1. Nope, It's Not Canada

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Vancouver, WA shares its name with close-by and much more widely known Canadian Vancouver. Locals differentiate the cities by referring to their city as Vancouver U.S.A. and the Canadian city as Vancouver B.C. for the many (many) people from out of the area who ask, “Isn’t that in Canada?”

2. That's “The ‘Couve” To You

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No one here really calls it Vancouver unless they’re talking to someone from out of the area. Mainly prevalent among the younger population including the surrounding areas like Portland, Vancouver is simply known as The ‘Couve.

3. You’ll Save Up For That Dream Vacation In No Time

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As a Vancouver resident you’ll find that you probably pay much less to Uncle Sam, which puts a little more in your wallet. There's no income tax in Vancouver so all your hard work will go a lot farther. And nearby Portland has no sales tax, so a quick trip across the bridge can save you a lot on big purchases too.

4. Vancouver Is The Opposite Of A Concrete Jungle

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With breathtaking views of Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood right on the Columbian River, Vancouver has topped lists of Best Places To Live and Best Places To Retire in recent years. While some cities lose the charm of nature, Vancouver hasn’t. It has green lawns, trees, and foliage everywhere and provides residents with the best of its city and nearby bigger cities while still maintaining its quieter and calmer culture.

5. You Might Be From Vantucky If…

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The name Vantucky has become a popular way to reference Vancouver, mainly used in a joking way by the people in outside areas like Portland who are looking to poke fun at some of the more rural population. Locals have come to use the term though, too, especially when running into someone else from the city who is particularly redneck. Some locals hate it and others have embraced it as part of their unique character.

6. Amsterdam, The Vancouver Way

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Adding onto the list of things to call Vancouver, “Vansterdam” has been quickly picking up steam. In 2013, locals began referring to their city as Vansterdam after Washington legalized the use of marijuana. But just because pot is legal now doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to toke up anywhere. Know the rules and make sure to follow them to avoid some steep fines.

7. Everything In The ‘Couve Is Black Tie Optional

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The ‘Couve is a laid back city and the locals pride themselves on not being pretentious or taking themselves too seriously like the see some of the people in Portland. It’s a casual environment where jeans and rain boots are preferred over a suit any day. So you can kick back and relax here. They don’t call it Vantucky for nothin’.

8. You’ll Become A Coffee Expert In No Time

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A typically Pacific Northwestern trait that Vancouver shares is coffee snobbery. So, brush up on your barista lingo before coming here because you’re going to end up with 10 different ways to order your coffee and you don’t want to be the person holding up the line because they don’t know how to order. The best place? River Maiden Artisan Coffee with great java, Star Wars themed cookies, and lots of Vancouver pride gear.

9. You’ll Never Use Your Umbrella

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The weather forecast usually calls for rain with a chance of showers or showers with a chance of rain. “Sun breaks” are what everyone calls when the sun decides to come out. But, you get used to it and definitely learn to love your sunny days. Everyone is so accustomed to it, you will rarely see anyone using an umbrella. So, leave yours at home and pull your hood up if you want to blend in.

10. People Come Here Just For The Farmers Market

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The Vancouver Farmers Market is the number one attraction in all of Southwest Washington. Over 250 vendors get together in Esther Short Park to sell fresh local produce, nuts, fresh breads and baked goods, flowers and plants, pet treats, handmade jewelry, candles, and much more. One trip here and no other farmers market will ever do again.

11. Summer Is For Outdoor Concerts

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The people in Vancouver don’t let a few showers keep them inside and you shouldn’t either because then you would miss out on the city’s Destination Downtown Noon concerts and the Six to Sunset concerts. Visit Esther Short Park with thousands of others for these two shows throughout the summer months featuring local and nationally touring bands.

12. Uptown Village Is The Place To Be

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With funky and unique shops, boutiques, galleries, and trendy eateries and restaurants, Uptown Village has become the hippest spot in the city. Uptown Village also hosts the annual St. Patty’s Day Parade and many other events that aim to keep the small town charm of Vancouver alive.

13. You'll Want To Invest In A Mountain Bike

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Mountain biking is a popular activity in The ‘Couve and the locals involved take it very seriously. That’s why it’s common to see someone driving down the street with their $3,500 mountain bike strapped to the top of their $700 car. There are 14 popular biking trails for all levels of experience located in an around the immediate area. So, get yourself in gear and go.

14. Vancouver Loves Craft Beer As Much As You Do

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The annual Vancouver Brewfest has picked up a lot of popularity and continues to be a great way to taste through the many locally brewed beers while watching them being made. If you miss out on that one, don't fret—the city hosts a Summer Brewfest and Winter Brewfest too.

15. Everyone Is Big On Recycling

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Like most Pacific Northwest cities, Vancouver is on top of the recycling game. The city hosts the annual Recycled Arts Festival which is the hippest and most environmentally friendly event in the area which features sculptural exhibits made up of scraps and educational workshops. Garbage pickers and dumpster divers are also popular in The ‘Couve, who have become known as “binners,” looking for some free treasures.

16. Get Your Fireworks Here… For Now

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The local government has really cracked down on the legal use of fireworks in recent years. These days, you can only buy fireworks from one of the many available stands for three days out of the year (July 2 through July 4) and you can only use them on July 4. Vancouverites hate the recent restrictions, but it’s really just made the 4th that much more awesome.

17. And Don’t Miss America’s Birthday Party

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Speaking of an awesome 4th of July… Vancouver has hosted their annual fireworks display on the grounds of Fort Vancouver National Historic site since the '60s. People come from all over Oregon and Washington to see the show, which is said to be the biggest fireworks display west of the Mississippi River.

18. The Arts Scene Is Booming

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In 2010, local artists banded together to form cooperatives with local gallery to form the group “Art Conversations” dedicated to revitalizing the art scene in Vancouver. The First Friday Artwalk will take you through the many galleries and public projects and more throughout downtown on the first Friday of every month. So get out and see all of the wonderful art that The ‘Couve has to offer.

19. Catch A Novelty Flick At The World-Class Kiggins

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The Kiggins Theater was built in 1936 and was named after J.P. Kiggins who served as mayor of Vancouver for 15 non-consecutive years between 1908-1935. Located in the Vancouver’s downtown art district, the popular one-screen art deco theater is a favorite location in the city for kitschy, offbeat fun.

20. Kids Heart Vancouver

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A new baseball field, going for a dip in the fountain at Esther Short Park, a variety of highly involved athletic leagues to join, and many community projects in which kids are encouraged to participate, Vancouver is a great city where children can thrive, making it a wonderful place to raise a family. What do you love about living in Vancouver? Tell us in the comments below!