1. Living In Tennessee Means You’ll Be Able To Afford Everything

Living In Tennessee
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The cost of living index in Tennessee is 87, which is below the national average of 100. Additionally, groceries, utilities, health insurance, and housing are also all below the national average.

2. And The No Income Tax Thing Doesn’t Hurt Either…

Cost of Living In Tennessee
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While the median household income in Tennessee of $44,140 is slightly lower than national average, there is zero percent income tax. And the low cost of living definitely makes up for the slightly lower income. Basically, even though it’s not cheap to live here, the people who do live here can definitely afford it.

3. Job Growth In Tennessee Is Booming

Jobs In Tennessee
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Using migration patterns, economic growth, and other factors, Sperling’s Best Places predicts that job availability in Tennessee will increase by 34.4%. Meaning that Tennessee is about to be a hub for innovation and a great place to make a living.

4. Tennessee Is Pretty Darn Safe

Crime In Tennessee
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With the exception of some urban centers, Tennessee is pretty safe. The crime rates, for both violent and property crimes, are only slightly higher than national average (52 and 50 compared to the US National average of 41 and 43 respectively). Additionally, crime has been steadily decreasing over the past 10 years and is on trend to continue to do so.

5. Your Commute Will Be A Breeze

Commuting In Tennessee
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The average commute in Tennessee is 24 minutes, which is lower than the national average. Think of all the time you’ll save! However, keep in mind that a car is really how people get around. The transportation systems aren’t really that great, so most people commute using their automobile.

6. And The Real Breeze Happens During Tennessee Storms….

Weather In Tennessee
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Overall, the weather in Tennessee can be pretty great. With beautiful, warm summers and relatively mild winters, it’s a climate anyone could get used to. After all, there are an average 207 sunny days per year in Tennessee. However, that being said, rainfall each year is higher than average (51 inches compared to 36), and the thunderstorms and (yes) tornadoes are still definitely the real deal. So be prepared, or just get a good seat on a front porch to watch the storm!

7. But The Tennessee Autumn Will Make Up Ten Fold For All Of Those Storms

Weather In Tennessee
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If you head up to the Smokey Mountains in the fall, you’ll feel like you entered some sort of gorgeous-weather-heaven. Not only is the climate relatively cool and moderate, but the trees are turning colors of all kinds, like brilliant golds and magnificent reds. You’ll never quite see something like autumn in the Smokies.

8. Everyone Loves Krystal’s Burgers

Food In Tennessee
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Krystal’s is an awesome burger chain that can be found all over the state of Tennessee. There are 100 throughout the state and it’s easy to see why: their delicious hamburger sliders are famous all across the state. Any other burger just will not suffice.

9. But Memphis BBQ Is Where It’s At

BBQ In Tennessee
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If you’re looking for the best BBQ, look no further than Tennessee. It has some of the greatest BBQ you’ll ever taste. And it’s totally its own style—slow cooked and ordered “wet” or “dry.” Mix it up and have some Memphis-style BBQ on your pizza or nachos, or just get a classic pulled pork. No matter where you go, or what you order, Tennessee is barbeque heaven.

10. But While Tennessee May Be Known For Their Meats, It’s Also The State To Get Your Fruits And Veggies

Food In Tennessee
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Tennessee has some of the freshest produce you could ever imagine. With so much farmland, it’s not hard to see how the state is able to have such fresh, local fruits and veggies so easily at their disposal. Check out the Nashville or Franklin Farmers Markets for some especially tasty (and healthy) treats.

11. You Haven’t Seen A Mountain Range Until You See The Smokies

Mountains In Tennessee
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Living in Tennessee means having gorgeous beauty constantly surrounding you: The gorgeous Great Smoky Mountains range from the Pigeon River to the Little Tennessee River. It’s a great place to go hiking and camping, or even white water rafting for the especially adventurous. The views are out of this world.

12. You’re About To Wear A LOT Of Orange

Football In Tennessee
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If you’re living in Tennessee, you’ll have to root for the University of Tennessee, which means you’ll need some more orange in your wardrobe. UT Fans are some of the most energetic, fun, and spirited fans you’ll ever meet. You’ll be sure to enjoy all of the games—just make sure you learn the “Rocky Top” song.

13. But Don’t Forget About The Titans

Titans In Tennessee
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Titan-Up is about to be your new favorite saying if you’re moving to Tennessee. Tennesseans love the Tennessee Titans. Just be sure to bring plenty of blue face paint.

14. Ruby Falls Is Hands Down One Of The Most Beautiful Things You’ll Ever See

Ruby Falls In Tennessee
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As if Tennessee wasn’t gorgeous enough already, the state is also home to Ruby Falls. This waterfall is a 145 foot underground waterfall that is nestled within Lookout Mountain. The falls are created by both by rainwater and natural springs, and if you’re ever near Chattanooga, this is the place to visit.

15. Tennessee Demands That You Be Adventurous

Adventure In Tennessee
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Tennessee is home to the largest hang gliding resort and school in the country. You can soar 2,000 feet in the air over the gorgeous Smoky Mountains and your life will be forever changed.

16. And Respectable Enough To Only Drink Jack…

Jack Daniels Drink In Tennessee
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Jack Daniels = the only drink you should ever order in Tennessee.

17. Or, If You’re Really Adventurous, Moonshine….

Living In Tennessee
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When you first get to Tennessee you may be a little intimidated by the moonshine and stick to Jack. That’s okay. But eventually you’re going to have to become a real Tennessean and try some good, old-fashioned, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. It comes in a ton of flavors, like blackberry, peace, or sweet tea. Just drink it straight from a mason jar and you’re good to go.

18. One Of The Greatest Music Festivals Takes Place Right In Tennessee

Festivals In Tennessee
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The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival takes place on a 700-acre farm and lasts for four full days of incredible music. The festival attracts everyone from Elton John to Skrillex to Jack White. While the festival definitely draws a lot of out-of-towners, it’s yet to ruin the experience for the locals who absolutely love to enjoy this awesome musical treasure of Tennessee.

19. And Speaking Of Musical Treasures…Tennessee Is The Birthplace Of Country Music

Music In Tennessee
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While most people think of Nashville as the country music hub of America (and while Nashville definitely has a great country music scene!) the real birthplace of country music is actually in Bristol, Tennessee. The area loves to celebrate its musical heritage and roots with the Rhythm and Roots country music festival.

20. But You’ll Want Beale Street For Blues

Beale Street In Tennessee
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Beale Street in Memphis is THE place in Tennessee to hear some excellent Blues music. Not only are there great restaurants and bars in the area, but incredible little music venues tucked away everywhere along the busy, energetic street. And if you really want to hear some great music, make sure you’re in town for the Beale Street Music Festival, a month-long event that attracts the best blues musicians around.

21. You’ll Never Meet A Friendlier Person Than In Tennessee

People In Tennessee
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Tennesseans are raised to be loyal, friendly, and good-hearted. Even if they’ve never met you before, they’ll jump right into conversations with you and act like you’ve been best friends forever. They’ve always got their neighbors’ backs. Like This Post? You’ll Definitely Love These: