1. Everyone In Texas Really Knows How To "Fire" Up The Grill

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Source: Flickr user brykmantra

Don’t mess with Texas. They all have guns and they like them a lot. You won’t have to look to far to even find a barbecue grill or smoker actually shaped like a gun. Seriously.

2. Texans Take Major Pride In Being Super Nice

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Source: Giphy

Hospitality is a major theme in the Lone Star state. Doors are opened for women left and right, no matter the age. If you see a pickup truck driving by, just wave. Why? Because that driver is probably going to wave at you anyway. Embrace the hospitality and be proactive.

3. Gas And Guns At The Same Store Is A Pretty Common Sight

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Source: Flickr user cactusbones

People in Texas love buying everything all together. Don’t be surprised if you find a store where you can fill the tank of your pickup truck, buy a Winchester and a six-pack all in one shot.

4. And So Are Snowmen Made Of Tumbleweed

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Source: Wikipedia user Chanel Wheeler

Snow is about as alien to Texans as, well, actual aliens. So the people make do with what they have!

5. Texas Knows How To Make It On Its Own

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Source: Wikipedia user Klobetime

Before the state was annexed by the federal government, Texas was actually a republic. The state actually had its own President. It’s true. Why do you think Texas’ own state flag is the only state flag that allowed to be as high as the American flag? Like I said, don’t mess with Texas.


6. Cut-offs With Boots Is Kind Of The Uniform


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Source: Flickr user Tammy McGary

It gets hot enough in Texas that you’ll need to wear cut-offs sometimes, but you won’t be alone. Just take a look around. Even grandparents do it. Just don’t dare walk out the door without your cowboy boots.

7. All Folks In Texas Really Need Are Their Trucks

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Source: Flickr user dave_7

8. Everyone Knows Shiner Bock Ice Cream Is A Gift From The Gods

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Source: Flickr user Qfamily

Ice cream comes in some pretty out-of-this-world flavors. Texas, though, takes the cake for probably the “hardest” flavor imaginable. And yes, you can get a little tipsy on this stuff. Vehicles tend to be pretty gigantic here in Texas. Even the tires are massive. They’d have to be if many cowgirls can bring their ponies without having to use a trailer at the back!

9. There’s No Such Thing As A Vegetarian Special

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Source: Wikipedia user Hedwig Storch

You might wonder if Texans even know what a green bean is. Onions? Celery? Scallions? Whatever. When you go to a restaurant, expect to see a LOT of beef.

10. Read My Lips: Chili. Does. Not. Have. Beans.

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Source: Wikipedia user Agentseven

It’s a capital offense in Texas to cook your chili with kidney beans. Plain and simple. Don’t do it. True Texas chili is made up of spicy meat and thick chili sauce, just the way cowboys like it.


11. “Don’t Mess With Texas” Isn’t Just A Motto


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Source: Wikipedia user Petty Officer 1st Class Chris Fahey

It’s actually pretty smart advice. Texas is by far the state with the most residents serving in the military – that’s Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. You’ll notice it pretty quick.

12. Texans Don't Blink An Eye At Fire Ants

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Source: Wikipedia user Pollinator

Many out-of-staters would freak at the sight of these red bandits, but not Texans. They’ll take advantage of the enormous populations to scare the living daylights out of anyone attempting to trespass. They might even leave a warning sign, in fact.

13. Everyone Knows How To Line Dance

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Source: Billy Bob's Texas Facebook

Ever since “Urban Cowboy” and Billy Ray Cyrus broke his achy breaky heart with country fans, western line dancing has been a staple in Texas. Learn how to do it. Believe me, you’ll make friends real fast!

14. For Texans The First Day of Deer Season Is Basically Christmas

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Source: Wikipedia user St. Gil, Marc

Don’t be surprised if deer hunters in Texas start praying on the first day of open season. It’s pretty much a religion.

15. You Don't Have To Actually Pick Up Anything In Your Pickup...

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Source: Flickr user Mathew Bajoras

Just because you have one doesn’t mean you’re automatically that one friend who helps everyone move stuff. Nothing has to be picked up. These trucks are simply great for driving, and Texans know it.

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16. ...Because Sometimes Cars Are Just For Showing Off

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Source: Flickr user Katherine Tompkins

Fuzzy dice and family sticker decals? Please. Texans go all out with their vehicular decorations. Since they love riding on livestock and horseback, the same “look” definitely goes for their Cadillacs. So go nuts.

17. Remember: Leave Your Livestock at Home...

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Source: Pixabay tpsdave

Texans love to bring their cows and horses with them just about everywhere—to the supermarket or even the local high school baseball game. Naturally, not everyone is thrilled about it. This happens so much that many places will actually put up signs to remind residents to leave their buddies at home.

18. ...Unless You’re Going To McDonald's

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Source: Wikipedia user KRoock74

One of the big exceptions, however, are fast-food joints, which for the most part, don’t have a problem with customers ordering fries on horseback. Hey, if the horse is behaving it’s business as usual. You’ve got to love Texas.

19. Watch Out For Those Texas Twisters

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Source: Wikipedia user Bruce Haynie

The debate over the danger of guns might still be raging on, but everyone’s pretty much in agreement about tornadoes. Get this: The state holds the record for most tornadoes on average per year. Take that, Kansas. The count’s at 137. A very distant second place is Florida with only 52.

20. You Never Forget Your First Calf Fry

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Source: Wikipedia user Kakashere pörkölt

It’s no surprise that cook-offs are common in Texas, but quite possibly the most infamous in Amarillo, is all about “calf fries.” If you know what it is, then ‘nuff said. If you don’t, go look it up. You’ll need to know so you don’t look so surprised when someone puts one on your plate.


21. You Should Probably Start Looking For Gold Right Now


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Source: Wikipedia user Szaaman

In an 80-acre pasture at the Sems Ranch in Clyde, a place you’ve probably never heard of, the famous Coronado was reputed to have buried $60,000,000 in plundered gold. Yup, that’s no typo. No one has ever found it, so get out there—you just might be the first.

22. Rattlesnake Roundups Are Big Entertainment

Source: Youtube user Paranormal Travels

So you thought Texas were only obsessed with cows? For shame. They also love to mess around with rattlesnakes. True story. The Rattlesnake Round-Up in Sweetwater is a doozy. Imagine the stadium filled with the sound of rattlers. Sounds awesome, right?

23. No Matter How Slow You Drive, Your Car Will Get Dusty

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Source: Flickr user Mark Doliner

One step, and you conjure up a dust storm. It’s remarkable. Texans never really seem to care, because there’s no way to avoid it. You could drive at five miles an hour and your tires will still turn to sand. It’s just time to adapt.

24. Wal-Mart Is Basically The Best Thing Ever

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Source: Wikipedia user Sven

Texans might seem like tough folk to you, but the fact is this: They love to shop. Particularly when it involves wearing or buying cowboy boots. They love a good bargain, and who can beat Wal-Mart when it comes to great prices? No one. So get used to it, because Wal-Mart is your new amusement park.


25. Don’t Just Remember the Alamo. Believe in It.


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Source: Flickr user Klobetime

One of the greatest prides and joys of Texas (besides Houston and NASA, of course) is the Alamo. The brave Texas defenders’ act of valor was pivotal in the fight against the Mexican army, which eventually ended the revolution for good. And no one will ever forget it—or ever let you forget it. What do you love about living in Texas? Tell us in the comments below!