1. Champ, Vermont’s Own Loch Ness Monster

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Source: Freerepublic user JoeProBono

Look out Scotland. Nessy isn’t the only mysterious lake creature in town. In the depths of Lake Champlain there (supposedly) lurks a shy but friendly creature that the locals have (fondly) named Champ.

2. No Billboards

Vermonters Love

Source: Flickr user Finbarro

One of the most refreshing things about Vermont is the noticeable absence of billboards. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the beautiful sights without the constant interruptions advertising food, gas stations and clothing.

3. Lake Champlain, No Matter What The Government Says

For a brief stint in 1998 Lake Champlain was actually the sixth Great Lake. The Senate repealed the bill a few weeks later and to the dismay of many unhappy Vermonters, Lake Champlain was demoted to a regular old lake. It still remains the sixth largest interior body of water in the US, and the locals still love it.

4. Visits From Barack Obama

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Source: Wikipedia user BOCampaign

By making a quick stop in the beginning of 2012, President Obama actually became the first presidential visitor in nearly twenty years. George W. Bush never made any attempts to visit Vermont, but maybe that’s for the best since Vermonters also love…

5. Putting Out Warrants For Bush And Cheney

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Source: Flickr user Walkadog

Seriously. In 2008 Brattleboro and Marlboro passed resolutions calling for the arrest of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney on the grounds that they had violated the Constitution. Voters were unable to grant the police any power to act on a citizens’ warrant, but they both probably got the message.

6. Being Master Snowboarders

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Source: Flickr user Jeff Shrock

VT holds a prime spot in the history of snowboarding, considering it all started with the inventor of the modern day snowboard—Vermont native Jake Burton. Thanks for all the awesome, Jake. So it’s no wonder that Vermonters also love...

7. Dominating Mad River Glen

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Source: Flickr user eatskisleep

With a slogan that reads “Ski It if You Can”, it’s clear that Mad River Glen is not for the weak, but with fun events like Fish Fry Friday and the Sporadic Summer Music Series, it’s hard not to want to stop in.

8. Using Poop For The Good Of Humanity

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Source: Green Mountain Power Facebook

Don’t worry, I’m talking cows here. Cows in Vermont create 30 gallons of manure every single day, which Vermonters actually keep in large tanks, where it’s broken down by bacteria and turned into methane gas. It’s called “Cow Power.”

9. Counting Cows Like Other People Count Sheep

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Source: Flickr user Terry Vercellino

At one point Vermont did indeed have more cows than people, and while today the odds are a little bit more in the human favor they’re still pretty surprising—one cow for every 3.8 Vermonters. That’s probably why Ben & Jerry’s still uses Vermont as their headquarters after all these years. Speaking of which…

10. Visiting Their Buddies Ben & Jerry

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Source: Facebook user Ben & Jerry’s

You can’t be in Vermont without visiting one of their greatest claims to fame. Although the ice cream manufacturer has reached global heights, the boys will always have their home back in Vermont.

11. Tweeting Happy Thoughts

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Source: Vermont Tourism Facebook

Vermonters are some of the country’s happiest Twitter users, which is probably due to the fact that they’re super healthy (they eat more servings of fruits and vegetables than any other state), have long life expectancies, less obesity and excellent high school graduation rates. No surprise that they’re also all about...

12. Blocking Traffic To Chat With Their Neighbors

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Source: Flickr user Team Martell

This ain’t New York. Traffic is pretty non-existent, and the pace is much slower. And that’s just the way Vermonters like it.

13. Leaving The Garage Door Open

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Source: Facebook user Perfect Solutions Garage

While you’re at it, feel free to leave your keys in your unlocked car. It’s all good. As I said, crime isn’t too bad in Vermont, and the people are pretty care-free.

14. Taking Their Pups To The Dog Chapel

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Source: Flickr user Eks4003

Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel, conveniently located on Dog Mountain, is understandable to anyone who has ever owned or loved a dog. You don’t need to bring your pup along but if you do they’ll be sure to love the nearby natural trails, swimming ponds and other scenic gems.

15. The Windsor-Cornish Covered Bridge

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Source: Flickr user Martha B

The closed-in structure connects Cornish NH to Windsor, VT. It’s the longest wooden covered bridge in the US, and a must for any true Vermonter.

16. Sticking It To Big Brand Names

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Source: Flickr user Dannotti

When McDonald’s first dropped their breakfast product, Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, Vermonters were not cool with the fake maple in the oatmeal. Vermont’s Agency of Agriculture got McDonald’s to change the menu for all 28 Vermont locations to include either a tablespoon of pure Vermont maple syrup or a teaspoon of pure Vermont maple sugar. There still isn’t a single Mickey D’s in Montpelier, so maybe they’re still a little bitter. But the brand should have known better, because Vermonters love...

17. All Maple Everything

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Source: Giphy

In Vermont, pancakes, waffles and French toast aren’t the only foods that are eaten with a side of syrup. You might even find it on spaghetti...maybe.

18. Free-Falling Down La Chute At Pump House Indoor Waterpark

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Source: Flickr user Jay Peak

The legendary water park is home to dozens of incredible rides, but none compare to La Chute, which stands at an impressive (terrifying?) 65 feet in the air. Riders are dropped at 45 miles per hour down the shoots, swirled around a full 360 degree rotation and plunged into a pool. Whoo!!

19. Kicking Off Summer With A Parade Celebrating...Cows, Naturally

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Source: Flickr user Sevencrows

Every year in June, Brattleboro celebrates agriculture and community by parading their flower-adorned heifers down Main Street.

20. So Many Subarus

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Source: Memegenerator.net

They’re actually considered to be the unofficial state car. They’re literally everywhere.

21. The Vermont Cheddar Soup At Simon Pearce Restaurant

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Source: Yelp

Reserve a window seat for an unbelievably beautiful view of the Ottaquechee River while you enjoy your world-famous soup. Nom.

22. Grabbing Tickets To Brewfest ASAP

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Source: Flickr user Ben Sarle

Brewfest hosts over 40 breweries in one venue alongside the stunning Lake Champlain. It’s an event that can’t be topped; however tickets sell out the day they are released. (Protip: you can always find a couple on Craigslist closer to the date).

23. Pizza and Beer At Manhattans

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Source: Flickr user Austin Bishop

This NY-style pizza & sub shop is the perfect Friday night stop. On most nights you can catch live bands while you enjoy a nice cold one.

24. Being Skeptical Of Newcomers

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Source: Giphy

Upon moving to Vermont you might find that your neighbors are a little unsure of you, but once you show that you really are here for the rural life then you'll become accepted (although don’t get your hopes up, because you'll never be a "real Vermonter").

25. Wooden Furniture Everywhere

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Source: Facebook user Vermont Furniture Blog

Vermont’s furniture making history can be traced back to over 200 years ago. Crafting solid, useful, and lasting furniture for such a long time has made Vermont the fine furniture capital of the United States. Fun fact: there are more than 2,500 furniture makers in the state.