1. Make It A Double Scoop With Ben & Jerry

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Flickr user benjerry.fr
Ben & Jerry's Waterbury Plant
1281 Waterbury Stowe Rd
Waterbury, VT 05676
(802) 882-1240
Yelp: 3.5 Stars - 326 Reviews Vermonters are a lucky people, from the beautiful fall foliage to the world-class skiing. But let’s face it, there’s really only one reason why Vermonters are the luckiest folks in the U.S.: Everyone's favorite ice cream duo Ben & Jerry live here and it’s where they make their deliciously addictive ice cream. To see where flavors like Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia and Phish Food are born, check out Ben & Jerry's Factory. The tour is full of Ben & Jerry's charm, with a walk through the factory and then sampling of the factory's flavor du jour. From there hike up the street to see the flavor graveyard, where all of the discontinued flavors lay to rest. (R.I.P. Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, you are gone but never forgotten.) If you still have room for more after all those free samples you can get a cone of your favorite flavor right there where the magic happens.

2. Become A Syrup Sommelier

Best Vermont Foods
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Bragg Farm Sugar House & Gift Shop
RR 14
East Montpelier, VT 05651
(802) 223-5757
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 18 Reviews Warning: Do not try real Vermont maple syrup unless you are willing to convert to paying $12 a bottle—seriously. Because after you’ve experienced real Vermont maple syrup, Aunt Jemima is just a watery insult to pancakes. Once you’ve decided to take the leap, the first step of becoming a true syrup sommelier is understanding the different grades of syrup. There is only one place to get the proper syrup education: a sugar house. These are little farmsteads that sell their freshly produced maple sugar, along with other fresh farm treats. The best of the bunch, The Bragg Farm Sugar House, has six different grades of maple syrup and sell them by the gallon. In the warmer months they also have an incredibly delicious ice cream stand, which sells the most out of this world maple creemee. For out of staters, a maple creemee is Vermont's special type of soft serve using maple syrup as a sweetener. Mmm.

3. Taste The Crisp Flavors Of Fall At Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Best Vermont Foods
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Cold Hollow Cider Mill
3600 Waterbury-Stowe Rd
Waterbury Center, VY 05677
(802) 244-8771
Yelp: 4 Stars - 97 Reviews Almost everyone has tried apple cider. But there is a huge difference between fresh pressed apple cider and the gallons you can pick up at Price Chopper. Cold Hollow Cider Mill has the true golden liquid. The tell is that there is a layer of pulp at the bottom of the jug. Grab a gallon of cider and a warm apple cider doughnut (yes, this is a thing that exists and you must have one) and experience the flavor of a crisp fall day.

4. Grafton Village Cheese Company Is A Fortress Of Cheesy Goodness

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Grafton Villiage Cheese Company via Facebook
Grafton Village Cheese Company
400 Linden St.
Brattleboro, VT 05301
(802) 246-2221 Get ready to think you've died and gone to cheese heaven at the Grafton Village Cheese Company, where on an average day they have 15 different cheese samples available—enough to satisfy even the cheesiest craving. All of the cheeses are made here on the premises using local family farm ingredients. Their cheese range from an eight-year-aged sharp cheddar that gives a little zing to soft delicate yet flavorful cheese curds. It’s a cheese lover’s paradise.

5. Dig Into Joyful Eats At Misery Loves Co.

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Misery Loves Co. via Facebook
Misery Loves Company
46 Main St
Winooski, Vt 05404
(802) 497-3989
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 81 Reviews Despite what it says on the sign above the door, misery is the exact opposite of what Misery Loves Company delivers. Thier dishes are beyond creative. Like their cod swimming in a warm buttermilk sauce with small chunks of chocolate or their pork buns served with sriracha mayo and hoisin sauce with pickled vegetables on the side. Delish! And their sandwiches...oh boy. Let’s just say you’ve never tasted better. For something spicy try the the Rough Francis: fried chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese, and pickled celery. For a savory delight the Anti Hero puts a spin on a meatball sub with pork meatballs, basil, parmesan, and tomato sauce. And for veggies, the Peaceful Resolutions will set your ethics and taste buds at ease with smoked shiitake, ricotta, mushroom pate.

6. American Flatbread Is Organic, Rustic, and Crazy Delicious

Best Vermont Foods
Source: American Flatbread via Facebook
American Flatbread
115 St. Paul St
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 861-2999
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 380 Reviews Everywhere you go in these United States of ours will claim they have the best pizza. Well unless they are hailing from Vermont, they are all wrong. As it turns out American Flatbread makes the freshest pizza in the states. That’s because unlike Chicago or New York, the chefs can just go to their neighbors to source their ingredients. American Flatbread also knows that besides having the freshest toppings, the crust has to be absolutely perfect. Their wood-fired clay ovens work non-stop to produce the crisp bubbling dough that delightfully lingers on the taste buds. Vegetarians will love the Punctuated Equilibrium, with kalamata olives, sweet red peppers, goat cheese onions and herbs. While meat lovers can sink their teeth into the New Vermont Sausage, with locally sourced maple fennel sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheese and herbs. American Flatbread also continues the 5,000 year tradition of pizza ‘n’ beer by having their own brewery on site. Zero Gravity Brewery is distributed throughout the state but its home turf is in American Flatbread. Their standards are the T.L.A. I.P.A and their Green State Lager but they have their seasonal favorites as well as experimental brews. Try their classic Indian Pale Ale, Conehead, or go for their extra special bitter Villier's E.S.B.

7. Breakfast At Penny Cluse’s Cafe Is So Good It Will Turn You Into a Morning Person

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Flickr user Emilie Hardman
Penny Cluse Cafe
169 Cherry St
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 651-8834
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 260 Reviews Don't forget the most important meal of the day: breakfast. And for such an important meal, in Vermont, only Penny Cluse’s Cafe will do. What makes this cafe so deliciously unique is how they play with traditional breakfast food concepts, dishes like their gingerbread pancakes (yum), polenta and eggs (double yum) and their No. 1 crowd pleaser the Tofu Scram which comes with a choice of pesto, peanut-ginger or salsa ranchero (whole next level yum). If this sounds a little too far outside your comfort zone, opt for their signature Penny Cluse with eggs, home fries and biscuits. It may seem like a standard but they cover their biscuits with an herb gravy that is thick, creamy and fresh and oh-so tasty.

8. Cooking Burgers Kevin's Sports Pub's Burger Is Not A Game

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Flickr user Dan Germain
Kevin's Sports Pub & Restaurant
27 Main St
North Bennington, VT 05257
(802) 442-0122
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 36 Reviews By the name alone, it is obvious that Kevin's Sports Pub & Restaurant isn't the fanciest place in town, but who cares about ambiance when you're grubbing on the the best burgers that your mouth has ever met? Not I. Go straight to the top with Kevin's own eponymous burger, a half pound of beef with Vermont (woo-hoo represent!) cheddar, sauteéd onion, bacon, and side of BBQ sauce for dipping. Pair this meaty masterpiece with a side of crispy sweet potatoes fries and an on-tap local brew, like a Double Bag from Vermont’s own Long Trail Brewing Co.

9. Hen Of The Wood Keeps The Foodies On Their Toes

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Hen Of The Wood via Facebook
Hen Of The Wood
92 Stowe St
Waterbury VT, 05676
(802) 233-7300
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 84 Reviews Hen of the Wood is the prime example of why farm-to-table dining kicks all other forms of dining’s booty. The two owners, Eric Warnstedt and William McNeil change the menu daily to fit what the farmers have to offer. So if a fresh batch of cheddar cheese just came out of the cheese maker's cellar that morning, it will be on your plate that evening. Here is the general rule about ordering: always order the specialty on toast, red meat is amazing but their scallops are also known to convert people. The last but most important rule is always, always order dessert.

10. Salt Is The TARDIS Of Restaurants

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Salt via Facebook
207 Barre St
Montpelier VT 05602
(802) 229-6678
Yelp: 4 Stars - 26 Reviews The central conceit of the series Doctor Who is that in the TARDIS The Doctor and his companion can go anywhere, any time... and Salt is basically the restaurant equivalent. The only limitation on this locally sourced menu is what is in season. Salt's owner Suzanne Podhaizer changes up her menu every three weeks to express the best seasonal tastes of Vermont. And like the sci-fi series, the menus have journeyed all across time and space, everywhere from the last night on the Titanic to the hobbit holes of Middle-Earth and even down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Pretty exciting, huh? Even though the themes and items on the menu change frequently, the quality of the food never does. The choices range from braised short ribs with ginger relish to seafood stuffed squid. Take your palate on an adventure at Salt, it deserves one!

11. A Sandwich So Good It Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes (Or It Could Just Be The Onions)

Best Vermont Foods
Source: The Red Onion via Facebook
The Red Onion
140 Church St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 865-2563
Yelp: 4 Stars - 85 Reviews With its reputation for producing the best fresh cheese and meats it’s a pretty safe bet that Vermont has also conquered the art of sandwich-making. (Spoiler alert: they have.) The Red Onion is a true master of the meat to bread ratio. They make their bread in-house so you can taste all that super awesome gluten. Mmm-mmm. Try their signature Red Onion Sandwich with their fresh sharp sourdough bread, smoked turkey, bacon, apples, gruyere, sundried tomato mayo and of course onions. This place has been around forever and for good reason.

12. A Beer For Breakfast? Only At Myer’s Bagel Bakery

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Myer’s Bagel Bakery via Facebook
Myer's Bagel Bakery
377 Pine St
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 863-5013
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 52 Reviews Myer's Bagel Bakery is the only place you can get beer at 4:30 am in Vermont—and without any judgey side-eye to boot! I should probably clarify, it is a beer bagel and spread. Yup, that's right. Come to Myer's Bagel Bakery and you can have a Magic Hat beer bagel with Irish Car Bomb Spread from 4 am to 4 pm. If beer in the morning—even in bread form—is a little too much for you, try the McMyer: Slow roasted corned beef, homemade cabbage and carrot slaw, green day sauce, side of fingerling potatoes, and homemade pickles The owner cooks the bagels onsite and patrons can often see him hard at work in the factory. These are Montreal-style bagels, which means they are wood fired, dense, with crisp outside and chewy dough on the inside. Plus the wood stove leaves a hint of smoky after taste, which pairs nicely with the beef flavor. Just sayin’

13. Vermont Is Landlocked? That’s News To Me

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Michael's On The Hill via Facebook
Michael's On The Hill
4182 Waterbury-Stowe Rd
Waterbury Center, VT 05677
(802) 244-7476
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 55 Reviews Even though Vermont is landlocked, it's only a hop, skip and jump away from Maine, which boasts of the best seafood in the country. (Even Vermont can’t be the best of everything, right?) While Michael's on the Hill may not be located on the shore of the Atlantic you’d never be able to guess that by the food. The menu takes advantage of the seafood from its neighbor to the north-east, always featuring the most mouth-watering seafood selection. They currently have a divine Maine Lobster with Myer Lemon Mascarpone Gnocchi on the menu. Michael's on the Hill still represents its local Vermont flavor with their venison loin and wild mushroom tartine. Save room for dessert because the El Rey Chocolate Fondue ends a perfect romantic evening.

14. You’ll Want to Fuse Mangowood Restaurant Asian Fusion Menu To Your Taste Buds

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Mangowood Restaurant via Facebook
Mangowood Restaurant
Lincoln Inn
2709 West Woodstock Road
Rt 4 West
Woodstock VT 05091
(802) 457-3312
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 37 Reviews On the hunt for good Asian fusion in Vermont? It can be a challenge, unless of course you know about Mangowood Restaurant. This locally sourced Asian fusion restaurant is all you were looking for and more. The quinoa cakes with homemade spicy tomato jam is a playground for your mouth. The amazing texture of the quinoa pairs perfectly with the balance between the sweet acid of the tomato and the kick of the spices. The four course meals will leave you fully satisfied without feeling like you’ve overeaten. Oh and at the end of the meal, do yourself a favor. Order the sticky toffee pudding. It's something that dreams are made of.

15. Vegetarians Unite At The Revolution Kitchen!

Best Vermont Foods
Source: Revolution Kitchen via Facebook
Revolution Kitchen
9 Center St
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 448-3657
Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 30 Reviews Revolution Kitchen is the one place where vegetarians can bring their most carnivorous of carnivores and yet no one will miss the meat. Their menu covers a variety of different cuisines—Thai, Spanish, Mexican and Italian are all present and accounted for, so there is dish for every picky eater. The ravioli specialty changes every night—get it—no matter the flavors I guarantee that it is going to be good. Oh and if the banana cream pie is on the menu order two: one for tonight and the other for tomorrow. Or two for tonight, if you go in for that sort of thing! Feature Image Source: Flickr user Michael Bentley