Vermont has had a long history of welcoming and supporting LGBTQresidents and families, from civil unions to the first state to legislatively vote for same-sex marriage to inclusivedefinitions of discrimination. Vermont is one of the best states in the country for anyone in the LGBTQcommunity tolive and raise a family. If you are looking for a beautiful place to settle and find a home, Vermont is a great place to live.

In 2000, Vermont became one of the few trailblazing states to legally include civil unions in the law books and continued that same commitmentto equality in 2009 when it legalized gay marriage. The state's history of love, acceptance, and equality is what makes Vermont and it's communities so welcoming to all walks of life.


Best Towns in Vermont

Burlington is the largest town in Vermont and is frequently found on a variety of lists for best places to live. It has arts, culture, great food, healthy lifestyles, great ranking schools, and welcoming neighborhoods. It is also home to RU12?, Outright Vermont, and the Vermont Pride Center one of New England's most comprehensive centers for advancing advocacy for the LGBTQ community. With a transgender supportive health clinic, restaurants, shopping, and businesses that are inclusive and welcoming to all families, Burlington is one of the best places to live.


Best Towns in Vermont

If you are wondering howVermont and being a hippy became synonymous, Brattleboro is a great place to look. This vibrant town is home to artists, artisans, and families of all shapes and sizes. With a newly designed food Co-Op, an extensive bead store, and a really great coffee shop, it has a lot to offer. Brattleboro is progressive, inclusive, and family friendly. If you are looking for a home that has a hopping downtown and easy access to nature, Brattleboro is a great option.

3. Stowe

Stowe is a ski town unlike most in Vermont. When the snow melts the town is still vibrant with activities and things to do. With an ice cream parlor, a walkabledowntown, and various art galleries, Stowe has a lot going on. If you are looking for a small town with many activities for your family, this is a great option. So many ofbusinesses in the area are LGBTQ friendly and many of them are also LGBTQ owned.

4. Woodstock

Woodstock is a small town full of history and culture. As you walk the picturesque tree lined streets you just might wonder if something this beautiful is made out of a movie. The town is a part of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park, which means you will see Park Rangers stroll the town as part of their jobs.There is a strong artist and writer's community here, and many festivals throughout the year to support the arts. You will find this quiet town to be welcoming and accepting to all new residents in the area.

5. Manchester

Located between Stratton Mountain and Bromley Mountain ski areas, Manchester is a bucolic Vermont town that welcomes the small influences of city life. With high-end outlet retailers scattered throughout the downtown, Manchester has the refined style that visiting skiers and snowboarders are looking for. Over recent years, the area restaurants have really come apace with the farm-to-table movement. With an extensive bookstore, a fly fishing museum, and a falconry school there is a diverse range of things to do and see in Manchester. The town is welcoming to all LGBTQ families and visitors, the chamber of commerce reinforces this by advertising on LGBTQ travel websites. From turn of the century farmhouses to new construction, there is a diversearray of home types in the area for you to call home.

6. Montpelier

Best Towns in Vermont

If you are looking for a home where you can stay abreast of politics, enjoy a small town, and raise a family, Montpelier is the place to put down your roots. If you want to understand what makes thiscapital city so unique, you simply have to look to one of it's best claims to fame. It is the only state capital that does not have a Walmart or McDonalds within the city limits. The town is home to some great dining options (as well as The New England Culinary Institute), shops, and music. In a state that is progressive and stands firmly for equality,Montpelier is the heart of the political action.

7. Bennington

Home to Bennington College, Bennington Potters,and the Bennington Museum this town has education, arts, and culture in small town Vermont. In 2012, the college was rated at #5 on Huffington Post's list of LGBTQ-friendly colleges. While that rating might speak specifically to the college, it is also a great indicator of the town's community as well. There are a variety of LGBTQ-friendly businesses and inns in the area. Located not far down Route 100 from Manchester, the southwestern side of Vermont is shaping up to be a great possibility for any LGBTQ family to reside.