It stands for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and encompasses the metro area surrounding The District. Many people who work in D.C. prefer raising their families in the DMV area. The traffic is usually a nightmare, but the bigger homes, lower cost of living, and lower crime rates of Arlington, Somerset, and McLean are big draws.

8. The Green Spaces Of D.C. Make The Perfect Escape

Greenery in Washington D.C.
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When you picture D.C., you probably envision a lot of amazing architecture, monuments, and concrete. You probably don’t picture just how green it is. Hillwood Gardens, Franciscan Monastery Gardens, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, National Arboretum, and Potomac Park make up just a few of the green spaces found all throughout D.C. These beautifully landscaped parks offer a variety of escapes for families to picnic, walk, hike, bike, play, and view nature.

9. D.C. Allows You To Experience All Four Seasons In All The Right Ways

Weather in Washington D.C.
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Take a paddleboat ride around the Jefferson, FDR, and Washington Monuments or catch Movies on the Potomac in the summer. Watch the foliage change a rainbow of colors in one of the many D.C. parks or go pumpkin picking around the DMV in the fall. Go sledding down Capitol Hill in the winter. And defrost when the weather breaks and the thousands of cherry blossoms blanket the city in the spring.

10. The Best Of Everything Is Just A Drive Away

Living in Washington D.C.
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D.C. is perfectly located in the mid-Atlantic region of the country which means that vacation planning is easy and affordable. Visit the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland or Virginia Beach in around three hours. Reach the heights of the gorgeous Maryland mountains in just over an hour. Set your sights on the big cities of Philadelphia in three hours and New York City in four. Even Disney World is a 13-hour drive away, if you’re up for the road trip.

11. Growing Up In D.C. Builds Tolerance And Compassion

Living in Washington D.C.
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The population of D.C. is extremely diverse. The men and women here are made up of all different races, religions, and come from different lifestyles and economic standings. There are politicians and journalists as well as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Washington D.C. was even named the Gayest City in America by The Advocate in 2014. Growing up and living in Washington D.C. exposes all ages to the many different people in the world, creating a more accepting and compassionate society.

12. There’s Always Something To Do

Zoo in Washington D.C.
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If you’ve done the National Mall and the Smithsonian and the other museums a thousand times are looking for something new to do, don’t worry. You’re not out of options. Visit the pandas at the National Zoo, chow down on some of the world-famous cupcakes from bakeries like Georgetown Bakery and Baked and Wired, or travel to McLean for a trip to the American Girl Doll store and other unique shopping centers,

13. Living In D.C. Builds Character

Traffic in Washington D.C.
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The traffic requires patience. Navigating the metro takes some skillful memorization and etiquette. Street smarts are always a crucial life lesson that can only be taught through experience. And learning that there’s always someone who is more competitive than you and that to reach the top, you need to work your butt off are all things that you learn in Washington D.C. like no other city.

14. Celebrate D.C. Style

Cherry Blossom Trees in 
Washington D.C.
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You have to see the beauty of 3,000 cherry blossom trees to believe just how breathtaking it is. Families can join the festivities every spring for the three-week long citywide festival that celebrates the gift of the trees that were given to D.C by Tokyo over 100 years ago. There are cultural performances, food, music, and lots of fun. And don’t forget about the famous White House Easter Egg Hunt on the lawn of the White House!

15. Kids Can Grow Up Thinking They Can Change The World

Learning in Washington D.C.
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Kids are impressionable. When they grow up in a place like D.C., they learn the importance of politics and that the ability to make a difference and help change the world is actually something in their grasp. Remember, anyone who can make it here could quite possibly rule the world. Or at least the country. And who wouldn’t want their kids growing up in a place like that? Like This Post? You’ll Definitely Love These: