1. To Texans Barbecue Is Religion And Beef Is What’s For Dinner

Texas Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Brian Gyss
Folks in Texas love their meat cooked in a variety of ways but no culinary technique is so revered as good ole fashioned, down-home barbecue. And in Texas, barbecue is all about the beef, not the pork. In the Hill Country, going to the Salt Lick is a religious rite and eating the beef brisket is sacramental. In fact barbecue is such serious business in the Lone Star State that each region has its own distinct style. In Central Texas meat is served carved, with sauce on the side. In Central Texas its chopped up and drenched in delicious sweet and spicy sauce. While in West Texas if it ain’t cooked over mesquite, it ain’t barbecue. But no matter where they hail from in the Lone Star State one thing Texans can all agree on is, that beef is what’s for dinner.

2. Texans Mean It When They Say “Don’t Mess With Texas”

Texas Stereotypes When most students in the U.S. are learning about the history of their great nation, Texan students are learning about the history of their great state. They even have a Texas State Pledge. After all, Texas was once its own Republic—and when is there not a secession petition circulating around there? Never. You rarely see people from other states expounding on their state pride to such degrees. But hey, who can blame them, Texas is home to Willie Nelson, chicken fried steak, and Chuck Norris is an honorary Texas Ranger—and while we’re at it, don’t mess with Chuck Norris, either.

3. Texans Like To Get Fresh And Believe Chivalry Still Exists

Texas Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Ted McGrath
Folks in the Lone Star State love to smile, kiss and hug you hello. Hey it’s just a Southern thing. Texans also hold the door open for you and they may ask how you are in passing without waiting for your response. Don’t take it personally—it’s just another way they show their hospitality.

4. They Talk Funny, Y’all

Texas is like no where else on earth, sure they’re a part of the South but don’t try to paint them with the same bold brush. Even their accent is different from other southern accents. It’s more like twang with a twist. They drop and add vowels and consonants like nobody’s business. People don’t warsh in Warshington but in Texas they do. And your grandmother might ask you hwhy instead of why you are fixin to do something. But even better than their accents is their...ahem…gift for a colorful turn of phrase…
  • crooked as a barrel of snakes
  • He'll tell you how the cow ate the cabbage.
  • She's so country she thinks a seven-course meal is a possum and a six-pack.
  • You're happy as a gopher in soft dirt.
  • I'm busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.
… and so many, many more.

5. Texans Have An Acute Case Of Friday Night Lights Fever

Texas Stereotypes
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Stadium lights glowing, fans cheering, football stars in the making, soggy concession stand nachos…in Texas, this is the stuff of legends. (And of an awesome television show.) High school football games are big deal in Texas—a big deal—some towns even shut down for the Friday night lights. That’s because Texas high school football is more hardcore, ruthless and competitive than high school football in any other part of the country. Some schools spend a veritable fortune on top of line equipment and stadiums (maybe a little too much money in some cases, oopsie! ) But when you love something as much as Texans love their high school football, what’s a million dollars here or there, you can’t put a budget on entertainment this priceless.

6. If You See A Texan, Just Assume They’re Packing Heat (Because They Are)

Texas Stereotypes
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The Second Amendment has a steady stream of supporters in this gun-proud state. A whopping 44 percent of Texas voters own a gun. That’s 6 million people! And Texans don’t just own guns, they love them. Its part of the Texan culture and heritage. Learning to shoot is a rite of passage, and defending the right to arms is as important to folks in Texas as their favorite high school football team. I mean, where else in America could you find the “pistol-packing preacher”?

7. Texans Are Flower Children...

Texas Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Jon Winters
It’s not all bullets, barbecue and football, in Texas. Texans also know how to stop and smell the roses… well bluebonnets, actually. Bluebonnets are the beloved Texas state flower and going see them can make for a great Sunday fun day for Texas families in the spring. Everyone piles into the car to view the vivid blue flower that grows along many of the state’s major highways and prevalently throughout Hill Country. They also grow on bluebonnet farms and are the main attraction at many trails and festivals, like the Burnet Bluebonnet Festival and The Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival.

8. ...Who Have A Thirst For Blood

Texas Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user S. Reidmiller
…of the crimson and cream variety, that is. Everyone knows about the UT Longhorn and A&M Aggies rivalry—it’s been going on for more than a century. But all that bad blood goes down the drain for the real bloodshed between the Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners. The Red River Rivalry dates back to 1900, when the first game between the two teams was held. Three trophies and a side of beef ride on the outcome of this epic game: “The Golden Hat” which resides with the winning teams school, a secondary trophy which is kept by the winning university’s college paper, the governors trophy which is passed between Texas and Oklahoma’s governor. Then there’s that side of beef I mentioned—thanks to a standing bet, the the losing city’s governor is expected to present the winning governor a side of beef (which is then donated to charity) So yeah, this rivalry is legendary.

9. Texans Will Use Any Ole Excuse To Tailgate

Everyone knows Southerners love to tailgate for just about any occasion, whether it be a sporting event, a parade, or a festival. But Texans have elevated this tradition of asphalt boozing and barbecuing to an artform. And if tailgating is an artform Texas A&M fans are Picasso. Every season tens of thousands of fans gather from all across the state schlepping their grills, chairs, RVs, you name it, to take part all just to take part in these epic pre-game parties. Its a festival of Texas-style barbecue and cold beers, where everyone gets pumped up in anticipation of watching the Fightin’ Texas Aggies “Beat the Hell Outta” the other team. Oh and fans of the opposing team, beware—Aggies fans can be a little...ahem...hostile. You know what, on second thought maybe you should just stay home.

10. Sure It’s Cliche, But It’s True—Everything Really Is Bigger Here

Texas Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Pookie & Schnookie
You’ve heard it a million times before: “Everything’s Bigger in Texas.” But thats not just a catchphrase, it’s a fact.
  • The geography: Not only is it practically the size of Europe, but Texas also has some of the U.S.’s most populous cities.
  • The burgers: One word: Whataburger.
  • The people: The state’s current obesity rate is just above 30 percent.
  • The business: Texas is home to the most Fortune 500 companies in the nation.
  • The parks: Ever been to Big Bend? Texas has some of the most impressive (and largest) parks in the country.
  • The trucks: The most popular vehicle in Texas is the F-150 and the runner-up is the Chevy Silverado.
  • You get the picture. So yeah, Texas more than earns its larger than life reputation. It’s big, it’s beautiful and filled with spirited, high school football loving, beef-eating, flower-smelling, friendly folks. And if y’all can’t appreciate that, you can darn well keep it yourself, because these are Texans we’re talking about, which means they’re armed, too. Feature Image Source: Flickr user anja_johnson