1. To Texas Football Is Not A Sport, It's A Lifestyle

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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Football is more than just something Texans like. It’s a way of life and they’re born with it in their blood. Of course there's the famed Cowboys, but not all Texans go crazy for them. They’ve also got the Texans, and since Dallas is a completely different world from Houston it’s easy to tell where a Texan is from based on who they root for. College football is huge, too, especially with the Texas Longhorns. And don’t expect to get very far in any town across the state without finding a high school football stadium packed solid with fans cheering for their local stars on Friday nights. But, in all honesty, everyone knows that the Texan love for football is really all about the tailgating. Which is epic.

2. Folks In Texas Go Bigger On Everything

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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Go big or go home? That’s a silly question. Texans only have one setting and that’s big. Even if they did go home, they would still be in Texas. Which is really, really big. “Largest state in land mass in the lower 48” big. “Driving east to west takes as long to drive through 10 states from Maine to North Carolina” big. You’ll find giant food (72-ounce steak challenge, anyone?), huge advertisements, towering landmarks and roadside attractions, oversized accessories, enormous trucks, and some of the biggest personalities around, with no shortage of some jumbo-sized opinions. That’s the Texas way, which is exactly how they like it.

3. Texas Folks Take Food Almost As Seriously As Football

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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First, the barbecue. Texans really don’t care how good you think your barbecue is or how many awards it’s won. If you haven’t had Texas barbecue, you haven’t had barbecue. Then there is the crown jewel of Texas take-out: Whataburger. You can keep your In-N-Out Burgers and White Castles and McDonalds—they've got nothing on these Texas masterpieces. Texans also couldn’t live without their Tex-Mex, queso cheese, breakfast burritos, killer steaks, and Texas toast. Many other states try to replicate them, but no one ever comes close. And don’t forget when you’re ordering a drink to wash it all down with a coke. Even if you’re not ordering a Coke, it’s a coke.

4. Everyone In Texas Knows Outsiders Will Never Really Understand Them

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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Let’s discuss the stereotypes that really aren’t all that true, because what is true is that they drive Texans nuts.
  • Everybody wears a cowboy hat in Texas: False. Sure, you won’t have any trouble finding a cowboy hat in Texas, but that doesn’t mean everybody wears them. Same with cowboy boots.
  • Everybody listens to country music: False. They have horrible Top 40 stations just like everywhere else.
  • Everyone in Texas has a super thick southern accent: False. Some Texans do have a heavy accent. Some Texans have a mild accent. But when you travel into any of the big cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin, it’s hardly even noticeable.

5. But Texans Are All Still Big On Being Friendly

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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A lot of states claim to be the friendliest, but Texans know that they claim that crown. Texas is called The Friendly State, after all, but it’s well-earned. Native Texans are the most genuinely friendly people you will ever meet. There’s no such thing as a quick trip to the grocery store in Texas because someone is sure to strike up a conversation with you in the checkout line, whether they know your or not. They wave hello as they pass you in traffic, especially on the backroads. And if you ever need to ask directions, don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll probably even end up with a detailed map drawn on the back of your hand.

6. That Is, Until Someone Messes With Texas—Then Get Ready To Feel The Texan Wrath

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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No, really. You might think it’s just another bumper sticker slogan that Texans think is funny and in good fun. In reality it’s a slogan that was developed for an anti-littering campaign. But that doesn’t make the sentiment any less true. You honestly don’t want to mess with a Texan. And even worse, no outsider better threaten or demean their state in any way. Even if it’s just to say you’re not a fan of Whataburger. Texans are the only ones allowed to say anything against their state. And if you dare to challenge that, watch out.

7. Everyone In Texas Is Different, But They’re All From Texas—And That’s What Matters

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Not all Texans are a fan of Dallas, especially in Forth Worth. And even though Austin is a rapidly growing and popular city, not all Texans are thrilled with all their “weirdness,” either. Texas is full of a little bit of everything and everyone. But in the end, they’re all Texans. And that’s the best quality anyone could look for in another person. If they leave the state and find another Texan, regardless of if they’re from a very different area, they instantly feel bonded and right at home. Same for celebrities—from Willie Nelson to Matthew McConaughey, to the dirtiest dancer there ever was, Patrick Swayze—they’ve all got the royal Texas bloodline.

8. Texans Are Ready To Strike Out On Their Own

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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If you spend any amount of time in Texas, you’ll quickly come to the realization that it’s almost like a country of its own. And Texans agree. Few people would argue that they’re probably one of the most patriotic states in the U.S., but Texans are firmly rooted in their particular ways, culture, and history. So when you drive by a car plastered with a “Texas Secede!” bumper sticker, know it’s only partially playful. Many Texans believe they’ve got everything they need right at home and don’t need any outside help to make it work. They also know that it’s a pipe dream, but that doesn’t stop them from dreaming it.

9. Folks In Texas Are Bigger On Freedom Than Braveheart

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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It’s no secret that Texas is an abundantly red state. Sure, there are plenty of progressives and liberals who swing blue, especially when you’re in the big cities (Ahem, Austin). But there’s no getting around the fact that the high majority of people in Texas are conservatives to their core and damn proud of it. They prefer their taxes low, their church doors open, and no, they will never budge on that second amendment thing. Texas ranks 14th on the freedom index of the United States and if most Texans had their way, they’d be at number one.

10. Guess What? Texans Secretly Love When The Haters Start In On Them

10 Texas Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
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For years, Texas has ranked nationally among the most disliked states in the country, which comes as no surprise to anyone in Texas. They know what other states think about them: Too country, too uneducated, too hillbilly, too many cowboy hats. But they don’t care. The more outsiders make them out to be caricatures of a Texan, the more the outsiders stay out and leave Texas to the natives who truly appreciate what they’ve got: A vast and gorgeous state filled with independence, a rich and dynamic culture and history, incredible food, and the friendliest people with unwavering loyalty. Texans say hate them all you want, it leaves more Texas for them. Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think of Texas in the comments below!